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By Tim K
Cleaner One Pro for Mac

Are you struggling to save your files and install new apps on your computer? Off late is your system acting weird and requires IT support to fix the issues? Do you have a highly configured PC, but you still find it functioning slow and at times freezing?

There could be varied reasons for this, off the most, poor maintenance and lack of proper file organizer could be the reason behind these problems. 

The latest pandemic situation has put a strain as well as stress on the usage of computers. Personal laptops are no more catered only for minimal usage where you store all your personal data. Due to work from the home situation and online studies, large files always make way to our systems, directly or indirectly affecting the laptop functioning. 

You might use the latest Mac, but it would be wise to remember that even the best of the machines do require optimization software to keep them clutter-free. Trust us; Mac does have a reputation for being a very reliable and powerful computer in the market. But it does require a cleaner that can keep its performance polished and doesn't hold it back from functioning flawlessly.  

What could hold back the performance of your laptop? As stated earlier, large files, data stored, and multiple apps installed in the system definitely call for clutter-free management of your system. This calls for software that can handle all this and lets you use your system care-freely. 

Cleaner One Pro is such software you could opt for. 

Why must you use Cleaner One Pro? What are its features? How is it different from other software in the market? 

Let's try to get answers to these questions before you decide to install the software.

What Is Cleaner One Pro?

Every computer or laptop requires software that helps to keep your system in an optimized state. What does optimization mean? A well-optimized laptop would function without any glitches and stores the data in cubicles or, say, compartments so that it doesn't hamper your system's performance. It also helps in locating the data quickly without wasting time searching for your essential files. 

Cleaner One Pro is one such software specifically designed for Mac machines. The software functions intelligently and helps you clear the junk data or files, tackle complex data, browsing history, cookies management, and other functions.

The tool is known for its friendly interface and design. This software's unique features make it stand out amongst the others in the market and boost your Mac's performance. 

You can always name it as the all-purpose tool or get to go software.

Let's have a look at its features individually:


Something that makes Clean One Pro stand out amongst other software is its interface. The interface is simply designed and makes it easy to use the optimization tool without any hassles. The tool helps you scan your machine or system condition and run a diagnostic scan with one click. 

The Dashboard provides all the details connected to the errors found, which helps decide to clean the errors found.

As stated earlier, the interface is designed very basically, which makes scanning the system an easy job. In case you are a novice in using all these tools, you won't get lost in all the tabs and the easily recognizable buttons. To operate them, you don't have to hop from one window to the other.

Junk Files

Over usage of the system leads to a lot of junk accumulation. Without our knowledge, we tend to store files or data that are of no use to us. 

Junk files address this issue and help to manage the files efficiently. The tool identifies and clears the temporary or unnoticed files, trash bin data, unfinished or uninstalled apps. By handling all these junk files, the tool creates more storage space and enhances the system's performance.

Big Files

Office work or school assignments call for large files to be saved in the system. At times, you tend to forget where the files are stored, but they consume your system's storage space. 

In situations such as these, big files features come to your rescue. Using this tool, you can quickly locate any of your files, irrespective of its size, type, name, and date it is saved. The tool saves the files according to the file's size and makes it easy for the user to locate them quickly. 

Big files are also useful when you want to remove any unnecessary files from your system which you don't use anymore, and it eats up your PC storage space. 

Disk Map

Many of us use the laptop without much knowledge about the technical specification of the system. When you are unsure how much storage space your system has or how much space a specific file is occupying, a disk map comes to your rescue? 

The tool analyzes all the information stored in the system and presents a colorful, graphic analysis of data stored on your system. The diagrammatic representation of data helps easy identification of the data and search for files smoothly.

Startup Manager

Sometimes the system does slow down, and you don't know what to do? The startup manager helps to locate the issues and reboot the system. 

Every Mac system does consist of an activity manager tool that helps in identifying the error. But for a novice user, activity manager would be a bit complicated tool to use. Startup manager can help you skip system prompts (activity manager) and make things easy for you. 

The tool can very smoothly analyze, align, and regulate all the running programs during boot time. This way, startup managers enhance the speed of boot-up of your system. 

Duplicate Files

Duplication of data is something that we all come across. You might have saved the same file in a different folder, forgetting one more being saved in another location—the duplicate files tool helps locate the data and easy handling of such files. 

It is important to note that the tool doesn't delete, replace, and duplicate files; it just identifies the files and comes up with the result. You can decide to keep the file or delete them due to space storage, but the tool aims to help you organize the files systematically.

Similar Photos

Let's face it a large amount of our storage space is occupied by photos. Yes, photos do call for such a vast place not only in our hearts but PCs too, as they are the memories to be cherished. But sometimes, we store the same photo twice, and without our knowledge, it does occupy space in our storage.  

Similar photos, as the name suggests, is very different from duplication of files. The tool captures photos that are not just the same, but it also points out the same size pictures, the format of pictures saved. Using the tool, you can quickly locate and remove unwanted photos and clean up the storage space.

App Manager

All systems do have an app manager, so what is so different about cleaner one pro app manager? General app managers do help in uninstalling an app or installing an app. But not many are aware that when you install or uninstall in-app, there are other files, or in technical terms, leftovers that remain in the system. 

The app manager identifies these leftovers that are left behind due to uninstalling an app and helps in deleting them. The tool also helps locate all the apps installed in the system and arrange them according to the app's size and date. App managers can delete all the apps together in one go, which other tools don't support.

File Shredding

Have you worked on highly confidential files and don't want anyone to look at them? Just by deleting the files and putting them in the recycling bin doesn't assure that no one can go through them. Anyone can restore the file from the recycling bin or use numerous apps to recover the deleted file. 

File shredding is a unique tool that can come to your rescue if you want to maintain your work's high confidentiality; just shred the file using the tool that Cleaner One Pro has to offer. The file is deleted in no time, and what more, there are no chances of it being recovered at any cost.

Use this tool wisely, as once the file is shredded, you can never recover the file.

Miscellaneous Tools

The software offers various other tools; to name a few, it does provide antivirus one option to protect your computer from any virus threats. Cleaner One Pro for iPhone, which helps in more storage space, AdBlock allows you to block out the necessary pop-ups and the free website ads you keep getting.


  • Integrated dashboard 
  • Functions without interrupting your work
  • Boosts the system performance
  • Friendly interface
  • Easy segmentation of various functions


  • Doesn't come with a malware cleaner


  • Identical and replica photo cleaner
  • Quicker scan speed
  • Not limited to Apple sandbox restrictions
  • Intense cleaning to identify and delete junk files
  • Folder or file shredder that helps in deleting file safely without file recovery option


How much does Cleaner One Pro cost?

The original price of Cleaner One Pro is $19.99 and $59.99 for one and five devices, respectively. Fortunately, you can get this Mac cleaning app for $14.99, one device.

Need more? Let's upgrade to five devices priced at $29.99, which is 50% OFF based on the original price tag.

Bottom Line

Aren't you amazed by the features offered by Cleaner One Pro? An ultimately packed software for those who want to optimize their system and keep it clean. The features and the design make the software unique; try the tool and share your valuable comments below.

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