Best Push to Talk Key: Choosing for Gaming and Streaming

The C and V buttons are the best push to talk keys for various games, platforms, and streams, as considered by many experienced gamers and streamers. Communication is an essential part of gaming or streaming, and the talk feature and voice chat are beloved tools by millions of gamers each day used as walkie talkies.

Best Push to Talk Key

Fortunately, you can use other methods to enable push voice keys to talk while gaming. So, by the time you are done reading this article, you will know all the answers and methods you can use to use the push to communicate key on your computer.

What Is the Push to Speak Key?

The push to speak key is a button for a mic to stay muted for voice communications until you press a specific button to activate the function. Gamers and streamers refer to this as the configure push function or the comment cancel reply because you can mute your mic immediately

– Talk Key Purpose

Many customers prefer this key because it prevents embarrassing moments from accidental noises while keeping the overall environmental noise from your keyboard or mouse down.

As a result, experts recommend setting an easily accessible button for this function but avoid using a key you could hit accidentally. So, gamers have different preferences and opinions on choosing the correct key, but many agree the C and V buttons are the best. On the flip side, many users prefer the mouse side buttons for this function because they believe it is the best push to talk key Discord.

Since Discord is the most commonly used platform by gamers, we will discuss it more in the following section of this article. First, we will share some popular key options that work for most gamers, but you can always choose something different.

What’s the Best Push To Speak Key for Discord?

The best push to talk button for PC and Discord are the C and V keys, as confirmed by many gamers, streamers, and experts. Besides the C and V keys, and the mouse side buttons, gamers enjoy using the left Alt key, the mouse middle button, the Caps Lock key, and the Left Control key.

– Talk Function Possible Options

As you can see, there are at least seven possible options for the talk function for your mic. Although the first two methods shown here are the most common, many gamers find great use in the other methods. However, we have stated in the previous section that the mouse side buttons are not uncommon. Fortunately, Discord is a platform many gamers use, which is exactly why people have different choices. As a result, this article contains a separate section for each method explaining the benefits and advantages.

Talk Function Possible Options

So, it would be best to keep reading the following sections to understand why gamers believe each method is great. As a result, the explanations will help you choose your preferred method if you have some doubts. On the flip side, you can always opt for something different and choose a different button setup for the same push to communicate function.

– Using the C and V Keys

We have already mentioned several times in this article that the C and V buttons are the best push to speak keys used by gamers, but why is this true? If you are a gamer who does not like to use the mouse side buttons while aiming, the best choice is the C and V keys. In addition, it is familiar to misclick the mouse side buttons during intense games, which will result in an accidental mic activation. Also, the location of the C and V keys is excellent because they are easily reachable.

So, these two keys are located above the spacebar, which means you can easily reach them with your left thumb. Additionally, they will not interfere with other software, providing an excellent choice for gamers using Discord or similar platforms. However, it would help to consider several things because these two keys are commonly used for in-game key binds.

So, it would be best to check the game’s settings to confirm whether the C and V keys are used for in-game key binds. If so, it would be best to re-bind the keys. The V key is used less commonly for in-game binds and is accessible easily, making it the preferred option.

– Mouse Side Buttons (Buttons 4 and 5)

The second most common method for using the push to speak function is the mouse side buttons, or buttons 4 and 5 precisely. So, these two side options are the perfect choice for gamers who can aim well while using the mouse side buttons. There are several reasons why gamers consider these buttons an ideal choice. First, you need minimal adjustment from your right or left hand to press each button.

Additionally, your keyboard hand is free to use for other essential keys, meaning you can move it freely without reaching for the push to speak key. However, you must understand that mouse side buttons can feel odd to use for communication if you are in the middle of a very important match, which is important. Furthermore, these buttons interfere severely with browsers because they are usually designed to move the screen forward and back. So, you must look for a different solution for your browsing experience if you want to use the 4 and 5 buttons to communicate with other people.

Also, man fps games use the mouse side buttons for melee and other abilities, so you must unbind the buttons first, and then you can use them to communicate. So, although these buttons have certain drawbacks, they are the perfect choice for gamers who can aim well while using them to communicate.

– Left Alt Key

It is time to move to the less frequent choices by gamers using Discord, which is why we introduce you to the left alt key. However, if you believe that the mouse side buttons and the C and V keys are not the ideal choices, you should consider the left alt key. One of the most common reasons gamers believe this key is the best choice is because you can locate and click it with your left thumb without adjusting your hand’s position.

Left Alt Key To Talk

Unfortunately, gamers and streamers do not prefer this button as much because the scoreboard is bound to the tab key. So, it is not uncommon to accidentally mistake the typical alt + tab function in games. So, this button is the ideal choice for you if you believe your gaming experience will not be affected by this combination.

– Middle Click Button (Button 3)

Another option used by only a limited number of gamers is the mouse middle click button. In nature, this button is similar to the side buttons, but there are numerous differences. First, it might be weird to use this button for push talk without affecting your grip during intense gameplay. So, you might need to adjust your hand’s position.

On the flip side, using the mouse middle click button is a great choice for gamers because it is not used in games commonly, so it will not affect the game’s settings. However, be aware that the middle click is used for opening new links and closing tabs.

– Caps Lock Key

Since the caps lock key is not used often during gaming, it sounds logical to use it as a push to speak key. So, you do not have to worry about binding a particular game function to enable the communication key using caps lock. However, there is one major issue with this key on the flip side.

Gamers should use the left pinky to reach the caps lock key. However, the pinky is used for sprinting with the left shift or crouching with the left control, especially in shooting games. As a result, it might be uncomfortable to use the pinky for the caps lock, left shift, and left control simultaneously.

– Left Ctrl Key

The left ctrl button is similar to the caps lock key because you should use the pinky to press it. Consequently, this button faces the same issue of feeling uncomfortable pushing three buttons at once with the pinky. However, there is one more common problem this button has that the caps lock lacks.

Left Ctrl Key To Talk

Namely, the left control key is usually used in games with various key binds, so you must unbind the key to use it to communicate. So, this section wraps everything necessary about the multiple buttons and keys you can use to communicate with fellow gamers and streamers.

Final Conclusion

This article covers the different ways and methods you can use to enable the push to talk function while gaming. So, besides explaining how you can implement each button in your system and use it while gaming, this article covered the following points:

  • The push to talk function enables gamers to prevent accidental noises in the background.
  • Although you can keep your mic muted all the time, a click of a button changes all this.
  • The C and V keys are the most common method for setting a push to speak key, including the mouse side buttons.
  • Each method has certain drawbacks, so you must choose the button carefully.
  • Gamers less frequently use four other methods, but they offer a fantastic alternative to the traditional buttons.

If you have ever wondered what is the best push to speak key and how to choose one, this article answers your questions. So now, open Discord, start your favorite game, and enjoy constant communication with friends without interrupting the gameplay.

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