10 Awesome Mac Apps To Get Student Through College

By Jane Smith
Mac Apps for College Students

Getting through college takes a lot of work; it has never been easy. It will probably never be the same as most students had ever imagined since high school. Indeed, there are so many other things to do besides taking classes, which certainly make the daily schedule of students quite tight. Not to mention that many of them have a part-time shift to obtain money for paying tuition.

Fortunately, this is not the old days when students have to rely on traditional teaching. Instead, they can use laptops for learning and doing assignments, finding resources, and storing electronic curriculum (e-curriculum), as well as managing time better. Laptops have gradually become an inseparable part of academic life as much as books and pens.

Still, many students forget (or might not know) about the essentials necessary for learning. When they get a new shiny Mac from student discounts, they tend to fill it with as many popular apps as possible instead of installing apps for studying. For that reason, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of Mac apps for reference purposes. Students can consider the features of these apps and pick ones that suit their needs.

10 Awesome Mac Apps To Make the Academic Life Of Student Easier

The following list has one major purpose – to help make academic life easier. These apps may help students in organizing daily tasks, preparing academic papers, managing college projects, studying new languages, and much more.

Each application has its own features. What works for one student might not be as good for another student. So I would recommend reading the brief introduction of each application before getting any of them. No one wants to spend money on an application that they rarely use or end up with too many apps on their Mac.

Let's take a look at them!

1. Manuscripts

When it comes to creating academic papers, Manuscripts is an excellent solution. It has been specifically designed for creating, editing, and handling footnotes, annotations, references, as well as restructuring them.

The features are relatively similar to other standard text editors, but the layout is intuitive and painless. It makes the academic writing process unbelievably easy and gives students one less reason to procrastinate.

2. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is an organizer application that was particularly designed for students to manage classes, assignments, deadlines, examination dates, and so on. It comes with a well-designed, clean, and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use, even for newbies. So students can track everything simply and efficiently.

More importantly, everything is synced across multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Simply input the data on one device and have it all synced across automatically and momentarily.

3. Capto

Capto is an all-in-one solution for all the needs of screen capturing, recording, and video making. It provides a flexible image capture solution, which you can use to take a screenshot of a full screen, a specific part of it, or an entire scrolling webpage on a Mac with a simple click. It gives students a perfect solution for creating informative and compelling captures.

Creating a tutorial video has never been more comfortable with the help of its powerful video recording. Students can use Capto to record videos of their Mac screen, cut or join them together, make necessary annotations, and then adjust audio tracks. Finally, upload to an online course platform or YouTube to share with others.

To explore the features of Capto in more depth, read this review article.

4. XMind

College projects always require students to do the planning, especially when the project requires the participation of multiple students. More importantly, the tasks must be clear, detailed, and easy to understand. It helps students have a more intuitive view of the connection between the tasks.

With XMind, students can map out the various tasks and sub-tasks that need finishing. Creating a robust and informative mind map is quite simple, with a few drag and drop steps. This application is an ideal solution for complex projects with multiple separate deadlines and assignments assigned to multiple members.

XMind is also good for gathering and expanding ideas that suddenly popped up in minds. Visualizing every possible solution is a wise method to approach a complex subject in order to have a clear understanding of the big picture.

5. Ulysses

Ulysses is a simple tool that comes with immensely powerful features that aid students in writing essays or articles. Even if they plan to go as far as dissertations or novels, Ulysses is also where they should start writing. It saves every written word automatically, making organizing the work a breeze. Everything can be organized into desirable folders and tagged with keywords.

Ulysses is favorited by a lot of writers. It provides a highly reliable and distraction-free writing environment to keep students focused on accomplishing their goals. Besides, syncing the work with iCloud Drive as well as quickly exporting finished work into a couple of different formats are also Ulysses' pros.

6. Dropbox

When it comes to storing files on the cloud, as well as syncing between multiple devices across platforms, Dropbox is a good choice. So if Apple's iCloud is not a selection to keep files anymore, switching to Dropbox is a wise move to sync essential documents, even for devices that are not Apple made.

To get started, simply sign up for an account and store several files up to 2GB of storage space in total for a quick project. Besides, there are a few ways to get more Dropbox storage space, such as invite friends or apply coupons.

7. Studies

No matter which subjects students want to study, such as history, law, languages, mathematics, or medicine, Studies may become a perfect lasting companion. This educational macOS app can help students achieve their learning goals.

Studies allows users to create smart study notes, which can go beyond traditional text notes. These notes can include images, audio, video, links, and other resources. Students can also create learning schedules, as well as adjust them to suit their needs.

Studies offers an import/export option that allows students to export study notes into several different file formats to share with close family members or friends. Simply create an archive and then export it to be imported into Studies on another device. Furthermore, it allows users to import and export standard text formats, which work perfectly with the most popular flashcard websites.

8. Todoist

Keep all the tasks on a to-do list, making them better. Whether it is upcoming assignments, daily tasks, or even shopping lists, Todoist can help students to organize them more efficiently. Above all, it helps to free up students' mental space by getting all those tasks out of their heads and adding them onto the to-do list. 

It comes with a simple, clean, and intuitive user interface. This is one of the most feature-rich to-do list apps that I do recommend using at all times. Todoist fits for anyone who likes to maintain clean lists and to keep things organized neatly.

9. Mate Translate

Not everyone is born with a gift for language skills, but that should not get in the way of any student's education. With the help of Mate Translate, a powerful two-way language translation application, students can get an accurate translation for 100+ languages. Whether it is a word, a phrase, a sentence, or even a book or a message from a friend, just use Mate Translate and forget about using other translation websites. It is pretty handy for reading courses in foreign languages, as well as studying new languages.

Mate Translate greatly fits Macs and looks like a native application. It saves much time from jumping in and out of translation apps. Just simply translate any word or phrase to over 100+ languages with a few clicks. It is time for breaking any language barriers.

10. Aeon Timeline

Feeling quite overwhelmed when working with a lot of items, tasks, subtasks, as well as milestones in the project? Simply put everything into Aeon Timeline for more convenient management. With its visual timeline feature, students can have a bird's-eye view of the entire project and quickly orient among the project's parts. They will never miss anything crucial, and their research will form easily, chapter by chapter.


I have been there; being a student is quite a fun experience. In my freshman year, I was always in a state of time depletion. But then many of the above apps have helped me to manage my academic life smarter. I have never used all the apps on the list, but I’ve used many of them. However, from my perspective, anything that makes getting through college more straightforward is worth purchasing, and these Mac apps certainly are.

Many of these apps are available as part of a Setapp bundle, e.g., Manuscripts, Capto, XMind, Ulysses, Studies, Mate Translate, and Aeon Timeline. This is a subscription-based service that allows users to pay a fixed monthly fee to use up to 170+ Mac apps. Sign up for a free trial account to try and find out the difference a good toolset makes in studying.

The life of students can be a bit easier with the appropriate tools to help them out with planning, organizing, focusing, and much more. It is never too late to get a Mac to be prepared for school.

What are the best Mac apps students can use to get through college?

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