Is It Recommended To Enable Power Management Feature?

ErP ready is a power management feature of BIOS that allows you to save the electricity or the battery power of your laptop. It has many advantages and disadvantages.

Is It Recommended To Enable Power Management Feature

So, this article covers the ErP mode in detail to let you gain enough knowledge about the same.

Read till the end to see how this post answers all of your questions while increasing your familiarity with ErP.

Should You Switch On the ErP Mode?

You should enable ErP to save power and electricity if you don’t care about the disadvantages of the same and you are more concerned about its advantages. Therefore, ErP ready enable or disable depends on your personal preference.

Well, if you aren’t aware of the benefits and drawbacks of ErP, then you can have a look at them in the following sections.

To check if your motherboard supports ErP, check the pack, as the energy efficiency standards are often mentioned on the box pack. However, if you can’t find the same on the box, then go to the BIOS settings and click on Advanced to find your required information.

Benefits and Drawbacks of ErP

ErP comes with an equal number of benefits and drawbacks. However, the importance of the given benefits and drawbacks depends on you. So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of switching on ErP to help you make a wise decision and control the option accordingly.

The prerequisites for an ErP system are two components, including an ErP ready motherboard and an ErP power supply. Once you have the given components, you can turn on ErP and enjoy its benefits.


The major benefits of turning on the ErP mode have been listed below:

  • All the power-consuming devices are switched off
  • Electricity is saved
  • The power of the laptop battery is conserved
  • Zero negative impacts on the hardware and software components of your PC
  • The working of the devices is not impacted on the standby mode

Here you can have a look at the drawbacks of turning on the ErP mode:

  • Pressing the keyboard keys, clicking, or moving the mouse does not wake up the PC
  • You don’t get to see all of the power handling options
  • Incoming LAN signals fail at waking up the PC
  • You can’t connect other USB devices in the shutdown and hibernate modes

Would you like to see how ErP works? Then look at the next section.

Main Components and Types of ERP Software

Business Intelligence (BI) is the core component or foundational pillar of an ERP system. BI begins by collecting the data and analyzing the same. Next, it generates numbers, tables, and visual reports from the analyzed data.
There are six main components in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). You can find them in the following list:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Business Intelligence (BI)
  4. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Accounting/Financial Management

There are four different types of ERP software. All of them have been listed below for your reference:

  1. Box ERPs
  2. Large Scale ERPs
  3. Intermediate and Flexible ERPs
  4. Industry Specific ERPs

How Does ErP Mode Work?

ErP works by providing instructions to the motherboard to stop providing power to all the connected devices when the computer is in S4 or S5 mode. Consequently, the connected devices won’t get the power, and the energy will be conserved.

How Does ErP Mode Work

Thus, the purpose of ErP is to save energy from being wasted when the computer is either shut down, sleeping, or on standby mode.

Unavailable Features in the ErP Ready BIOS Mode

Some features become unavailable in the ErP mode to fulfill the purpose of the same. Each unavailable feature has been described below for your reference:

  • Power on during mouse click or movement

You can click on the mouse button or move the mouse to power on the PC while using a computer that doesn’t have ErP enabled on the same. However, the stated feature becomes unavailable once you switch to the ErP mode. Hence, now you won’t be able to power on your computer with the help of a mouse.

  • Power on during the key press

The computers have a feature that can turn on your PC through the keyboard. It means that you can power on your PC by pressing a random key on your keyboard. However, the said feature would not be available on ErP-enabled computers.

  • Wake on LAN

The system that usually wakes up with an incoming LAN signal won’t wake up with the same signal if ErP is enabled. Hence, the “wake on LAN” feature is disabled as well.

  • Power Management Event (PME) wake up

The PME wake-up feature ensures that your computer is powered on again after you’ve shut down the same. But in the case of ErP, the stated action won’t take place, and your PC will remain in the shutdown mode until you turn it on by pressing the power button.

In Which Computer Modes Does ErP Operate?

ErP operates in the following computer modes:

  • The shutdown mode

In the shutdown mode, all the processes of Windows and system services are shut down while the important data is saved to the disk. The shutdown mode is also known as S5 mode.

  • The hibernate mode

In the hibernate mode, the computer’s state is saved in a “hibernate file.” The said file is then saved in the hard disk, while the other components are shut down to save the power until you come back. Hence, the given mode is known as the lowest power mode. Also, it ensures that you find the computer in the same state in which you left it without waiting for the bootup.

The hibernate mode is often referred to as the S4 mode.

What Does ErP Do When the Computer Is ShutDown?

After learning about the happenings in the shutdown mode, here you’ll see how ErP impacts the different aspects of the same mode.

  • Consumption of power

Almost all of the components are shut down. No components except for the power button and few power source components get the power. Hence, only a small amount of power is consumed, while the remaining power is saved.

  • Resumption of software

The state of the software is not maintained or saved. It means that all the processes and programs are closed completely. Now, they’ll need to be launched again for further use.

  • The access time of hardware

The access time of hardware means the amount of time that a hardware component takes to respond to another device’s request. You can call the same “hardware latency” as well.

The access time of hardware

Note that the hardware latency is quite long as no device or LAN signal can power on your computer but you, the user.

  • Hardware context retention

You won’t find any hardware context retained in your PC.

What Does ErP Do When the Computer Is in Hibernate Mode?

Moving towards observing the impacts of ErP on various aspects of the hibernation mode, here you go.

  • Consumption of power

Similar to the ErP-enabled shutdown mode, you’ll see that almost all of the components are shut down. However, only the power button and a few power source components have access to the power. Hence, only a small amount of power is consumed while the rest of it is conserved.

  • Resumption of software

The state of the software is saved in a “hibernate file,” as discussed above. It means that you won’t need to launch all of your programs again, and a complete boot-up won’t be required here. However, in the worst case, if a problem occurs in the hibernate file, then you’ll need to restart your PC to start working again. Also, the software state won’t be maintained due to the given scenario.

  • The access time of hardware

The access time of hardware is long enough in the ErP-enabled to hibernate mode too. Similar to the shutdown or S5 mode, you’ll need to power on the PC by pressing the power button. No device or LAN signal would be able to perform the same action for you.

  • Hardware context retention

Similar to the ErP-enabled shutdown mode, no hardware context is retained in your PC. However, the only difference between ErP-enabled S5 and S4 is that the former requires a full reboot, while the latter doesn’t. Hence, your hardware will continue working according to its previous state.

The Difference Between ErP and EuP

ErP is an abbreviation for energy-related products, while EuP stands for energy-using products. Also, ErP is the latest standard than EuP. Plus, it would be good to note that ErP also includes those products that consume electricity indirectly. It means that they aren’t directly connected to electricity, but they do have an impact on power usage. 

Water comes under the stated category of products.


1. Is ErP Capable Enough To Reduce Your Electricity Bill?

No, ErP isn’t capable enough to magically reduce your electricity bill because the purpose of ErP is to create a better environment by reducing the power consumption bit by bit. However, if you aim to make a noticeable reduction in your electricity bill, then a more efficient graphics card and/or CPU will fulfill your need.

To get a better idea, know that the amount of power consumed in the ErP mode is as little as 0.5 watts. And your computer should be powered down to a value of less than one watt to turn on ErP ready MSI .

2. What Does the Option ErP Ready S4+S5 Mean?

The S4+S5 option in the ErP Ready ASUS indicates that ErP will be enabled in both the hibernate (S4) and shutdown (S5) mode.

3. What Is the Impact of ErP on Gas Boilers?

ErP ready boiler has been planned to ensure that no non-condensing boiler stays in the market that consumes energy up to 400kW. Also, a clear energy label will be added on all of the water and space heaters to inform the customers about the energy consumption by the given product. The product with an energy level of G will consume the least energy, while A+++ will represent a high energy consumption level.

4. Does Enabling ErP Require a Modern Setup?

No, ErP does not require a modern setup.

You can even enable the same feature on the systems that were built a decade ago.

5. Can You Save Power Through ErP While Using a Power-hungry Gaming System for Over 10 Hours Every Day?

Yes, you can save power while using such a huge gaming system. You’ll be happy to discover that ErP performs more efficiently with a large number of systems. Thus, it won’t mind and will give you notable advantages while you use it for conserving power while gaming.

6. How Does ERP Software Help Entrepreneurs?

An ERP software helps in automating the otherwise time-consuming everyday tasks. It ensures that your time isn’t wasted in repeatedly performing the same tasks on a daily basis. Plus, this way, you’ll have more time to focus on your company and its people. The more focused you are, the more progress your business can make.

Also, if you are wondering if Cybersoft is a component of enterprise resource planning, the answer is no, Cybersoft is not a component of Enterprise Resource Planning.

Does Enabling ErP Require a Modern Setup


To wrap up the article, ErP feature offers great support in conserving energy and making the environment better. You can choose to enable the same if you often use the power button to turn on your PC. Also, here are some noteworthy points to help you conclude the above topic with a confusion-free mind:

  • Enabling ErP won’t harm the software or hardware components of your PC.
  • There are some features that become unavailable in the ErP mode.
  • ErP can operate in shutdown (S5) and hibernate (S4) modes.
  • You won’t be able to turn on your PC through a device or LAN signal.
  • The difference between ErP and EuP is that ErP is an abbreviation for energy-related products, while EuP stands for energy-using products.

Handing over the final decision to you, you can choose to go with ErP or the default power-saving setting as per your choice.

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