Are BenQ Monitors Good: We Help You Learn More on the Topic

Our ultimate guide answers the question are BenQ monitors good for casual use, streaming, or gaming. Choosing between various gaming monitors is usually difficult because you should consider many specifications, especially for beginners.

Are BenQ Monitors Good

Fortunately, our monitor review is the best place to learn all the details about BenQ monitors, including the refresh rate, response time, viewing angles, etc.

Additionally, our experts answered some of the most frequently asked questions, which will help you understand the importance of an ideal IPS monitor.

Are BenQ Monitors Good?

Yes, any BenQ inch monitor is good because it is packed with incredible features and is ideal for curved gaming, streaming, or video editing. In addition, these monitors are packed with high resolution so that you can use them for console gaming. 

What Makes Monitors Great?

Audible colors and brightness intelligence make monitors great, so any high-end product must have these features. No one wants to experience the latest games with dull colors and low resolution. However, we must consider other specs that can make a significant difference when purchasing your ideal monitor. Furthermore, if you are looking for an ideal monitor with an incredible refresh rate and no input lag, BenQ products are ideal.

Additionally, BenQ units range from compact to large size, having up to 4K resolutions with curved monitors. However, our experts believe the price is this monitor’s best feature because it is incredibly affordable. So, not only will you save cash on your ideal gaming setup, but you will enjoy all the perks and features of high-end monitors. Therefore, our experts recommend getting the BenQ Zowie XL for the ultimate experience.

We will discuss each crucial feature in the following sections, but before we do that, we must note that BenQ monitors are considered mid-range by many customers. However, they perform better than similar high-end products, costing significantly less. But now, let us learn more about the first important feature of excellent monitors.

– The Inevitable Screen Size

The screen size and aspect ratio are vital for proper performance, and fortunately, BenQ products do not lack these features. All gamers or streamers focus on the screen, so it must be ideal for their needs and requirements. Additionally, there should not be any distractions around the screen or on the screen that will worsen your gaming experience. Favorably, all BenQ products have a simple design, and there is nothing that will distract professional or casual gamers.

Henceforth, BenQ offers screens of varying sizes to fit everyone’s needs, ranging from smaller to larger sizes. However, we must note that bigger screens are not always better because professionals prefer smaller secondary screens, which keeps their desk neat and clean and take good eye care. Furthermore, a larger screen requires a different sitting position that is usually further away from the desk, which may be uncomfortable to some.

Consequently, our experts believe a 32-inch unit has the best viewing angle, although not the biggest one. Always choose the screen size to your preference, so it would be a great idea to test the product before purchasing it. The wrong screen size can severely affect your eyes, so never disregard its importance.

– Resolution

Screen size is important, but another important feature you must consider is the resolution. Unlike the screen size, the bigger the resolution, the better the overall performance because you get a sharper image and improved blue light. Resolution is portrayed in pixels, so the higher the number of pixels, the better the image quality and overall performance.


Keep reading the following bullet list for the most common screen resolutions:

  • 1920 × 1080 (8.89%)
  • 1366 × 768 (8.44%)
  • 360 × 640 (7.28%)
  • 414 × 896 (4.58%)
  • 1536 × 864 (3.88%)
  • 375 × 667 (3.75%)

As you can see, the most common resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is why many BenQ products have the same. However, it would help if you considered the power it takes to run high-resolution monitors. For example, gaming monitors with high resolutions require more power to drive the pixels, which is not ideal for your efficient build. Therefore, it would be best to opt for resolutions with fewer pixels to keep the power consumption to a bare minimum.

So, screen resolution is essential for sharp images, and the higher the value, the better the performance. However, if you are trying to build an extremely efficient product, ensure to get monitors with lower resolution.

– Response Time

Experts consider the response time the most important feature of any high-end monitor, especially the BenQ brand. This is because the response interval determines the images’ clarity on the screen. Consequently, the higher the response time, the better the overall performance and image clarity. Henceforth, the ideal monitor should not have any ghosting or blurriness because the adequate response interval does not affect the overall performance.

Conversely, a low response interval can completely ruin your gaming experience because it creates lag and makes games unplayable. Consequently, professional gamers, streamers, and editors avoid using monitors with low response intervals, no matter how expensive they are. Ideally, the closer your monitor to a 1ms response interval, the better the gaming experience, especially with new games. Fortunately, nearly all BenQ products fall in the area of 1ms or similar.

Henceforth, not every high-end monitor has an ideal response interval, so read the specs before purchasing the product. On the flip side, you can find affordable monitors with incredible response intervals. So, opting for monitors with amazing response intervals would be best.

– Refresh Rate

Hz is the most common abbreviation in all monitor’s specs, which refers to the refresh rate or interval. This frequency unit determines the number of cycles per unit of any screen’s image. However, we must note that the response and refresh intervals are highly different, so you must consider both specifications. For example, the response interval determines the clarity, but the refresh interval determines the image’s cycles per unit resulting in sharper visuals.

Refresh Rate

Keep reading the following bullet list to learn more about the most common refresh intervals:

  • 60 Hz
  • 120 Hz
  • 144 Hz
  • 240 Hz

Most BenQ monitors have a refresh interval of 144 Hz, which is considered mid to high-end by most modern standards. This is the ideal refresh interval for gamers because it provides decent cycles per unit, which is vital for a proper gaming experience. Ideally, monitors should have a refresh interval of 240 Hz, the highest value but even a 144 Hz refresh interval is enough.

So, BenQ products are designed for gaming, which is why all their units have a refresh interval of at least 144 Hz. So, no matter which BenQ product you buy, you will not make a mistake.

– Panel Type

The panel type is the final component of any high-quality BenQ product because various panel types perform differently. Additionally, the correct panel specifications make a massive difference to gamers, especially professionals. However, what are the different types of panels? Keep reading the following bullet list for more:

  • Vertical alignment
  • In-plane switching
  • Twisted nematic

All panels in this list provide different benefits to competitive gamers, casual players, editors, or streamers. For example, twisted nematic panels (TN) are ideal for speed and vibrant colors, so if you are looking for these specifications, opt for TN BenQ panels. On the flip side, vertical alignment panels (VA) are the ideal all-in-one products because they provide great colors and amazing contrast. So, our experts recommend buying the VA BenQ panels if you want a product with all the features.

We must note that VA and In-place switching (IPS) panels are not ideal for speed, so opt for a TN panel if you are looking for speed. As you can see, monitors come with varying panel types, which are significantly different because they provide certain benefits. Nevertheless, all BenQ panels are unique, so you will not make a mistake choosing any product.

Who Manufactures BenQ Products?

BenQ products are manufactured by BenQ Corporation, a Taiwanese company founded in 1984. This company manufactures and sells various technology products, communication, and electronic devices. Henceforth, the abbreviation BenQ stands for Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life. Additionally, computer enthusiasts believe their monitors have an amazing value for money because they are never overpriced.

Who Manufactures BenQ Products

So, not only do customers get affordable monitors, but they also get adequate features and specifications similar to high-end products. Additionally, BenQ Corporation always combines aesthetics and performance, resulting in a futuristic design and stunning specifications.

As a result, you can find these monitors in the professional gaming world and in many offices worldwide. Henceforth, our experts recommend getting a BenQ product if you want to upgrade your gaming setup on a budget.

Final Conclusion

Whether you are a professional or a casual gamer, editor, streamer, or you work with computers, BenQ gaming monitors can be your ideal choice for monitors.

These monitors are reasonably priced but offer many high-end benefits, including stunning panels, amazing resolutions, and sharp and vibrant colors, as shown below:

  • At least four specifications are crucial when choosing the ideal monitor, and they make the difference between average and great products.
  • Our experts believe BenQ products have amazing value for money, especially their monitors and panel types.
  • Accurate colors and adequate brightness ease the eye pressure, allowing customers to use the monitor for an extended time.
  • On the flip side, other features must be considered before purchasing a monitor, such as resolution, screen size, response and refresh intervals, etc. Usually, the higher the value, the better the performance.
  • Although BenQ products are not considered high-end by many users, they are ideal for professional gamers and similar work environments.

Monitors are constantly evolving, so what is considered high-end now will be considered mid-range in the following two years. As a result, our experts recommend investing in a high-quality monitor, such as BenQ, and your eyes will thank you later. 

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