All Fish and Baits List Genshin Impact: Your Complete Guide

In the enchanting world of Genshin Impact, we’ve found fishing to be not just a serene pastime but also a crucial activity to obtain resources for character ascensions or to simply indulge in the pursuit of rare aquatic species. Since the introduction of the fishing system, we’ve dedicated considerable time to exploring water bodies across Teyvat, using an array of fishing rods and bait types to reel in a diverse range of fish. Each fish we encounter not only adds to our collection but sometimes plays a part in regional quests or provides materials necessary for enhancements.

A variety of fish and baits are displayed in a colorful array, ready for use in the world of Genshin Impact

Our expeditions have taught us that the key to a successful fishing endeavor lies in pairing the right bait with the correct fishing spot. We’ve meticulously cataloged various baits and their corresponding fish, ensuring that our time spent by the water is as productive as possible. The fish themselves are not just collectibles; some hold specific value, like the elusive ornamental species that adorn our personal realms within the Serenitea Pot.

Fishing Basics in Genshin Impact

A serene riverbank with various fish and baits scattered around. A fishing rod is propped up against a rock, ready for use

In Genshin Impact, fishing is more than just a pastime—it’s a rich system that allows players to catch various types of fish throughout the game world, each usable for unique purposes such as crafting and decoration.

Understanding the Fishing System

Firstly, we should acquaint ourselves with the fishing system introduced in the Version 2.1 update. You must own a fishing rod and bait, which are essential to engage in fishing. Each fish species will only respond to specific types of bait, so it’s wise to have a variety of bait handy. Fish locations are marked on the in-game map, allowing us to strategize our fishing efforts effectively.

Fishing Equipment Essentials

Fishing rods and bait are the two main equipment types needed for fishing in Genshin Impact. Various fishing rods can be obtained through completing fishing-related quests or purchasing from vendors. Bait comes in different forms, like Fruit Paste Bait and Redrot Bait, each attracting different fish.

Fish and Bait Types

Fish Type Bait Required Location Hint
Medaka Fruit Paste Bait Freshwater
Koi False Worm Bait Freshwater
Pufferfish Fake Fly Bait Saltwater

In-Game Fishing Mechanics

To catch fish, we need to pay attention to the ideal tension zone on the progress bar that appears when a fish bites. The fish types, day and night cycles, and in-game time all play a role in the fishing experience. Fish also take real-world days to respawn, making timing a crucial aspect of fishing strategies.

Fish Locations and Habitats

In Genshin Impact, each region offers unique fishing spots teeming with diverse fish populations. Day, night, and weather variations significantly influence the availability of fish species, so timing is crucial in maximizing your haul.

Mondstadt Fishing Spots

Our excursions around Mondstadt have led us to tranquil fishing points where the explosive population of fish like the Medaka and Dawn Catcher thrive. Spots such as Cider Lake and Stormbearer Mountains are ideal for casual fishing escapades.

Notable Mondstadt Spots:
  • Cider Lake
  • Stormbearer Mountains

Liyue Fishing Zones

Liyue’s diverse zones, like the tranquil Wangshu Inn and the bustling Guyun Stone Forest, offer a wider variety of fish. We’ve found rare species near the shores and islands, particularly when the weather favors us.

Premier Liyue Zones:
  • Wangshu Inn
  • Guyun Stone Forest

Inazuma Fishing Areas

Inazuma’s islands are rife with exclusive species, and the ever-changing climates present a delightful challenge. The fishing area near the Ruins of Serai is particularly notorious for its bountiful catches under the veil of night.

Inazuma Highlights:
  • Ruins of Serai
  • Sangonomiya Shrine

Special Terrain Fishing

In regions like Dragonspine and Enkanomiya, the extreme environments host unique fish that can’t be found elsewhere. Our persistence and adaptation to these climates allow us to reap their rare aquatic rewards, despite the harsh conditions.

Fishing in Various Weather Conditions

From our experience, weather plays a pivotal role in fishing outcomes. Rainfall often leads to an increased bite rate, while certain species only emerge under specific weather conditions or times, making our understanding of these factors vital for successful fishing.

Weather Time of Day Expected Fish Type
Rainy Any High Activity Fish
Sunny Day Common Species
Cloudy Night Rare Nocturnal Species

Genshin Impact Fishing Guide

In Genshin Impact, fishing is a rewarding activity that not only provides ingredients for cooking but also offers materials for crafting and even unique furnishings. Mastering the use of various baits and understanding the optimal fishing times can significantly enhance your efficiency. Here’s what every angler in Teyvat needs to know.

Complete Fish List

Fish Preferred Bait Location
Medaka Fruit Paste Bait Freshwater Bodies
Dawncatcher Sugardew Bait Liyue
Crystalfish False Worm Bait Liyue
Akai Maou Redrot Bait Inazuma

Advanced Bait Techniques

Every type of fish in Genshin Impact has preferences when it comes to bait. For instance, to catch the elusive Akai Maou, you’ll need Redrot Bait, which can be crafted with Sunsettia, Wheat, and Red Dye. Master the art of bait crafting and watch as you haul in rarer fish with ease.

How to Optimize Fishing Times

Fishing is not just about where, but also when. Some fish can only be caught during the day or at night. For example, the Luna Bass is nocturnal and won’t nibble on your bait until after sunset. Keep track of the in-game time to ensure that you’re at the right spot at the right time to catch your desired fish.

Gaining Rewards Through Fishing

Fishing can yield more than just ingredients for cooking; it’s a means to acquire valuable rewards. Visit the Fishing Association NPCs in each major city to exchange your catches for items like the rare “The Catch” Polearm or beautiful fish furnishings for your Serenitea Pot. The more you fish, the richer the rewards, so it’s worth investing the time into becoming a skilled angler.

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