10 Best Free Productivity Apps For Students

By Sandra Rodgers
10 Best Free Productivity Apps For Students

Student routines have changed a lot in recent years with the arrival of the internet and new technologies. Smartphone usage has also expanded, so why not use them to get more out of your studies? In today's digital life, our smartphones can be educational tools on their own. Thousands of mobile applications make huge differences in the education system. 

It's now commonplace that students can attend the same school from different parts of the world. We can access hundreds of thousands of books and other materials with just one click. In this post, we talk about some of the best apps for students that you should definitely try in order to advance your studies and be more productive.

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1. PDF Converter - manage your PDFs with ease

Students deal with a lot of PDF material regularly. The thing is, PDFs can't be easily edited, so if you, for example, want to add notes into a document or change something, you are in trouble. You could either retype the entire file or use PDF Converter instead and convert it to an editable Microsoft Word document. 

By using this app, you can convert PDFs to more than 20 popular formats and vice versa. It supports the most popular cloud storage services, e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, so that you can convert your files directly from them. Another great feature is its built-in document scanner, which allows you to quickly scan your documents and convert them to Microsoft Word or other formats.

Available on: Android and iOS

2. Studious - an application to be more organized

Studious is an application that can be most useful for those disorganized students. It can help you organize your schedules, automatically mute your phone when you enter the class, as well as schedule your exams or deliver your projects.

Available on: Android

3. Wikipedia - the encyclopedia of the internet

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that contains over 40 million articles in 300+ languages ​​and is the most complete and widely used reference website that humans have collected. It's now available to download and be consulted directly from your smartphones. As the developers say, this app is completely free, has no ads, and that should stay like that forever. 

The articles on Wikipedia are freely licensed, and the app code is 100% open source. Wikipedia app doesn't track your data or what you search. Wikipedia can be used in offline mode, and on top of that, saved articles are synced across all your devices. 

Available on: Android and iOS

4. Adobe Spark - create beautiful graphics

It's usual practice for certain subjects to require a presentation of some kind. Today, most presentations are delivered in digital form, so you can get more out of them and make them visual. While making presentations, it's usually normal to edit images that accompany the topic you are writing about, hence the importance of having a tool that allows us to carry out this type of photo editing in a simple way. 

If that's the case, Adobe Spark is a perfect solution for you. It can be used on any device, and it also allows the creation of beautiful graphics without having to be familiar with programming or design at all.

Available on: Android and iOS

5. Babylon - an online translator

If you have read an email, an article, or any other text, and you aren't sure what some words mean, the Babylon app may be perfect for you. This translation application provides plenty of results of dictionary terms, as well as full-text translations in 75 languages for free.

Available on: Android

6. Duolingo - an application to learn a new language

Duolingo is the perfect app to improve existing and learn other languages. You can learn English, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese, among many other different languages, for free in only 10 minutes a day. 

The secret of Duolingo is that it feels like you are playing a game, and it also helps you stay motivated. Duolingo will help you develop speaking, writing, reading, listening, and communicational skills, basically everything you will ever need to get around new cities, countries, and cultures. 

Available on: Android and iOS

7. Myscript Calculator - to do mathematical operations

With the MyScript Calculator, you can perform mathematical operations naturally through your writing. It's an easy-to-use, simple, and intuitive application. While writing the mathematical calculation on the screen, the technology of the MyScript Calculator app converts your symbols and numbers into digital text, thus giving the result in real-time. It's the experience of writing on paper with the advantages of a digital device.

Available on: iOS

8. Mathe Alarm Clock - do math operations to turn off the alarm clock

Mathe Alarm Clock is a perfect app for those who put off the alarm clock every five minutes and who like hitting the snooze button too many times. By using this app, it will be necessary to solve a simple mathematical problem every time you want to turn off the alarm. It's that easy, and believe us - it's very effective. 

Available on: iOS

9. RealCalc Scientific Calculator, a calculator on your smartphone

In case you forget your calculator at home, you can find a good substitute in the RealCalc Scientific Calculator app. It's a student application that has all the functions of a real scientific calculator, as well as unit converters and other mathematical functions that may be useful to you. It supports octal, binary, and hexadecimal calculations and has an optional RPN mode. RealCalc is extremely easy to use, and you also have a fully integrated user guide within the app just in case.

Available on: Android

10. CamScanner - to scan documents

With the CamScanner app, you can have a scanner directly on your smartphone. It's a handy application because it allows you to digitize physical documents in just a few seconds, save them, send them by email, or add annotations to them. 

CamScanner allows you to scan with the smartphone camera app or the app itself, which has settings for framing, orientation, and other functionalities that can improve the final result. The final document is saved as PDF or JPG and can be adjusted with automatic cropping. 

Available on: Android and iOS


These are just some of the many apps for students that exist, and that can be useful to improve their studies. The use of the smartphone is inevitable, so why don't we embrace it? It's best to try all of the mentioned apps and see which one best suits your needs.

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