Capto Review: Best All In One Screen Capture App For Mac

By Tony Tran
capto review

Taking a screenshot on a Mac is effortless, as long as you remember the shortcuts. It only takes pressing a couple of keys to capture a portion, window, or your entire screen, depending on the keystroke you use. But when it comes to screen recording and video editing, you obviously have to use different third-party apps.

Even though Apple adds the Screenshot application in macOS 10.14 Mojave, it still seems insufficient, particularly for users who want to do screen recording frequently. In terms of screen capture, it is a great tool with all the needed features. You can quickly launch the screenshot toolbar to take a screenshot and then add annotations. However, it has fewer functions that you can use to record your screen as well as for video editing.

What if there is a screen capture tool that satisfies all your needs? For instance, taking screenshots, recording videos, as well as providing advanced image and video editing functions?

It is called Capto, a super friendly application for beginners to capture and record screens. Additionally, you can edit and annotate the screenshots and recorded clips right away without having to leave the app.

What Is Capto?

Previously known as Voila Screen Capture, Capto is a one-stop-solution for all your screen capturing, screen recording, and video making requirements. It is one of the most straightforward ways to capture screenshot and record screen video on your Mac. It is especially useful when you are making a tutorial slideshow or video with annotations and voiceovers.

In terms of screenshot capturing, Capto allows you to take a screenshot of:

  • the entire screen
  • a chosen area with different shapes, including rectangle, circle and freeform
  • a specific application window
  • a particular menu
  • a full webpage with the built-in web browser or external web browser

When you finish capturing, you can start editing the screenshot directly within the app with a set of editing tools. These tools include select & move, pencil, paint, text, shape, callout, highlighter, blur, and many more.

capto review - image editing tools

In terms of video recording and editing, Capto has a ton of useful features to deal with the recorded video. For example, you can record a video of the entire screen or just a part of it.

mac screen recording with capto

When you finish recording, you can crop or cut the video to combine with the others, add different types of annotations and audio tracks. These tools aid you in making great videos for multiple purposes, such as guidance, teaching, technical support, marketing, or just for fun.

How Does Capto Work?

Capto has three different tabs: Organizer, Image, and Video on the top left side. When you launch the application, it displays the Organizer tab as default, which is the library to organize and manage all your images and videos.

how to take a screenshot on a Mac with Capto application

Next to the three main tabs are quick ways to do the screen capturing and recording mode, which are Screen, Area, Window, Menu, Web, and Record. The first five modes are to capture screenshots, while the last mode records videos.

Give us a few minutes to go a bit deeper into each feature.

Screen Capturing

As we mentioned earlier, Capto gives five different modes to take the screenshot:

  • Screen: use to take a screenshot of the entire screen
  • Area: drag & drop to select a specific part of the screen to capture
  • Window: select a particular application window to capture
  • Menu: take a screenshot of a drop-down menu
  • Web: either take a screenshot of a webpage with Capto's browser or other web browsers

As you can see, Capto has an intuitive user interface, which is quite easy to use to take a screenshot on a Mac. To use these modes, you can simply click on one of the buttons at the top to start capturing the screenshot.

The Area and Web modes have sub-options, which will display when you click on them. In the Area mode, you can select among three types: Rectangle, Circle, and Freehand. These sub-modes are the types of shapes that you can draw to take a screenshot of a chosen area.

mac screenshot capture app

For example, when you use the Rectangle mode, you can draw a rectangle or square frame to cover the area you want to capture. After you finish capturing the screenshot, it will have the same form and size as you drew.

Similarly, the Circle mode allows you to draw a circle or an oval-shaped frame. Meanwhile, the Freehand mode lets you draw a frame as a freeform shape.

taking a circle screenshot on Mac

In Web mode, there are three options you can use:

  • Snap from Capto Browser: When choosing this option, you can use the Capto web browser to load the webpage you want and then capture the screenshot.
  • Open the current URL in Capto: This option copies the webpage address from the currently active tab on your web browser. After that, it loads the webpage with the Capto web browser and then allows you to capture the screenshot.
  • Snap active browser URL: Instead of loading the webpage with the Capto web browser, this option takes the screenshot directly from your web browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Image Editing And Annotation

When you finish capturing the screenshot, you can use Capto to edit it right away with a bunch of edit tools. For example, crop & resize the screenshot, add text & shapes, highlight & blur it, and a lot more.

capto review - screenshot annotation

Capto has most of the essential features of an image editor. You do not need to use another application to edit your screenshots. These features are more than enough.

Screen Recording

Screen recordings can be quite handy for tutorials. You can convey all of the necessary information to your audience most clearly. Even better, you can add annotations or audio tracks to the video.

To start recording your Mac screen, click on the Record button at the top. There are three basic options you can select, including record the entire screen, a particular portion of the screen, or with your FaceTime HD camera.

There are a few extra configurations you need to do before proceeding, such as select the source of audio, hide desktop, or add yourself to the video via the built-in webcam.

start recording Mac screen with Capto application

When everything is set, you can click on the big red button to start recording your screen.

Once you have recorded everything you need, press Command + Shift + Esc to exit the recording process.

Additionally, you can connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and use Capto to record the screen of them. For example, Capto can help you to make a review video of a new game on iOS, or a tutorial video to show your audience how to play it.

Video Editing

Making a perfect video is not simple because sometimes, you may need a few changes, e.g., cutting unwanted parts, adding audio tracks, or add annotations. That is where the editing suite of Capto comes in. 

It offers a bunch of options for finalizing your video, whether it is trimming and joining them into a longer video or just adding different types of annotations. Even more, you are able to crop the dimensions of the video after you have finished it.

video editing tools

For the audio, you can increase or decrease the volume of the track, or even set up fade in and fade out.

Take some time to discover this editing suite, and you will see how many choices you have.

Files Management And Sharing

Besides screen capturing and recording features, Capto has a great file management function. It arranges images and videos into different collections, so you can easily manage and quickly access them afterward.

taking and sharing screenshots on Mac

Sharing your screenshots or videos is even simpler. It just needs a click to upload them anywhere, from commonplace Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, and YouTube to all possible cloud storage services, including private FTP/SFTP servers.

Final Words

Currently, Capto is only available on the macOS platform. You can purchase it from the official website, the App Store, or the Setapp subscription.

Are there any differences between these places?

When you buy this screen capture app from the official website and the App Store, you will get it for a fixed price of $29.99. But if you are a student, you can get it at a lower price of $19.99.

Meanwhile, the Setapp platform provides Capto with its recurring plans, starting from $9.99. Once you are signed up, you can not only use Capto but also up to 170+ Mac apps, such as CleanMyMac X, Gemini, XMind, Workspaces, and so forth.

Sign Up and Try Capto for Free

Therefore, you should consider the place you purchase based on your needs. Also, you can download the trial version from the official website or Setapp to try Capto's features before making your decision. Anyway, with all the powerful screen capture, screen recording, and editing features, it is worth the price.

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