How Long Does It Take To Backup an iPhone: Detailed Answer

Ever wonder how long does it take to backup an iPhone? It is common for iPhone users to backup their data to safeguard it in case of an emergency.

How Long Does It Take To Backup An IPhone

However, there are online forums with iPhone users complaining about their phones taking over 24 hours to back up. If you are facing the same issue, this guide is for you.

How Long Does It Take To Backup an iPhone?

Generally, it takes anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours for an iPhone to backup. That said, it depends on various factors like the quantity of data and the current state of the iPhone, which can make the phone take longer to backup.

– The Quantity of Data to Backup

When backing up your iPhone, there are certain factors that directly influence how long it takes. Once you understand them, you will be able to act accordingly to improve iPhone backup time.

The quantity of data you need to backup plays an important role in determining how long it takes. For instance, the time it takes to back up 64GB of data is considerably less compared to what it would take to back up 128GB of data.

This is why you should always back up your data regularly. This approach to backing up your iPhone data will use less data and will get the job done much faster.

– Internet Speed

If you wish to backup your iPhone data in iCloud, the speed of your internet connection plays an important role in how long it will take. For a smooth iCloud backup for your iPhone, you need a stable internet connection. For instance, if your internet speed is 20MBPS, backing up your 64GB data in the iCloud may take approximately 10 minutes.

– Model of iPhone

Another thing you should keep in mind as you backup your iPhone is the model of your phone. Often, the latest iPhones tend to have faster data transfer compared to older iPhone models. It applies to the iCloud backup as well. Usually, new iPhone models offer better features such as backup efficiency, data transfer, and improved battery life.

Model of iPhone

Therefore, if you own an older iPhone, you will need to wait a little longer for the phone to finish its backup. Sure, it is frustrating. Unfortunately, you have no way around it.

– Type of Data

Another factor that affects how long an iPhone takes to backup is the type of data. Often smartphones have an overload of media files such as images, songs, and videos. Such media files usually take longer to backup compared to other types of data.

Some of the data that takes less time to backup include settings, web data, and applications. That said, expect a slight delay if you have plenty of media files that are yet to be backed up.

Backing Up an iPhone Using Different Devices

Based on the device type, the amount of time needed for an iPhone to backup. Let’s check each one and see which one is the fastest.  

  • How long it takes to backup an iPhone to Mac

If you wish to create a backup of your iPhone on Mac, there are several ways you go about it. First, you can choose to use iTunes. Second, you can do it manually by transferring important files through USB. The second approach is much faster.

If you are wondering how long it takes to backup 128GB iPhone to Mac, the answer is anywhere between five and six hours. The main deciding factor will definitely be the state of the iPhone and the data you wish to backup.

  • How long it takes to backup an iPhone to a PC

You can create a data backup for your iPhone on a Windows computer. In this case, you will have to use iTunes. Unfortunately, you do not have a direct way of transferring files from iOS devices to a Windows computer.

Usually, backup size will depend on the data you have. Since this data is stored locally, you can expect it to finish backing up in one to two hours.

  • How long it takes to backup an iPhone to iCloud

Apple’s iCloud storage is the default location to backup files for most iPhone users. No wonder most users want to know how long it takes to back up an iPhone to iCloud. Normally, backing up an iPhone over a high-speed Wi-Fi connection will only take a few minutes. However, if you use a mobile network, it may take two to three hours for the backup to complete.

The amount of data you wish to backup will affect how long it will take.

  • How long it takes to backup an iPhone to iTunes

According to Apple, backing up iPhone 8 to the latest should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes. There is a caveat, though, if you attempt backing up huge quantities of data, you may even have to wait for a maximum of 40 minutes.

As well, the iPhone model you have may increase the time it takes to back it up. Suppose you have an iPhone with 64GB of storage. Backing it up to iTunes will take only a few minutes. Now, say you have an iPhone with 256GB of storage. You may have to wait for an hour for the iPhone to backup to iTunes.

How To Make an iPhone Back Up Faster

If your iPhone seems to be taking forever to back up, you may be having an issue at hand. Therefore, to get the issue fixed, you need to diagnose the issue correctly. In this section, you will learn tips that can help decrease the time it takes to backup an iPhone.

– Delete Unwanted Data

Before you backup your iPhone, ensure you remove unnecessary files on the iPhone. Often, people do not filter unwanted data, which ends up in the backup, eventually increasing the size of the backup. As a result, you will have to cope with unexpected delays in the backup process.

Delete Unwanted Data

The easiest way you can get around this issue is by looking for unnecessary files and deleting them. This way, you free up space, and in return, you use fewer data to back up your iPhone in the iCloud backup.

– Consider iTunes and iCloud Alternatives

If you need an urgent backup, you should consider using alternative options for your iTunes backup and iCloud backup. Fortunately, you have at your disposal the plenty of cloud storage alternatives to choose from if you have backup delays.

Some of the alternatives provide you with end-to-end encryption and fast speeds as well as large data storage capabilities. However, they may attract a small charge to be able to backup the iPhone on them.

– Disable Large Apps

You can also make the process of backing up an iPhone a lot faster by disabling heavy applications. This will help in decreasing any extra data that may increase the time it takes to backup your iPhone. Keep in mind that disabling such applications means their data will no longer be backed up. If you wish, you can back them individually.

Here are the steps for disabling an application:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Application
  3. Choose the applications you wish to disable
  4. Lastly, choose Disable

– Use 4G or 5G Internet

When backing up your iPhone, you should consider switching to your mobile network 4G or 5G internet, which tend to be fast. Both ethernet and Wi-Fi networks have reduced data transfer rates compared to 4G or 5G internet. As a result, it is advisable to switch to a 4G or 5G internet to avoid unnecessary delays during backup.

Therefore, you should consider subscribing to an internet package from a network of your choice before you start backing up an iPhone.

– Uninstall Unused Apps

Removing unnecessary apps in an iPhone is another way you can decrease the time it takes to back up an iPhone. Always uninstall unused applications before you start backing up an iPhone. Even though you are no longer using such apps, they will still be taking up valuable space. As you backup data, the space unnecessary apps occupy accumulates and consumes a lot of time to backup.

– Turn off Unnecessary Backup

You can significantly decrease the time it takes an iPhone to backup by turning off unnecessary backup. To turn off unnecessary backups, use the following steps:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Choose your name and go to the general settings
  3. Open the Storage & Cloud Settings
  4. Choose Manage Storage in iCloud
  5. Now, choose the name of the app or device you wish to stop backing up
  6. Next, tap Turn Off/Delete to stop backing up the application or device

– Transfer Media Files

If your iCloud backups are taking forever, the answer could be in the unused media files in your iPhone. After uninstalling unnecessary third-party apps, you should explore the media files to see which you can do away with.

Since you may be emotionally attached to videos or photos, it may be a bit difficult to delete them right away. Therefore, you should handpick your most important files and move them to your external storage or computer. Consider transferring unused videos, songs, and photos to your computer. Performing such file backup will speed up the backup process for your iPhone.

– Use iCloud/iTunes Regularly

If you are interested in how long it takes to back up an iPhone to iCloud, then the answer is a few minutes if you back up to iCloud frequently. It is worth noting that iCloud only generates a backup for new files. As a result, if you diligently use iTunes or iCloud, then you will have lesser new files compared to someone who rarely uses it. Hence, the backup takes considerably less time to update.

Use iCloud iTunes Regularly

The iCloud backs up virtually everything from photos to videos and camera roll. As well, it backs up application and settings data. In addition, it can retrieve your iOS data for your home screen and even app organization. What’s more, it will save all messages, ringtones, and visual voicemails.


1. How Do I Make My iPhone Backup Faster?

It all depends on the method you are using to backup your iPhone. If you are backing it up in a cloud, you should ensure you have fast and stable internet. In case you wish to back it up on a computer, the process will be a lot faster.

Usually, the process of backing up your iPhone will take longer if you have plenty of data. Therefore, if your iPhone a fairly full, then your first backup will take a very long time to complete. Another thing could be increasing the time it takes to create your iPhone backup is unstable or slow internet. It will seem like the backup process is taking forever if you have a lot of data and your internet is slow.

2. Can You Use Your iPhone While It Is Backing Up?

Yes. Especially when you are creating the iPhone backup on your PC or Mac. Since the data processing speeds are much faster on computers, you can freely use the iPhone while it is backing up. Although you can use the phone while it is on a manual backup, it is advisable not to use it.

3. Is Backing up an iPhone Necessary?

Although having no backup may not cause harm, it is advisable you create iPhone backups to avoid data loss. If you do not have a backup and something happens to your iPhone, your data will be lost without a chance of ever recovering it.

Is Backing up an iPhone Necessary

Thus, creating a backup is always better to avoid considerable loss.

4. Is Storing Data on iCloud Free?

Apple gives you 5GB of free storage once you sign up. However, if your data exceeds the limit, you will be required to pay. Often, the fees for iCloud+ vary from one region to another. The more space you need for storage, the more it will cost you.


The time it takes to back up an iPhone varies depending on several factors.

In this post, you have established that:

  • iPhone backups can take anywhere from several minutes to hours.
  • Factors that influence the backup speed include internet speed, amount of data, and mode of backup.
  • You can backup your iPhone in the iCloud, iTunes, PC, Mac, and other third-party platforms.

Now you understand factors that influence the time it takes to back up an iPhone; you can hopefully make informed choices.

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