Kailh vs Gateron: Choose the Best Switches for Your Keyboard

The Kailh vs Gateron switches debate is finally over because this article contains the details so you can learn their main differences. After carefully reading our complete guide, you will know the best option for your mechanical keyboard.

Kailh Vs Gateron

Besides Kailh and Gateron, Razer switches and Cherry MX switches are among the most popular options, but we will focus on Kailh and Gateron for this review. Keep reading this article if you want to learn the differences between Gateron and Kailh switches.

Comparison Table Showcasing the Main Differences

In this section, we will learn something more about the critical differences between Kailh and Gateron switches. However, before we begin, you should know that Cherry MX switches are the originals, whereas the others are only clones.

Nevertheless, these switches can perfectly replicate the qualities of Cherry MX because they are great mechanical switches and have great travel distances. So first, let us look at the comparison table below:

  Kailh Brown Gateron Brown
Switch Type Tactile Tactile
Actuation Force 50g 45g
Travel Distance Total travel: 3.6mm Total Travel: 4mm
Mounting Type Mounted on the plate Mounted on the plate
Number of Pins 3 pins 3 pins
Longevity 70 million clicks 50 million clicks
Noise Level Medium (significantly lower than blue switches) Medium (significantly lower than blue switches)
Lowest actuation point 27g 35g
Behaviors Linear, clicky, tactile Linear, clicky, tactile
Colors Brown, black, white, red, copper, silver, bronze, purple Red, black, clear, green, brown, blue

This table shows that you will not make a mistake because both Kailh box brown switches and Gateron brown key switches have amazing specifications. In addition, they are guaranteed to last for a long time and have a low noise level, which is extremely important to customers. So continue reading to learn something more about the main differences between Kailh box switches and Gateron box switches.

What Is the Main Difference Between Kailh and Gateron?

The main difference between Kailh and Gateron switches is that Gaterons are cheaper and have better value for money. In addition, they perform slightly better and are less noisy. However, this does not put Kailhs far behind because you won’t make a mistake in choosing them either.

What Is Kailh Best For?

Kailh switches, especially Kailh box brown switches, are best for those who want crispier clicks and less wobble. These switches have several amazing benefits and advantages. Besides being the perfect clone to the Cherry MX, Kailhs have an amazing and unique style. In addition, they feel more stable compared to other switches and perform consistently for an extended period of time.

To better understand all the advantages Kailhs have to offer, look at the following bullet list:

  • Dustproof and waterproof – They are better protected from the elements because the actuation leaves are located inside the box.
  • Crunchier and crispier clicks – These switches have an amazing sound and click and feel much better than the Cherry MX, which has a less distinct sound.
  • Lower premium switch cost – Their premium switches are cheaper than the Gateron premium.
  • Less play and wobble – Due to their incredible design, these switches are significantly less wobbly and have less play compared to Gaterons.
  • Keystroke response – They have an incredibly fast keystroke response, which is crucial for gaming and fast typing.
  • Easy to clean – Due to their simple design, they are easily accessible and simple to clean.

We can add other points to this list, but these cover some of the most important ones. So if you are looking for key switches that are guaranteed to work flawlessly over and over again, you should opt for these mechanical keyboard switches. The Kailh box is the one we recommend you try.

However, every design has certain flaws and things that may not always function perfectly. To learn about the only drawback of these switches, keep reading the following section of this guide.

– The Only Drawback of These Switches

We have explained the pros of the Kailh series, but it is time to pay attention to some of the drawbacks, or a single drawback, to be precise. The only thing critics have to say about the Kailh brand is that their switches have an annoying scratchy feel. This sensation is not something you should be worried about, however. They still function flawlessly and will do what they are supposed to do.

The Only Drawback of These Switches

These switches do not hold a reputation for being best suited to typing. However, after closer examination and trial, the Kailhs will also work great for writing, besides gaming and streaming. With this in mind, do not hesitate to purchase them for your mechanical keyboard, and do not let the scratchy feel throw you away. Now, let us learn more about the Gaterons.

What Is Gateron Best For?

Gateron is best for those who are looking for the perfect alternative to the Cherry brand because they have similar qualities. For example, Gateron offers premium switches that are more expensive than the Cherry series. The Gateron brand is one of the most popular options on the market alongside Cherry MX. On the flip side, the Gateron base series offers great value for money compared to other brands.

All the benefits of the Gateron brand are shown in the following bullet list:

  • Ease of use – Their style is similar to the MX, enabling them to use standard switch openers. On the other hand, Kailh requires a different opener.
  • Easier to lube and maintain – There are two reasons for this quality. First, you have easier access to the actuation leaves, and next, they are easier to assemble once you are finished.
  • Linear and tactile switches – Aside from feeling better, these switches also sound slightly better compared to the Kailh brand. It comes down to personal preference, however.
  • Long-lasting and reliable – This brand will never let you down as its switches are extremely long-lasting and reliable.
  • Customizable switches – You can fully customize your keyboard by getting some special options.
  • Rapid keys execution – This feature makes the Gaterons suitable both for gaming and typing.
  • Smooth feel – These switches are amazing to the touch. Unlike the Kailh brand, the feel is stunning.

The Gateron brand has more significant advantages than the Kailh brand based on this list. Many critics believe that Gateron is the perfect alternative to Cherry. Thus, they rank Gateron high on the list of switches’ brands.

However, as explained previously, every brand has certain flaws, and Gateron is no exception. You will learn more about the cons of this brand in the following section.

– The Only Drawback of These Switches

When explaining the best features of any brand, you should also state some of its cons. So, in this section, we will tell you what is believed to be the only drawback of the Gateron series. They indeed feel incredibly smooth and nice to the touch; however, there is one note. These switches can get quite loud, especially to users who are accustomed to less noisy buttons and switches.

This drawback is especially true for their tactile switches, as experts consider them the least comfortable series of all. Consequently, it all comes down to choosing the right series for your taste. The array of switches you can choose from is immense, so our advice is to try each and opt for the best. Let us now answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


Here are some questions that have been answered by our experts.

1. Are Kailh Switches Better?

If you are looking for clicky switches that are crispier and crunchier, then the Kailh brand will be better for you. Nevertheless, you will not make a mistake choosing either one. Both brands offer pristine-quality options to choose from. In short, they are the perfect alternatives to the MX series.

The answer to this question is simple and straightforward. The better brand always depends on the type of switches you are looking for, whether they are linear, tactile or clicky. So if you are looking for linear and tactile switches on a budget, opt for the Gateron brand. They are thicker and feel better than Kailh.

2. Which Key Switch Is Best for Gaming?

Most people would say that linear type switches are better for gaming because they offer a smooth and responsive keypress with little to no travel distance. That is why we recommend the Gateron brand for gaming. However, there is no one brand that can be considered the best option for gaming; again, it all comes down to personal preference.

Which Key Switch Is Best for Gaming

On the other hand, the Kailh brand is compatible with MX-style sockets and keycaps. In addition, both series have a cross-shaped stem that is easy to assemble and disassemble. The fact that Kailhs operate slightly differently does not take away from their compatibility with the MX series. On the contrary, they are 100 percent compatible.

Summarizing Important Information

As captured in our complete Kailh vs Gateron comparison and review, both brands share similar qualities and differences. The main difference, and probably the only one, between Kailh and Gateron switches is that Gaterons are cheaper and have better value for money. This fact does not make one option better than the other, however.

To summarize, if you are looking for switches that have incredible performance and are less noisy, opt for the Kailh brand. On the other hand, if you are looking for switches that perfectly replicate the MX series, opt for the Gateron brand. Finally, we recommend you try both brands to understand the difference better. This is how you will know which brand is better for you. 

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