UE Boom 2 vs JBL Charge 2: Explaining the Differences and Similarities

The UE Boom 2 vs JBL Charge 2 is an ongoing debate among tech enthusiasts, and we are here to help you choose the better option. These two Bluetooth speakers are some of the finest money can currently buy, and there is a lot to say about their similarities and differences.

UE Boom 2 Vs JBL Charge 2

When purchasing Bluetooth gadgets, you should consider many factors, such as battery life, sound quality, practicality, and build quality. By the time you are done reading this comprehensive guide, you will know how to make your final decision easily and effortlessly, so stick around for more.

Table Comparison – Basic Specs

  JBL Charge 2 Ultimate Ears Boom 2
Available color Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, Teal, Yellow Black, Black/White, Gray, Greenmachine, Indigo, Red, Tropical, Yeti
Power Source Battery Battery, USB
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, AUX Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB, AUX
Year of Release July 2015 September 2015
Frequency Response 20,000 Hz 20,000 Hz
Primary Intended Use Computer Shower
Basic Features Wireless, Portable Wireless, Portable
Source of connection iOS app, Android app, Windows Phone app, Mac app, PC app iOS app, Android app, Windows Phone app, Mac app, PC app
Bluetooth profile A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP A2DP / HFP
Wired inputs 3.5 mm / Micro USB 3.5 mm / Micro-USB
Battery capacity 6000 mAh 3400 mAh

What Are the Differences Between the JBL and UE Speakers?

The main difference between the JBL Charge 2 and the UE Boom 2 is the battery capacity because the JBL speaker offers nearly double the capacity for a similar price range. In addition, other differences can be seen in the connectivity and power source.

What Is the UE Boom 2 Best For?

The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 speaker is best for listening to music outside because it has a stunning battery capacity of up to 15 hours. In addition, you get a great value-for-money deal as you are sure the Boom 2 speaker will last a long time. Although the overall design may not be appealing to many customers, what matters the most is under the case.

This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers when going to the pool or taking a shower for a single reason. First, the build material makes the speaker easy to hold even when your hands are wet, which is important to people being at the pool all the time. However, this speaker does not only offer a great build material.

In addition, one of the best features this speaker offers is that it rarely loses connection with the paired device, even from a long distance. In fact, you can walk about 60 feet away without interrupting the connection, and the audio quality will be excellent too. This fact is not something many speakers have, especially speakers within a similar price range. So if you are looking for a great deal for a speaker with great performance, the Boom 2 is something you must consider.

– Incredible Audio Quality and Phone Connectivity 

The audio quality is not something the Ultimate Ears Boom speaker lacks, even further away from the paired device. However, you must consider the volume factor because you are likely to experience less quality if you push the limits. For example, this speaker does not maintain a crisp sound when it hits over 90 percent volume, which is something you should keep in mind when you take your speaker outside. What about the other additional features?

Incredible Audio Quality And Phone Connectivity

One of the best features this Bluetooth speaker offers is the application you can install on your phone. The application shows a resized cartoon version of the same speaker, allowing users to control every aspect of the same application in a funky way. Some of the common tasks you can do are control the songs, lower and raise the volume, and power the speaker on and off. This is a great method of skipping some songs you do not want to play in public, especially if you are around many people.

One of the most practical ways to use the application is to monitor the battery hours, pair an additional speaker to double the big sound, customize the sound settings, and turn alarms on and off. As reported by many customers so far, this speaker holds up incredibly well after years of heavy use, which is a game-changer to many. Finally, this is the ideal speaker for people on the go who do not want to bother with the battery life.

What Is the JBL Charge 2 Best For?

The JBL Charge 2 speaker is the best option for pairing multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously while maintaining incredible audio quality. In addition, there is not a better speaker for a similar price range that works well with various music genres, including quieter and louder songs. On the flip side, it is common to experience certain distortions in the tracks after extended use, especially when you are outside. However, this speaker offers incredible features and an amazing design.

This speaker is ideal for delivering serious audio output and robust bass. However, it would be best to be careful with the bass when listening to songs at the highest volume because you may experience certain distortions. On the contrary, what Charge 2 does not lack is good design. Although it belongs to the group of larger speakers, the slick design makes it more appealing than others.

Finally, another important aspect is the splash-proof case, which is not water-proof. In addition, you get a rubberized stand to withstand the size and prevent it from rolling over when a louder song is playing. This speaker is also a great choice for people on the go and people who enjoy swimming and sports. This speaker enjoys incredible features, including a mode setting. 

– Stunning Mode Setting for Everyone’s Needs 

We continue our review of the Charge 2 with a closer look at the button layout. Their design is intuitive and strategically placed on the case, meaning you will never face trouble navigating the songs, except when going backward. Additionally, one of the features this speaker provides is the “Social Mode” setting, which allows you to connect up to three devices at once. There is a convenient application for this model.

For example, once you pair the speaker to the other three devices, you can spread them far apart to create a great surround sound. This is ideal for watching movies, watching your favorite shows, or having a pool party in your backyard. However, the feature this speaker lacks the most is battery hours. Unfortunately, 12 hours of battery life is not enough for many customers, although you can charge your mobile device with the speaker.

On the flip side, this speaker is a great choice if you are looking for great audio quality. The sound quality is consistent, but you should not max it out, as your sound will likely get distorted. All things considered, the Charge 2 is a great speaker guaranteed to deliver amazing audio quality after an extended time of use. Now, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions. 


1. What’s the Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Around? 

The best speaker always depends on what the customer needs the most, but some of the top-selling brands include JBL Charge and Bose Soundlink. For example, the JBL Charge is an amazing speaker producing high-quality sound, and it can be yours at a reasonable price. Additionally, later models including the JBL Flip feature a stunning design and amazing features, so you should always opt for that speaker you believe is ideal for you. 

What Is the Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Around

On the flip side, customers worldwide consider the Bose Soundlink the best Bluetooth speaker currently but you should expect to pay more cash. So, if you want a high-end speaker and you have extra cash to spend, opt for the Soundlink because you are guaranteed to enjoy the sound output. Although the JBL Flip speaker may not deliver as good sound as the Soundlink, it can be yours for a fraction of the price. 

2. Which Way Is Better To Maintain Bluetooth Speaker’s Battery Healthy, Use It Until Empty Then Charge, or Keep It Plugged In?

There is no way to provide a straightforward answer to this question because it all depends on the battery chemistry. We can distinguish between several common types of batteries. First, the NiCad battery requires to be cycled, meaning you have to fully drain it before you plug it for a charge. On the flip side, lead-acid batteries do not want to be fully drained, so it might be best to keep them plugged in. 

Additionally, no matter what you do to a Lithium-ion polymer battery, it will last for up to 8 years. The most durable batteries are NiMH because you can keep them plugged in all the time or drain the battery completely and it will not make a difference. Make sure to take good care of your battery, no matter which style you choose. 

Remembering the Important Details

There were numerous similarities and differences that we have covered in our UE Boom 2 vs JBL Charge 2 debate, together with their important specs and features. However, the main difference between the Charge 2 and the Boom 2 is the battery capacity because the JBL speaker offers nearly double the capacity for a similar price range.

Consequently, if you are looking for a compact speaker able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, opt for the Boom 2 device because it has an incredible case. On the flip side, the Charge 2 offers stunning audio quality, so you should also cnsider it. Our final recommendation is to try both speakers to differentiate for yourself which is better. One thing is for sure — you will not make any mistakes choosing either one.

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