What Is Core Sync: Its Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is core sync, and what does it do? Do you have this question often when using your computer? Adobe is present on almost every computer, and coresync is a software component file of Adobe acrobat. Adobe helps users view, design, and modify print files in PDF format.

What Is Core Sync

If you want to learn more, then we will present to you all the information there is to know about core sync and its working process. In this article, we will pass on the information to you in an easy-to-understand manner. 

What Is Core Sync? 

Core Sync is an Adobe software synchronization that shares and syncs data between a computer and Adobe software. It is also a .exe extension meaning that it is an executable file that can be run. Although the files are deemed safe and will usually not harm a computer, they can cause performance issues for it

– Explaining Coresync.Exe 

Coresync.exe is a process that is used in various significant Adobe programs. They include:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Extension Manager
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Audition 
  • Adobe illustrator 
  • The version CS6 of Adobe Indesign 
  • Adobe 
  • Elements 
  • The Adobe systems 

The Coresync.exe isn’t an actual application for windows. It is also often the culprit of many high processor problems. If you are a regular creative cloud user and often have issues with CPU utilization, then it is most likely caused by Adobe Coresync. 

The Coresync.exe is usually located in a subfolder of program files. However, if it has been removed during the installation, you can find it by memorizing its file size. It has a file size of 13,179,660 bytes in most windows. 

Is Coresync a Virus? 

Coresync is not a virus, although the way it causes performance issues and slows a computer down leads people to believe that it’s a malware or harmful program. It is usually located in the subfolder of “C:\Program Files (x86).”

Is Coresync A Virus

If the program is located elsewhere, the likelihood that it’s harmful is significantly increased. 

– Coresync Program Miner Trojan 

Coresync can be executed, which is why it slows your computer down and can raise questions if it’s a virus or not. You need to note that the program uses ports for connections. These ports can connect to the internet and other networks. This means that Coresync.exe can monitor the record of your keyboard and mouse inputs. 

Additionally, it can watch the apps on your Mac. Some malware uses the program’s name to disguise and infiltrate your system. This malware can be easily detected and removed using various security tools. One of the tools that can be used is Kaspersky. 

One of the deadliest things about the Adobe Core Sync Trojan is that it looks like a standard windows process. However, it is designed to steal crypto and conceals itself using the Coresync.exe name. The file location is one of the best ways to know the difference between the Trojan Coresync.exe and the real Coresync. If the file is located in a temporary folder, there is a high chance that it is a miner Trojan. 

The miner Trojan mines cryptocurrency by using all of its CPU power. This leads to the common problem of sync high CPU usage and frequent crashing. You will also notice your graphics regularly freezing along, core sync high, and driver-related issues. 

Once you see that the malware is beginning to affect and exploit your Microsoft process, you should remove it. This is because malware can downgrade your computer lifespan. It also goes ahead to tamper with the operations of your windows and modify various files in your OS. The downside is the malware not being easily detected by Anti-Malware software. However, its actions can be stopped if the suspicious code is detected. 

Essential Steps To Remove Coresync 

Due to the problems of core sync using significant energy, it is a commonplace to see people often wanting to remove Coresync from their system. As, Coresync.exe is not a core part of the Windows OS and isn’t essential for running it, the program can be uninstalled. Knowing how to remove Core Sync will come in handy if you start experiencing some problems listed below. 

If your system becomes sluggish or you start experiencing constant error messages, you may need to remove the program. Some messages can include “Coresync has stopped working” or “Coresync has encountered a problem and needs to close.” 

If you aren’t familiar with removing Coresync from your computer, you should consult a professional. If you DIY without much experience, you stand a chance of tampering with important files. There are three options if you are experiencing problems with your Coresync. One, you can upgrade to a new version; two, you can seek help from a certified Adobe vendor. Finally, you can thoroughly uninstall Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat. Below are some steps that you can use to remove Coresync from your computer. 

– Step 1 

If Coresync was installed as part of a software program, it should also have a program for uninstallation. If there is an uninstaller, then you can run it in the directory:

  • Go to your program files and locate Adobe systems. 
  • Then, go to Adobe Photoshop and then click core sync. 
  • Open the core sync, and there you will find the coresync.exe_uninstall.exe.

– Step 2 

Sometimes coresync.exe can be installed through a window installation process. If this is the case, then you could uninstall it easily. Proceed to your system settings and open the Add or Remove programs option. Search for Coresync.exe. Alternatively, you can search for the name Adobe photoshop. 

– Step 3 

Click on the coresync.exe and choose the uninstall a program option. This would remove the coresync.exe from your computer. If you follow this route, your Adobe programs and the Coresync.exe file will be removed. After completing this step, you can now uninstall Core Sync Mac. 

Coresync and Its High CPU Usage Problem 

You will most likely find cases in which Coresync shows you it is using a high percentage of your CPU power. Many times it could even use almost 100 percent of your Cpu and will usually come within one or two percent of the upper limit. The program will stay that way for as long as it is open, hogging your Mac’s CPU resources. Because of the Coresync’s strain put on your CPU, you will most likely notice your computer getting hotter and the fans running at high and audible speeds. 

Coresync and Its High CPU Usage Problem

If you are getting high usage, there is also a chance that the program may not be genuine. Alternatively, it might also be a pointer to a bug in the program. Be aware that not always a fake copy of the program may be malicious. However, it will most likely cause instability problems, using many of your system resources. Anyway, pay a close attention to what you are installing, as it could also be malware disguised as the actual copy. 

When your CPU shows high usage by the program, the first thing is to check if your application is updated. There is a chance that Adobe has released an update that will fix the processing problem. If everything checks out and seems up to date, then there is a possibility that what you are running isn’t a genuine copy. If this is the case, uninstall it using the steps we mentioned earlier. You can then go to the Adobe website to download the original program.


1. Is Coresync Safe? 

Coresync is safe enough for the majority of users. If you are a regular computer user, you should know that no program is entirely safe from harm, bad updates, or intrusion. However, Coresync has been worked on by some of the best developers at Adobe. 

The process works parallel to the company’s creative cloud. This makes it necessary for you to access various features. You don’t need to grant any special permission for Coresync. Note that when an Adobe software is installed, Coresync will install alongside it and may ask for access to some of your folders that contain your data. This is because it wants to sync the data of those folders between your Mac devices. 

2. How Does The Coresync.exe Trojan Miner Spread? 

There are different ways by which the Trojan spreads. The first and most common way it applies is through third-party installation. In this method, you are made to believe that you are downloading helpful software. 

How Does The Coresync.exe Trojan Miner Spread

However, in the installation process, freeware and other packages will be installed on the computer without your consent. You can stop it from happening by always choosing the “custom/advanced setting” as the installation progresses. 

The second way the malware can get into your CPU is through pop-up ads. Also, they can infiltrate your system when you click unknown links sent to you through dubious websites. So avoid clicking links you aren’t familiar with as much as possible. 

3. Do I Need Coresync? 

While Core SyncIS excellent for cloud synchronization, it isn’t essential for the day-to-day tasks and processing of your computer. The program will usually cause your computer to experience lags, resulting in high CPU usage. So, if you aren’t keen on the frequent graphics lags and asking, “do I need core sync”, you should rest easy knowing that you can easily remove the program by following the steps listed in the article. 

4. What Is Core Sync on My Mac?

Coresync is a background program that helps your Mac share data between itself. It is a software component of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Coresync isn’t the central part of modifying, viewing, and designing the Adobe Acrobat software. 

It is essential to know that Coresync shares and syncs data between your computer and Adobe software. It aids you in syncing all the files in your creative file folder on your Mac using adobe servers. 

What Is Core Sync on My Mac

However, it runs a process that eases cloud synchronization. Just like the name implies, it syncs the things you do on various Adobe products. So, no matter the device, all your projects will be synced. An added advantage of Coresync is that it can be easily removed if it causes problems for the user. 

You may encounter these problems on your first usage, or you can discover them over time. This is usually after new programs have been installed on your computer. 


We have covered a lot of ground on what Coresync entails, its safety, and its functionality. Let us summarize what we have discussed so far to ensure you are prepared to use Coresync on your Mac safely. 

  • Coresync is generally a safe program if installed from genuine sources.
  • There are fake copies of Coresync, which can be harmful to your computer.
  • Coresync can be easily removed if its problem of high CPU usage persists.
  • While Coresync is an excellent program for Adobe synchronization, it isn’t a core part of the Windows working.

Coresync is easy to use because it does not require any special permission. So, it’s a great program for your computer if you regularly work with Adobe software. While the program comes with its challenges, the challenge is easily overcome. 

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