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By Tony Tran
ByteBiteBit.com - About Us

ByteBiteBit.Com is a tech tutorial website that gives people quick solutions to handle complicated things they may confront when using tech devices. Our articles are about various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. We also write tutorials on other topics such as hardware, software, security, networking, as well as reviews articles on other tech gadgets and apps. To view our detailed category, scroll down and look at the left of the footer. We are always looking for more skilled writers to help us turn ByteBiteBit.Com into something better and more useful to readers.


If you are wondering if you are suited to become our writer, here are requirements you need to meet:

  • Are you good at explaining complicated things and make them easier to understand? Articles should be written in the most straightforward language as possible so that our readers can visualize and follow the steps as quickly as possible.
  • Can you write at least one article per week on a long-term basis? One post with at least 1500 words every week is excellent. Of course, you can write and publish more often as you wish.
  • Do you familiar with the WordPress blogging platform? It’s the blogging platform we are using, so you need to know it well to publish your articles.
  • Are you able to take screenshots, as well as crop & resize them, and then shrink their file sizes? Most articles on our website are step-by-step tutorials, and so they need images to provide a more visually view. So, it would help if you could handle images and use them in articles.
  • Are you able to support readers to resolve the issues they may have when chasing your solutions? Most users come to our blog to find guides to resolve the problem that they are facing. In most cases, the issues are fixed, but sometimes they don’t. That’s why you need to assist our readers in getting those errors fixed.

Note: If you fail to meet all the above requirements, then you should not apply.


Visually Profile Page

We have customized a profile page for you to introduce yourself. This introduction can be as short or long as you would like it to be. You can even write 300 to 500 words on this profile page. It is also designed to display your website and social media account. To see how does it look like, visit here!

Free Publicity

ByteBiteBit.Com gets over 30K page views every month and keeps increasing. Besides, we have 2K people who have subscribed to our newsletter. So being a writer, you can use our blog as a place to spread your online marketing campaigns indirectly. On our blog, there is no limit to the topics you can write or the things you can do, as long as it belongs to our category and is useful for readers. For example, you can write a tutorial article and put links to other blogs to explain further about what you want to convey, or a review of a certain product. It is up to you. But note that, we would recommend that you should not bend any aspect of the article in order to achieve your link building goals because most of these cases aren’t acceptable. Let it be as usual.

Application Form

In order to become a writer on our blog, please submit the application form below. We will take time manually review all submitted applications and inform the result to you as soon as possible. For any other questions, you can use the contact form to reach out to us.