Fix Genshin Impact Controller Not Working on PC: Quick Solutions Guide

Experiencing issues with your controller while playing Genshin Impact on PC can be frustrating. A number of players have reported that the game doesn’t respond to controller inputs, with problems ranging from total non-responsiveness to specific buttons not working. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, don’t worry—we’ve run into these issues ourselves and have looked into various solutions that can get you back to exploring Teyvat with your controller in no time.

A Genshin Impact controller lies motionless next to a PC, with no response to button presses

One common issue we’ve noticed is the game prioritizing other devices or the guide button bringing up Steam instead of functioning within the game. After troubleshooting, we learned that some controllers, especially non-Xbox ones, may need extra steps for recognition by the game. To improve your gaming experience, we’re prepared to walk you through a clear and straightforward guide to fixing those controller-related issues, ensuring every button press correctly corresponds to in-game action.

Before you dive into the settings or start tweaking your system, it’s important to check the simple things first—like ensuring your controller is properly connected to your PC or verifying that it’s fully charged or has fresh batteries. In our experience, these initial checks can sometimes save a lot of time. After that, we’ll guide you through some effective solutions, step by step, to tackle the more complex scenarios. With our help, you’ll find the process manageable and be back in control of your Genshin Impact adventure in no time.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

We often encounter issues where the controller isn’t responding when playing Genshin Impact on PC. Let us guide you through the first steps to resolve these connectivity problems.

A hand reaches for a PC, unplugging and re-plugging the Genshin Impact controller, then restarting the game to troubleshoot the issue

Check Controller Connections

Ensure the Controller is Properly Connected:
– Verify that your controller is securely plugged into the USB port or properly paired via Bluetooth.
– For wireless controllers, check the charge level and resync it with your PC if necessary.

It’s crucial that the controller is recognized by the system. We should go into the game’s settings menu to make sure it’s set to the right input mode, often switching between controller and keyboard input can resolve detection issues.

Examine USB and Bluetooth Connection Issues

If you’re using a USB cable:

  • Check for physical damage to the cable or USB port.
  • Try different USB ports to rule out a faulty port.
  • Make sure the USB drivers are up to date through your device manager.

For Bluetooth connections:

  • Ensure your PC’s Bluetooth function is on and searching for devices.
  • Remove any previous pairings that might interfere.
  • Restart your Bluetooth adapter from the PC settings.

Connection issues can stem from outdated drivers or interference from other devices, so addressing these concerns should be your first line of defense.

Game and Device Settings

In tackling the issue of a non-responsive controller in Genshin Impact on PC, it’s imperative that we meticulously configure both the in-game and various system settings properly. This ensures that our control type—be it Xbox, PlayStation, or a generic gamepad—is fully harmonized with the game’s requirements and the PC’s capabilities.

Adjusting Genshin Impact Controller Settings

Despite familiarizing ourselves with the keyboard, setting up the controller can greatly enhance our gaming experience. Inside the Genshin Impact settings, we must ensure that the controller settings are correctly calibrated to match our specific control type. It involves mapping buttons and adjusting sensitivities to suit our playstyle.

Configuring PC Settings for Controllers

Prior to launching the game, our PC must recognize and correctly configure the connected controller. This could involve updating drivers, setting the controller as the default input device, or adjusting settings within the Control Panel. It’s worthwhile to ensure no other devices are interfering with the controller’s connection especially if we’re using Bluetooth.

Steam and Launcher Integration

Xbox Configuration Support Generic Gamepad Configuration Support
Make use of the Xbox Configuration Support within Steam to customize and apply configurations compatible with Genshin Impact. For non-Xbox controllers, select the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support in Steam’s controller settings to enable and adjust support for a range of controllers.

Using Steam’s Big Picture mode to manage controller settings, we should activate either the Xbox Configuration Support or the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support, depending on our controller. This will extend compatibility with Genshin Impact, overcoming most recognition issues caused by unsupported hardware.

Advanced Fixes for Controller Issues

When standard troubleshooting fails, we often have to resort to more advanced measures to correct controller malfunctions in Genshin Impact on PC. The following methods tackle driver updates, compatibility settings, and potential game file mishaps that might be causing issues.

Updating Controller Drivers

We’ll start by addressing the drivers, especially for Xbox and DS4 controllers. It’s essential to keep these drivers up-to-date. Drivers are the bridge between your controller and your PC; outdated ones could introduce logical problems that disrupt gameplay.
  • Navigate to the Device Manager, find your controller under “Human Interface Devices”, right-click and select “Update driver”.
  • Alternatively, visit the manufacturer’s website for the latest driver software.

Resolving Compatibility Glitches

Sometimes, the program running Genshin Impact may experience compatibility glitches, especially with overlay programs. To rectify such issues:

  • Ensure Steam’s Big Picture mode is enabled for better controller support.
  • Review settings in other programs like DS4Windows to confirm they aren’t creating conflicts.

Modifying Game Files and Locations

Misplaced or corrupt game files can cause significant bugs with controller functionality. Below, we detail how to check and modify game files and locations:

Method Description Execution
Verifying Integrity Resolve file-related issues by verifying the integrity of game files through the Genshin Impact launcher or Steam. For Steam: Library > Right-click on Genshin Impact > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.
Manual Inspection Manually look for misplaced files in your game directory, particularly executable files related to the controller input. Navigate to Genshin Impact’s game folder and look for any files that might be in incorrect locations.

Understanding Genshin Impact’s Controller Support

When we approach Genshin Impact, it’s crucial to recognize that controller support can enrich our gameplay immersion. Yet, sometimes we are faced with our controllers unexpectedly not responding, which disrupts our experience. Most cases involve simple fixes, like ensuring the controller option is active within the game’s settings or rebooting the game.

Ensuring that your controller is properly connected through wired or Bluetooth options is step one. However, we must also acknowledge that compatibility isn’t universal. The nuances of the game’s battle system mean that having responsive and precise controls through a joystick is often favored by players seeking a more tactile feel during combat.

Issue Cause Solution
Unresponsive Controls Controller not enabled Enable in Options > Controls
Connection Issues Wired/Bluetooth errors Reconnect or check drivers
Gameplay Interruption Bugs and glitches Restart or update game

Occasionally, bugs and glitches in the video game can hamper controller functionality. We understand updates and fixes typically resolve these interruptions. It’s vital we keep Genshin Impact up-to-date to avoid such disconnections.

In conclusion, familiarizing ourselves with the game’s controller support system ensures that we can dive back into the world of Teyvat with minimal interference, letting the intricate combat and expansive exploration truly shine. Happy adventuring!

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