165Hz vs 240Hz: Notable Similarities and Differences of Features

165Hz vs 240Hz comparison brings out a few differences and more similarities between the two refresh rates. Mostly, people compare the refresh rates of the monitors before buying a new monitor because, at that time, they are in search of an exceptional computer experience.

165Hz Vs 240Hz

Thus, this post will show you the common and different aspects of the given refresh rates. Keep reading to figure out how much refresh rate your monitor should have and why.

Comparison Table 

Features 165Hz 240Hz
Gaming Experience Perfect for general games Perfect for fast-paced games
Support for Super-fast Actions No Yes
Reduces Blurriness Yes More than 165Hz
Color Representation Best Average
Viewing Angles Perfect Poor
Responsiveness High Higher than 165Hz
Graphic Designing or Video Editing Good Best

What Are the Differences Between 165Hz and 240Hz?

The main difference between 165Hz and 240Hz is that 165Hz is a bit lower refresh rate than 240Hz. Moreover, 165Hz monitors do not support super-fast actions, while monitors with a refresh rate of 240Hz help to stay attentive and perform quick actions to win the game.

– Noticeable Differences Between Two Monitors

Along with the above-mentioned, you’ll get more sharp and clear graphics on 240Hz monitors than on a 165Hz monitor. However, the best color representation and viewing angles are the traits of a 165Hz screen instead of the one with a 240Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, you’ll find 240Hz more responsive than 165Hz.

No, a human eye can not see the difference between 165Hz and 240Hz monitors. However, a passionate fighter player can easily tell you if the given screen has a 165Hz or 240Hz rate. It means that the difference between the two rates can only be recognized while playing fast-paced games.

  • 165Hz vs 240Hz Fortnite

Both of the options are preferable. However, you can’t ignore the exceptional results produced at 240Hz “refresh” rate.

  • 165Hz vs 240Hz Valorant

240Hz is the best choice for a smooth Volarant experience.

What Is 165Hz Monitor Best For?

A 165Hz monitor is the best for working as well as gaming. It provides enough performance that users would need to complete their daily tasks efficiently, and its refresh rate makes it perfect for playing video games. 

– Main Highlights and Features Breakdown 

Let’s assume you use your monitor at home for some casual tasks. Also, you have another computer in your office on which you work on spreadsheets, documents, etc. You don’t play games often, and your work doesn’t involve editing the graphics. In this case, a 165Hz rate is the best for your home as well as office. Let’s check other important aspects as well

  • Playing games

You can play games on a 165Hz monitor. The game display will be smooth and clear enough to let you enjoy the game. You would not have a complaint while gaming on a 165Hz PC unless you are playing a fast-paced game.

Playing games

Thus, you can consider 165Hz as the starting point and the least requirement for gaming.

However, if you can’t afford to lose the game, then you’ll need to go for a higher “refresh” rate. Making it simple, 165Hz guarantees entertainment but not victory.

  • Pricing

165Hz monitors are cheaper than 240Hz. It further ensures that you get a good refresh rate at an affordable price.

  • Color representation

The color representation offered by the said monitors is worth mentioning.

Color representation

Also, you’ll be able to see the graphics with almost zero blur effect.

  • Viewing angles

The given “refresh” rate is enough to provide you with the best viewing angles.

  • Graphic designing or video editing

You can easily design graphics and edit videos on the said type of monitor. Also, remember that the higher the refresh rate, the more enjoyable the video editing or graphic designing experience.

– The Best 165Hz Monitors

The best monitors with the stated refresh rate are:

  • Acer CP1241Y V
  • Acer CP1271 V
  • Acer CP3271U
  • Acer ED270RP
  • Acer ED270R S

What Is 240Hz Monitor Best For?

A 240Hz monitor is the best for playing fast-paced games. It provides a smooth and highly responsive gaming experience that allows users to compete against their opponents effectively. 

The Gaming Experience

For example, you are playing a first-person game. Here, your goal is to win the game, and for the same purpose, you can’t compromise on the game’s responsiveness. Moreover, you’ll need to take action as fast as possible and view the entire screen without any blur effect. In such a scenario, a monitor with a 240Hz rate will fit your needs. You will be able to keep an eye on your enemies, stay aware of their actions, focus on your character’s position, and see all the objects clearly.

So, if money is not a problem and winning the game is the goal, then 240Hz gaming monitors are worth buying. This investment won’t let you regret a missed chance to kill your opponent player. Also, you won’t lose your focus on the game at any time, watching your character being unstoppable.

Thus, a better name for the 240Hz monitors would be the only competitive gaming monitors you need. It will definitely remind you of their purpose within the same second you take their name.

However, don’t forget to ensure that your graphics card and the overall computer is capable enough to handle such a high monitor refresh rate.

– Main Features Breakdown

Now let’s check other important highlights and features listed below:

  • Pricing

240Hz monitors are more expensive than 165Hz monitors. However, as mentioned above, their result is worth experiencing if you are fond of fast-paced games.

  • Color representation

The monitors with the given refresh rate offer average color representation. However, the graphics will be clearer than on a 165Hz computer.

  • Viewing angles

The said refresh rate provides you with poor viewing angles. This marks the second drawback of the given monitors after color representation.

  • Graphic designing or video editing

The stated type of monitor is perfect for graphic designing and video editing. You will have a good time while working with the graphics and editing them. Also, pairing the same refresh rate with IPS panels will turn out to be in your favor. Note that the wide variety of colors provided by the IPS panels is always loved by graphic designers and photographers.

– The Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitors

The best monitors that belong to the given category are:

  • Samsung Odyssey Neo G9
  • Gigabyte M34WQ
  • LG 34GP950G-B
  • Acer Nitro XV340CK
  • Dell S3422DWG


1. Does a High Refresh Rate Monitor Require a High Frame Rate for a Better Performance?

Well, a high frame rate isn’t critical for a high refresh rate, but you won’t get any advantages of the latter without the former. It is because if your graphics card isn’t capable enough to push the number of frames per second as the one expected by your monitor, then you won’t get the expected smoothness. Consequently, you’ll see the result according to the FPS and not the refresh rate.

2. Can You Compare 144Hz vs 165Hz vs 240Hz?

Well, the comparison between the given refresh rates is quite obvious. As 144Hz is a lower value than 165Hz, you can say that the latter is a better option than the former. Next, if you compare 165Hz against 240Hz, then you’ll notice 240Hz to be the better choice. It means that a higher refresh rate is always better than the lower one.

3. Which One Is Best for FPS Games: 180Hz vs 240Hz?

A 240Hz refresh rate is the best for FPS games. Although the difference between 180Hz and 240Hz is minor enough to ignore, you’ll notice a lot of positive effects offered by the latter while playing FPS games. Your screen will be highly responsive without any blur objects. 

4. How Would You Compare 144Hz vs 240Hz?

The major difference between 144Hz and 240Hz is that 144Hz is a good rate for general computer tasks, while 240Hz is the best gaming rate. Therefore, you won’t feel any difficulty in your daily tasks at the rate of 144Hz, but you won’t have the expected smooth gaming experience at the given rate.

So, you’ll need to switch to 240Hz to compete effectively in the games, focus on your target, and shoot at the exact point to kill your opponents.

5. Is 360Hz Better Than 165Hz?

Yes, 360Hz is better than 165Hz because the former represents such a huge number for the refresh rate. You don’t need to compare 165Hz vs 360Hz in detail to get to the conclusion because you can predict the result by only looking at the given values. 

How Would You Compare 144Hz vs 240Hz


As per the above article, there are a few differences between the two refresh rates. The most considerable difference between 165Hz and 240Hz is that the former doesn’t support super-fast actions, while the latter supports the same with ease. Moreover, the 165Hz is known for its best color representation and viewing angles. On the other hand, the 240hz neither has good viewing angles nor offers a perfect color representation. 

But if you are looking for a competitive gaming monitor, then you should choose 240Hz. However, if you use your PC for office work or at home, then 165Hz is more than enough for you. Thus, the final decision depends on your choice of tasks.

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