How to Change Email Account on Amazon: Quick Update Guide

Changing your email address on your Amazon account might seem daunting, but it’s a straightforward process. Whether you’ve lost access to your previous email or simply prefer to receive Amazon notifications on a different account, the transition is easy and secure. It’s essential to keep your Amazon account information up-to-date for seamless shopping and communication with the company.

A computer screen showing Amazon homepage with "Account Settings" button highlighted. Email address field is being edited with a new email

We know that over time, your primary email address can change for a variety of personal or professional reasons. Ensuring Amazon has your current email means uninterrupted updates on orders, shipping, and any changes to your account services. The email address associated with your Amazon account is also critical for recovering your account should you ever forget your password.

To update the email linked to your Amazon account, you’ll visit the ‘Login & Security’ section under ‘Your Account’ settings on Amazon’s website. There, with a few clicks, you can enter your new email address and save the changes. Remember, changing your email will require a verification process to protect your account’s security. This minor step helps keep your personal information safe.

Preparing to Update Your Email Address

Before undertaking the process of updating your email address in your Amazon account, it’s critical to organize your necessary personal information and ensure your account’s security settings are aptly configured. This preparation ensures a smooth transition to your new email address.

A computer screen showing Amazon homepage with an email account settings tab open, a cursor hovering over the "change email address" option

Gather Necessary Information

Firstly, ensure that you have access to the current email and password linked to your Amazon account. You will need these to log in and confirm changes. Keep your new email details ready; confirm that it is active as Amazon will send a verification link to establish the email is yours. Check that access to your mobile phone is available, should a verification code be sent to this device.

Secure Your Account

Before updating your email address, we recommend enhancing your account security. If you have not already enabled two-factor authentication, consider setting it up for an added layer of protection. To do so, you’ll usually need both your phone number and access to your current email or mobile device for verification purposes. Confirm that your password is strong and updated regularly to protect against unauthorized access.

Changing Your Email Address via Web Browser

We need to access and update our Amazon account settings via a web browser when changing our registered email address. It’s a straightforward process—by visiting the Amazon website, we’ll sign in, navigate to the “Login & Security” section, edit our email details, and confirm the changes with a one-time password (OTP) to secure our profile.

Accessing Account Settings

First, we visit the Amazon website and sign in using our current account details. Once signed in, we hover over the “Account & Lists” section at the top-right corner and click on “Your Account.” This directs us to our account dashboard.

Now, within our dashboard, we need to select the “Login & Security” option, which will prompt us to verify our identity. A standard security measure, this ensures that only we can make changes to our sensitive personal information.

Editing Email Information

Once we have navigated to the “Login & Security” page and authenticated ourselves, we’ll notice several sections of personal information. We find the “Email” field and select “Edit” to proceed with updating our email address.

In the designated field, we enter our new email address. Make sure the email is spelled correctly and it’s one we have access to, as Amazon will send a verification email to this address.

Saving Your Changes

After entering the new email address, we must save the changes. Amazon will send an OTP to our new email for confirmation purposes, ensuring the security of our account updates. We will need to retrieve that code and enter it into the OTP field.

Action Screen Confirmation
Enter OTP OTP Field Click “Save Changes”

Once we’ve accurately entered the OTP and clicked “Save Changes,” our Amazon profile will update with the new email address. We ensure that we keep our account information current to maintain the security and integrity of our online presence.

Updating Email on Mobile App

In managing our Amazon account on mobile, updating the email address is a straightforward process. We need to navigate through the app’s interface, modify our contact details, and finalize the update—all from our mobile devices.

Navigating the Mobile Interface

When we open the Amazon app on our mobile device, we start by tapping the person icon, typically at the bottom center of the screen. This brings us to Account & Lists. It’s important that we have our login credentials ready. If we’re not already signed in, we’ll need to provide our Amazon password to access our account settings.

Modifying Contact Details

Once we are on the Login & Security page, it’s time to update our personal info. We will see options for our name, email address, and phone number. Here, we select the ‘Edit’ option next to the email address field to modify our current contact information.

Finalizing the Update on Mobile Devices

After entering the new email address, we’ll typically be asked to save or confirm the change. A verification message is sent to the new email address to ensure its validity. Once we verify the new address from our mobile devices, the update is complete. We simply tap ‘Done’ to finish the process, and our Amazon account settings are successfully updated.

After Changing Your Email Address

Once you’ve successfully switched your Amazon email address, it’s vital to ensure that the change is recognized and that all future communication is seamlessly redirected to your new email provider.

Checking Email Confirmation

We must look out for a confirmation email from Amazon in the new inbox. This email is crucial as it verifies the successful update of our login information. Ensure two-step verification is set up with the new email address to maintain the security of our account.

Notifying Concerned Parties

Action Reason
Update Contact Details For parties who use our Amazon email address to contact us, we need to inform them of the change.
Check Order Confirmations We’ll need to keep an eye on order confirmations and tracking updates to assure they’re sent to the new email.
Review Communication Preferences We should visit the ‘Communication preferences’ section in our account to confirm our preferences are current.

After updating our email address, we also must ensure that our password information is secure and that we’re able to receive important order updates and communications to our new email without issue.

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