10 Essential Linux Educational Apps For Kids

By Jane Smith
educational Linux apps for kids

Every child is born unique. Apart from the lessons they are taught at home by their parents, it's the education that they receive in their life that helps them to shape their future. Children are like molds; they can be shaped into whatever form you want them to be molded into. Therefore, the importance of education can't be overemphasized. The right kind of education provides a child the opportunity to live his life to the fullest.

However, in modern times, the concept of education has become multidimensional. Education is not just imparted in classrooms. This era of technology has offered schools and educational institutions the flexibility to impart education online. There are many applications available on the market, which make top-notch quality resources available to the children so that they can easily reach their learning potential.

These days, teachers and children are making good use of the internet and have changed the concept of education drastically. With numerous apps for learning that are available at their fingertips, children are taking an interest in their learning experience. When teachers impart their knowledge with the help of the internet, they can harness the use of various kinds of audio and visual media, which are much more impactful compared to regular textbooks.

The internet also helps bridge the communication gap between the teacher and the children. Initially, communication was limited solely within the walls of a classroom. With the advent of different educational software for kids, children can now communicate with their teachers and other classmates any time they want!

This article discusses in detail the ten best educational apps, which are compatible to run on most Linux distributions.

10 Essential Linux Educational Apps For Kids

When it comes to investing in their kids' education, parents usually look for the best. If you are a Linux user or own a Linux computer or tablet, this article will help you by picking out the top 10 most important educational apps that can be run on Linux OS.

If you choose any of these, you will know that you have chosen the best for your child. 

1. KDE Edu Suite

This was initially named as KDE Educational project, which was an education package that could be accessed for free. It's designed for Linux. It's not only software but is a package that can be used for different purposes.  If your child is using education software for the first time, this software can be a great choice!

This is also beneficial for school teaching. An adult, too, can use this website based on his needs and requirements. All you have to do is to install the software in your device, and you can gain quick, easy, and free access to it.

If you want to install this application, you can do it from the software center. If you couldn't find it, make sure your Linux distribution is up to date.

2. GNUKhata

Many children struggle with Mathematics! Be it children or businessmen, handling numbers is often a difficult task. GNUKhata is not only educational software that can help kids with their calculations but can also be used by businessmen who have to take care of a lot of calculative tasks.

This accounting application is extremely lightweight. It's easily used by children, and one does not have to be tech-savvy in order to be able to use this software. GNUKhata can help accounting tasks of all kinds, ranging from preparing ledgers to drafting balance sheets. The results are going to be error-free, and tasks can be carried out much more efficiently compared to the manual task. 

3. Google Earth

If your child loves subjects that are related to the Earth, geology, or material science, Google Earth is a must-have for you. This application is sure to quench your child's hunger for knowledge. It's free and completely updated software, which is very reliable.

Many users believe that Google Earth is the best software if one wants to acquire some knowledge about the Earth and its different aspects. It provides your child with a three-dimensional representation of the Earth, which is based on authentic satellite images. It also allows your child to have access to the technology that is connected to the science of outer space. Installing this software in your device is also very easy. 

4. Celestia

For children who are eager to learn more about outer space, nothing can satiate their hunger for knowledge better than Celestia. This software will give your child an actual representation of the entire universe with the help of a three-dimensional version of the universe. The best feature of this software is that it updates itself at regular intervals to remain at par with the latest news about space. This simulation software helps to observe the different matters of the space with great ease.

5. GCompris

GCompris is designed to keep in mind the educational needs of children. The software aims at making learning fun and interactive for the children. There are more than 100 tasks and activities through which the kids can learn. The activities include solving puzzles, mathematical problems, alphabets, and many others, all aimed at enhancing the mental ability of the children. It also has provisions for games like memory games, chess, tic-tac-toe, to make sure that the children enjoy the learning process. This software also allows the children to learn Braille. In a nutshell, this app focuses on the all-round development of the children. 

6. GeoGebra

As the name suggests, this application is built to meet the mathematical requirements of the children. It's the best software that helps you to play with various aspects of mathematics, such as a graph, function, numerical numbers, calculus, statistics, algebra, and so on. If you are stuck with your mathematical problem, this software will help you out.

The best thing about this software is that it is not only used by children but is also used by scientists and researchers for their research purposes. GeoGebra is so reliable that it can even help you to render a graph from a given function. The installation of this software is so easy that even a user, who isn't an avid user of the internet, can install this software with great ease.


Another one that deals with mathematical problems. It's open-source software, which means that almost anyone can download and use it. Its user-interface is kept simple so as to make it convenient to be used by the people. This software is used for analyzing, exploring, and solving problems related to mathematics.

It's also used for research purposes. With the help of MAPLE, you can develop a 3D simulation of any mathematical function, which will help you to gain a better understanding. Your child is going to have a great command over mathematics once he starts using this software.

8. Scratch

If you want an application that will help to enhance the imaginary and creative skills of your child, Scratch is the best one for you. It has a horde of options that help in developing designs for games, animations, and making interactive stories. The most remarkable feature of this software is its versatility. Hand this software over to your child and watch him unleash his creative side!

To find out how to install Scratch on your Linux computer, read this detailed guide.

9. Tux4Kids

Does your kid have a flair for Mathematics, Computer, and solving puzzles? You need Tux4Kids. This software will help your child enhance his ability in his fields of interest. The application is absolutely free and can be accessed by anyone. It is power-packed with a plethora of fun-filled options, which makes the learning experience pleasant and enjoyable!

10. Gnome-dictionary

Long gone are the days when people used to pull out the dictionary every time they wanted to look for the meaning of a word. The internet has made globalization easy, as people can easily search for other languages as well! However, the results displayed by Google may not always be satisfactory. If you are looking for the best and the most updated software to serve your child's purpose in a dictionary, Gnome-dictionary is the right choice for you, as it will suit his needs!

This application has provision for supporting the search of multiple languages. Keeping in mind the needs of the customers, the user-interface has been kept as simple as possible so that even children can use it with great ease. To be precise, your search for the perfect dictionary application ends here! 


The advent of online education has brought a revolutionary change in the field of education. Education has become so interactive that children, who are at a growing stage, are taking an interest in learning and are excelling better. As the lessons have become more interactive, children are developing a better concept of the topics that they are learning.

Apart from the software mentioned above and applications, there is a plethora of other educational software that functions correctly on Linux and serves the same purpose. All you have to do is look for the software, which you think is the most suitable for your child, and you are good to go!

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