How To Delete A VPN From Your iPhone Or iPad

By Tim K
How To Delete A VPN Profile From Your iPhone Or iPad

How often do you use VPNs? It is not strange to us at all. Nowadays, many people are using it for different purposes. A part of people use VPNs to change their IP addresses, and others use it to make their connection more secure while working. Whatever the goal, VPNs help us to do a lot of things and protect our online privacy.

But before you found a right VPN provider that meets your needs, you may have tried many different providers. Therefore, you probably have a lot of VPNs installed on your computer or smartphone. They will be there, exist in your device, and do no harm. But sometimes you want your computer or smartphone to be cleaner and tidy. Therefore, you will clean up things that are no longer in use, and unused VPNs are one of them.

But is it easy to remove them from your device? Well! It also depends on what device you are using.

Usually, most VPN providers will provide services through a specific application. For example, when you sign up for free (or buy) a VPN account for your smartphone, the provider will suggest an application to configure the VPN automatically. This application will create a VPN connection from your smartphone to a particular server. With its help, you can turn on or off the VPN connection with just a few simple steps.

Deleting these VPNs is simple, you need to remove the application you have installed, and everything about that VPN will disappear. However, several applications are not well-developed and leave VPN configuration profiles inside your device.

So how can you delete them?

How To Manually Remove A VPN From Your iPhone Or iPad

If you are using a VPN with your iPhone or iPad, follow these simple steps and remove it from your device. This short article will show you how to delete a VPN on your iPhone or iPad quickly.

Please tap on the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad to open it.

Select the VPN option from the list of features.

In case the VPN you want to remove is still connected, let's switch it off.

In the next step, please tap on the General option and then select the VPN option.

Choose the VPN profile you want to delete and tap on the Info icon at the end of the profile.

Steps To Remove VPN Profiles From iPhone Or iPad

In the next screen, please tap on the Delete VPN button and then confirm again to delete it.

How To Delete A VPN Profile On Your iPhone Or iPad

That's it!

Note: It depends on the version of iOS, there may be a few differences in how to delete VPN profiles on your iPhone or iPad. If you can not find them, leave a comment, and I will show you how.

With just a few simple steps, you can eliminate any VPN profile out of your iPhone or iPad. If in case you want to use it again, you will have to re-install it from scratch.

Currently, you can find many VPN providers on the Internet, but it is not easy to evaluate who is better than who. Moreover, many bad apps pretend to offer free VPN services, but they have malicious intent on you. Therefore, I recommend that you need to be careful and consider choosing a good VPN service to use. Do not register and download a bunch of them to your device for testing. It is more harmful than good.

If you want to use a VPN to bypass blocked websites or for simple tasks, try using the Opera web browser with a built-in VPN and ready to use with a few taps.

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