MacKeeper Review 2020 - Essential Software To Keep Your Mac Safe

By Tony Tran
MacKeeper Review

MacKeeper is a user-friendly computer cleaning and security software specially designed for your Mac. The tool enables you to monitor, check, and fix potential issues that may arise in your OS platform. The software optimizes the overall performance of your Mac by offering a seamless experience.

The company was launched in 2009 and acquired by Clario Tech Limited in 2019. Since then, it has become more reputable due to its software and service upgrades.

Today, MacKeeper offers various tools that optimize your system's performance and safeguard your online privacy and security. To top it all, the software comes with a 24/7 tech-support to address customer queries.

It also helps clean your Mac by removing unnecessary junk files, unloading your RAM, and updating your various applications. Besides, you get to regulate what apps can be launched while you start up the computer.

When it comes to the security criteria, MacKeeper provides an antivirus program and adware cleaner. These features enable you to keep an eye on any data breaches, secure your VPN connections, and block annoying ad trackers and ads.

Do you need MacKeeper on your Mac computer?

Well, it depends on each person's individual choice. However, this software won't overload or damage your system's memory. Instead, it allows you to stay worry-free by providing you useful tools that will protect and clean your Mac. As the software is easy to navigate and user friendly, it comes in handy even for those users who aren't tech experts.

Are you on the hunt for an honest MacKeeper's software review?

You are in the right spot! Here you will come across everything you need to know about MacKeeper and what it has to offer to its users.

MacKeeper Features

MacKeeper offers an array of features to its users that safeguards your gadgets. This software can protect your Mac from ransomware, malware, and various viruses in real-time.

Each of these features works together to boost the overall performance of your device. It helps in managing extra space by deleting duplicate files and junk files from your computer. Additionally, certain features block web trackers and spyware and assist in keeping your private data safe.

MacKeeper features come under four categories: Security, Privacy, Cleaning, and Performance. Now, let's dive in to find out more about the excellent features that MacKeeper software has to offer.

Security Tools

Though MacKeeper is commonly known as antivirus software, it also helps handle digital threats and physical impact.

Antivirus Scanner

From the Security section on the left sidebar, you can access the integrated antivirus scanner. Let's perform a system scan to find out whether your Mac has any malware or malicious files. You will find that MacKeeper is capable of performing multiple scans quickly than most competitors.

MacKeeper Antivirus

While scanning, if the software detects any threats, it moves those files automatically into Antivirus Quarantine - where it gets deleted. The best part of the scanner is that it can scan your entire system within 30 minutes. This is commendable when compared with the other antivirus software available.

On conducting multiple scans, it gets quicker by using the file catching method to determine the safe files. This aspect gives MacKeeper a competitive edge in the market.

Adware Cleaner

This tool specializes in identifying and removing malicious and potentially unwanted software that attacks your gadgets. It also helps in deleting software that annoys you with ads every time. Plus, Adware Cleaner removes unknown search engines from your browser that are linked to scam websites. This tool scan takes less than five minutes to scan your system and detect threats.

MacKeeper Adware Cleaner

On completing the scan, you can also delete the advertising files manually from your gadget. This scanner is easy to use and gives you complete control over the adware files in your system.

Privacy Tools

With the help of privacy tools, you can browse more securely, block unnecessary ads, and look out for breaches. Having all these services under one program makes MacKeeper an excellent choice among its rivals.

ID Theft Guard

Are you worried if your email account has encountered any data breach?

Using the ID Theft Guard, you can determine if you are at the risk of any identity theft. Choose the Scan New Email option to enter your email address. This tool will identify whether your personal information was exposed during a massive data breach on entering the email ID.

ID Theft Guard

The scan results provide the user with the complete information of the violation, including the exposed passwords that need to be changed and how the breach occurred. The scanner will also prompt you to fix the issues. Here you can change the passwords and create strong passwords to boost security and mark them as secure.

ID Theft Guard - Data Breach

On resolving the problem, MacKeeper continuously monitors your email accounts for potential breaches in the future. It also helps in keeping your details safe and prevents it from reaching the wrong hands. Additionally, this scanner provides you with notifications when your passwords are weak and requires a change. You also get alerts when your data goes public.

However, you can't just check any email address that you want. You need to provide the unique confirmation code sent to the given email address to activate the scanner.

VPN Private Connect

By using MacKeeper's VPN Private Connect, you can conceal your IP address and encrypt the traffic. Here, all your data goes through an encrypted tunnel to a specific server. This feature prevents others, including the owner of your network, from finding your web traffic. Also, every request made from your internet connection will come from your server instead of the IP address. It will protect you from web trackers who are searching around to find your location.

VPN Private Connect

Furthermore, this integrated VPN enables you to access content that isn't available in your region. As for the servers list, it depends on the distance from your present location. It doesn't provide you with a list of countries in alphabetical order. Instead, Private Connect allows you to choose from various server locations from around 50 countries. It also includes underserved areas such as Africa and South America.

This VPN feature is a good option for those who use public Wi-Fi connections more often. You don't have to worry about data limits and can surf through the web as long as you wish.


As the name indicates, this tool helps in stopping ads. To be specific, it prevents web trackers and ads from finding your online activities.

You can install the StopAd extension in your Chrome or Safari browser to browse freely without any push notifications or annoying ads. For this, you need to choose the StopAd option from the left sidebar in MacKeeper.

For the Safari users, follow the on-screen instructions to enable and activate the StopAd feature.

MacKeeper StopAd

As for Google Chrome users, when you click on the Install button - the Chrome Web Store will open, where you can install the StopAd extension.

By going through the StopAd extension menu, you can find out the number of elements blocked when you visited popular websites. Though ads are not as dangerous as phishing malware and ransomware, it can be not very pleasant. Moreover, ad trackers violate users' privacy by collecting their behavioral habits to provide ads users may like.

Cleaning Tools

MacKeeper сleaning tools are apt for scanning vast amounts of files in your system to find and get rid of the unnecessary stuff carefully. MacKeeper makes sure that you do not remove anything important during the process. It helps you uninstall software that you rarely use and delete duplicate files for extra disk space.

Safe Cleanup

Safe Cleanup goes through your entire system and clears junk files like unused email attachments, logs, trash items, caches, and languages. Though you can do all this manually, having a tool do it with just a few clicks makes it handier. You can either set it to scan your entire system automatically or launch it manually, whenever you like.

Safe Cleanup

Within a few minutes, this tool can detect huge chunks of junk files that might be clogging your hard drive. Unselect the files that you don't want to remove and then click on the Cleanup Junk Files button to clean up the rest.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicate Finder specializes in identifying copies of any file that might be consuming the hard disk space in your system.

Duplicates Finder

You can sort the detected duplicates, which helps you categorize the ones you wish to keep, the copies you want to delete, and the files you want to transfer to external storage devices to make extra space on your gadget.

Smart Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller scans your system and removes unused and unnecessary plug-ins, applications, browser extensions, and widgets. It enables you to uninstall unnecessary applications from your system properly. Simply dragging them from the Applications folder to the Trash won't do much good, as certain app components remain. This is when MacKeeper comes to the rescue!

Smart Uninstaller

It provides you with a list of items that you can choose to uninstall. This tool further scans your entire hard disk to find leftover files related to that specific app on uninstalling the apps. It helps you remove all traces of such files and save storage space, thereby improving your gadget's performance.

Performance Tools

Performance tools enable your system to run efficiently - by reducing memory usage, updating the apps, and getting rid of unnecessary software. It's beneficial to have all these services under one application then do all these operations manually.

Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner enhances the performance of your Mac by unloading the RAM, which is your computer's short-term memory. RAM consists of processes from different programs that remain even after closing each application. With the help of Memory Cleaner, you can get rid of these processes that are not required any longer.

Besides, you don't have to restart your laptop to free up the memory on your system. By clicking the Apps & Processes option, you can get an in-depth breakdown of the applications consuming more memory.

Memory Cleaner

Click on the Clean Memory button to reduce the occupied memory size. The entire process won't consume more than a few minutes.

Update Tracker

Update Tracker scans your entire Mac computer to find apps that require updates. This tool comes in handy as outdated software poses a serious threat to your device. It enables hackers to easily hack into older software versions and access information from your gadget.

Update Tracker

You will also come across an option to avoid certain programs from being automatically updated. However, it's not advisable to do so, as it compromises your device's security.

Login Items

You will come across many apps that automatically launch when you boot your system. This will further slow down the speed of your system. With the help of Login Items, you can find the list of applications that launch automatically and remove the ones you don't need.

Login Items - MacKeeper Review

On disabling these startup apps, you will notice that your startup time has improved drastically.

MacKeeper Use & Setup

Irrespective of your technical know-how, you do not require expert technical skills to use the MacKeeper soft. When it comes to the user interface of MacKeeper, it's quite clean with all the tools present on the left sidebar.

On the right side of the screen, you will come across an integrated live chat - where you can get your MacKeeper queries cleared. You will find that the names and symbols of each function are easy to understand. You will find lots of dialogs and pop-ups that capture your attention constantly.

How To Install MacKeeper?

Installing MacKeeper is quite easy, and the entire installation process won't take more than five minutes. Follow the below steps to install MacKeeper on your device.

  • Go to the official MacKeeper's website and download the .pkg installation package.
  • Open the file and follow the instructions present on the screen.
  • Enter the unique activation code to proceed. This unlocks all the advanced features available on MacKeeper. Based on the speed of your internet, the download speed may vary.
  • Once the installation is completed, you can click on the Start Scan option at the screen's bottom area.

The minimalistic interface of the MacKeeper software gives it an attractive and sleek look.

MacKeeper Plans & Prices

Based on your budget capacity, MacKeeper has a plan that suits your specific requirements. This software offers three different plans to its users.




  • YEARLY PAYMENT ($95.40)


  • YEARLY PAYMENT ($119.40)

Irrespective of the plan you choose, you get all the features that MacKeeper has to offer - along with a 24/7 customer support service.

The only difference between each plan is the service duration it provides. When you opt for the longer subscriptions, you will be able to save big.

Is Mackeeper Worth The Price?

In addition to the basic antivirus protection, MacKeeper provides both performance optimization and security features. It's suitable for users who are seeking protection from viruses and malware. The software enhances the startup time by disabling unnecessary apps that aren't required while launching your Mac computer.

Do you have a lot of useless and duplicate files on your laptop? MacKeeper allows you to free up space on your hard disk by finding and allowing you to delete these files, including apps you rarely use. Besides, this software allows you to connect to various locations and get unlimited private VPN access to encrypt your network connection while surfing online.

Are you still wondering if MacKeeper is worth the price you pay? Gauge through its features and you should be able to make the right decision.

Mackeeper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is MacKeeper Safe To Use?

Though you may come across a lot of controversy surrounding this software, it is one of the safest antivirus programs you can use in your system now. You will find that the company provides lots of upgrades and focuses on providing its users with good security and performance software.

Does MacKeeper Antivirus Provide A Free Trial Version?

MacKeeper offers a one-time free fix. So, you can scan and remove viruses detected by the Antivirus in MacKeeper once.

Is The MacKeeper Antivirus Software Trustworthy?

MacKeeper software is a reliable and trustworthy application for your Mac. It protects your system from viruses, ransomware, as well as other malicious programs - and clears up sufficient space on your hard disk. This, in turn, enhances the overall performance of your device. MacKeeper also helps in detecting an array of malware like adware and trojans and keeps your device protected.

Does Mackeeper Antivirus Come With A Mobile App?

No! MacKeeper software doesn't provide a mobile app at this moment.

Does The MacKeeper VPN Private Connect Have A Data Limit?

The VPN Private Connect of MacKeeper provides users with unlimited data usage. If you love streaming movies and music, you don't have to worry about any data limit while using MacKeeper's VPN.


With a decent set of performance and cybersecurity tools, MacKeeper enables you to secure your system's privacy. Based on your specific needs, you can choose the plan you want and experience the various functions that the software has to offer. Additionally, MacKeeper helps you save your time by cleaning and safeguarding your computer quickly. Besides, you also get to browse through your favorite sites without being tracked.

Why wait any longer? Go ahead and get your MacKeeper plan and keep your Mac secured!

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