Best DPI for FPS: The Dpi Speed Is Essential When Gaming

Choosing the best DPI for FPS games can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are competing against professional gamers. Fortunately, our guide contains all the answers, including practical examples and basic explanations to make things easier.

Best DPI For FPS

It would be best to consider several things before setting the DPI, such as the mouse sensitivity, mouse acceleration, and polling rates. By the time you are done reading our complete guide, you will know all the answers, so stick around for more on first-person shooter games.

What Is the Ideal DPI for FPS Games?

The ideal mouse DPI is between 400 and 800 in most old and modern first-person games. However, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact DPI because there are many variables, including your gaming mice, sensitivity settings, etc. Additionally, it all relies on personal preference because what is perfect for some may be horrendous for others. 

How Does DPI Affect FPS Shooting?

DPI affects FPS shooting by providing the right precision and speed, especially during intense gaming or shooting. So, in-game sensitivity is important to professional gamers because you can readjust the value to your preference. Basically, DPI determines how quickly or slowly your gaming mouse moves across the screen, which is critical during shooting. You must be ready to react quickly because there is little to no time for errors.

So, if you are not ready to aim properly, the enemy will take you down in a fraction of a second. On the flip side, moving too fast results in horrendous errors, such as going past the target you are trying to hit. Henceforth, properly adjusting the DPI level can take the entire shooting experience to a new level, especially when playing FPS. Since there is no exact answer to the excellent DPI value, it would be best to opt for trial and error.

Setting the DPI Is a Matter of Trial and Error

The concept of choosing the ideal DPI is a matter of trial and error because a single value cannot satisfy everyone’s needs. So, gamers must select between low and high DPI settings, especially during intense gaming.

On the flip side, a higher value does not necessarily mean improved performance when gaming because gamers have different preferences. Therefore, there is no ideal DPI value, but our experts believe it mostly ranges between 400 and 800. First, however, you must learn what difference the right DPI can make when FPS gaming.

Setting the DPI Is a Matter of Trial and Error

 Consequently, a difference of just 20 DPI can be a game-changer, so checking your DPI mouse settings before gaming is essential. For example, higher-end FPS titles recommend using around 800 DPI (dots per inch), whereas our experts’ tests discovered that you really need around 500 DPI. Hence, the difference between the recommended and the tested DPI is huge, confirming the theory that there is no single ideal value.

So, it would be best to try various sensitivity values to see what improves your aim and FPS performance. You might find that a lower FPS value is perfect for you, but your friend might enjoy a higher value. Although experts may recommend a certain DPI value, you should always choose what is best for you. For example, certain people play Counterstrike on 1,600 DPI, which is absurdly high by many people’s standards.

As you can tell, there is a massive difference between higher and lower FPS values, but what are the most important benefits? We divided the higher and lower FPS values into two categories to help you learn more about the practical benefits, as tested and confirmed by our experts. We will begin with the pros of the lower DPI settings.

What Are the Benefits of Lower DPI Values?

The main benefit of a lower DPI value is increased aim and precision, although this does not always have to be true. If you are a full-time gamer but you are struggling to improve your aiming skill, it might help to try to lower the FPS value little by little. So, try to get accustomed to the lower value no matter how slow it seems.

However, it is not mandatory to practice the lower values by playing games. This guide provides a simple test anyone can do to improve their aim by lowering the DPI value. Keep reading the following numbered list for more:

  1. Open Microsoft Paint on your desktop or any similar program
  2. Import any picture
  3. Choose a smaller target area on the picture
  4. Navigate the mouse cursor to the same target area
  5. Ensure you use the same speed you would use when playing FPS
  6. It would be best to lower the DPI value if you went past the area
  7. Repeat the same test with the lowered DPI value

Additionally, experts recommend using lower DPI values to calm your hand and make the moves less jerky. Further, it would help you avoid typical stutters or twitches, resulting in increased aim and precision. So, the easiest way to improve aiming is lower the DPI value, but it would be best to conduct our simple test to see if it is necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Higher DPI Values?

The main benefit of a higher DPI value is increased speed, but it does not necessarily mean your aim will be better. As a result, your mouse will get to an area you aim for much faster by compromising precision. The most significant problem is risking going past your target because the DPI value is higher than usual. On the flip side, some professional gamers prefer using high settings because they are accustomed to the DPI value.

Fortunately, there is an easy test you can do to check whether your DPI values are too low. So, if you continuously lose one-to-one shootdowns, it likely is due to your lower DPI values because the enemy can aim at you faster. Although you can try to adjust your aim to the current DPI value, it would be best lower it and start over. Please ensure to adjust the value gradually to avoid any drastic changes that can worsen your precision.

Moreover, you can conduct the same test as explained previously to see whether you go past the area or not. It would be best to repeat the test several times to confirm the real problem. If 8 out of 10 times you do not come close enough to the area, you must increase the DPI value to enjoy FPS shooting correctly. What about testing the DPI in games?

How To Test the DPI in FPS Games?

The best way to test the DPI value when playing FPS is to open a casual map with a friend and do some one-on-one shootdowns. Then, not only can you test the right DPI level, but your friend can do the same. Additionally, your FPS rank will not go down while you are trying to adjust to the current DPI values, which is essential to many gamers. If truth be told, no gamer wishes their FPS rank is going down due to trial and error.

How To Test the DPI In FPS Games

So, it is time to do the test after you and your friends have opened the map. Your friends should move to an area on the map, and your goal is to try shooting them immediately. It would be best to practice for at least 20 minutes because changing the DPI’s value usually feels strange and unfamiliar. After a while, your hand will adjust so you can shoot consistently without any precision errors.

Our experts recommend increasing or decreasing 100 DPI units until finding the ideal value. Although this might be time-consuming and irritating at times, it is the best way to improve your aim if something is wrong with your DPI. However, you are mistaken if you think changing the DPI value is complicated because all mouse software follows the same principle. Fortunately, our experts have created a simple tutorial to help everyone.

How To Change the DPI Value?

Changing the value always depends on your mouse DPI values and sometimes the graphics card. Ideally, every mouse comes with an owner’s manual to help beginners determine the necessary steps when changing the DPI value. Additionally, you must adjust the DPI level inside the system’s settings.

Fortunately, locating the system’s settings is not difficult, and it only consists of several steps. Henceforth, we will use a Logitech mouse as an example, but the same applies to the Razer Deathadder and all other mouses.

Keep reading the following bullet list for more:

  • Open the Logitech G Hub window
  • Click the mouse image to open the settings
  • Slide the colored dot to the preferred DPI value
  • Or, click a point on the line, choosing between 200 and 8200 DPI
  • Save the changes, and close the window

It is possible to have many dots on the DPI value line that helps users to choose the exact number quickly without sliding the colored dot. Furthermore, the current DPI you have chosen will always be underlined, so you can locate it quickly the next time you change it. Although the method of changing the DPI value is identical, some steps may vary on the mouse or software you use. Nevertheless, follow the first steps from our bullet list, and you can change the value effortlessly.

The Ideal DPI Always Depends on Personal Preference

It would be best to stick to the DPI value that provides the best performance and aim, no matter how low or high it is. Additionally, you should not ask for other people’s advice, especially if you have difficulties making the right shots at that value. So, the best way to determine the ideal DPI value is to test and practice using the picture or the FPS method. Our experts believe that the process may take up to several weeks, so do not get frustrated if things are not going according to the plan.

However, you must always keep track of your progress to see if you are genuinely improving or if you are stuck in the same spot. It would be best never to stop practicing if you believe there is still room for improvement, no matter how good your aim and precision are. This is especially true if you bought a new mouse because adjusting the default DPI value can be challenging. So, now that you know a lot more about DPI in FPS titles let us answer some frequently asked questions.


1. Is a 1600 DPI Good for Gaming?

1600 DPI for gaming is considered extremely high by today’s standards. However, this does not mean professional gamers cannot get accustomed to playing with 1600 DPI. For example, our experts asked hundreds of gamers and found that 750 DPI is the average speed. Additionally, most gamers believe any DPI value higher than 1000 is a lot. As a result, experts believe 1600 DPI is a lot.

Is a 1600 DPI Good for Gaming

However, if your personal preference does not mind playing at extremely high speeds, 1600 DPI should not be a problem. Eventually, it all comes down to the DPI value you began playing games, especially FPS. So, it does not matter what other people say because you must always trust your guts and set the DPI value to whatever feels comfortable and precise.

2. What Are the Best Mouse and DPI Settings To Have In CS GO?

First, we must note that there is no such thing as best DPI and mouse settings because what is good for you is probably awful for someone else. Additionally, no magical setting or value will turn you into a headshot machine, especially not a DPI or a mouse setting. The easiest way to determine the best mouse setting is by personal preference. For example, some gamers prefer playing on high DPI values, but some prefer experiencing the game in higher settings and values.

On the other hand, we must confirm that the majority of professional gamers play on low settings, but there are always exceptions. For example, some of the best CS GO players, known for their incredible aim and precision, play the game on high settings. However, it would help if you never underestimate the power of having high-quality gaming gear. For example, a professional chef never uses a $1 knife when cutting fine pieces of meat.

Consequently, professional gamers usually invest a lot of money in the right gaming gear to be better than their opponents. Although spending around $80 on a mouse and a headset is enough for most casual gamers or streamers, pros spend three or four times more on high-end gear. So, not only can the pros adjust the DPI values quickly, but their adjustments can be more precise, resulting in improved precision. Finally, always choose the ideal tools for your trade to experience the game properly.

3. Which Is the Best FPS Mouse With 400 DPI Option and 1000 Hz Polling Rate Between $100-$150?

Our experts believe the best FPS mouse with a 400 DPI option and around 1000 Hz rate between $100-$150 is the Logitech G102. Millions of users are happy with the product worldwide, and although it might be more expensive than similar products, it is worth the money. However, what makes this product so good, and why is it the ideal choice for pros?

Which Is the Best FPS Mouse With 400 DPI Option

First, the Logitech G102 is not an enormous mouse, like similar products, especially within a similar price range. Additionally, this product feels exceptionally comfortable and sturdy out of the box, and you will get accustomed to the material quickly. Also, it is possible to change the DPI value and adjust the Hz rate via the application included in the box. Changing the Hz rate and the DPI value is essential to today’s standards, especially if you plan to use this mouse professionally.

Moreover, this mouse comes with RGB lighting of 16.8 million colors that look very subtle but is nothing over the top. Furthermore, you can adjust the lighting to a specific Screen Sampler to match it with your overall screen design. Thus, your mouse can react to color changes in movies, games, etc., but it will not tire your eyes because it is not too flashy. So, if you are looking for an FPS product with a 400 DPI option and 1000 Hz rate between $100-$150, the Logitech G102 is the ideal choice.

Final Conclusion

Choosing the best DPI for FPS titles can sometimes be difficult, especially when competing against professional gamers or choosing the ideal budget buy. Fortunately, our ultimate guide provided all the answers, tips, and tricks you can use to choose the best DPI value, so let us summarize the details in the following bullet list:

  • The ideal DPI values for FPS titles do not exist because it is a matter of personal preference.
  • The DPI value affects shooting significantly by adjusting aim and precision, resulting in improved overall performance and easier gameplay.
  • Higher and lower DPI values have different benefits, and they apply to gamers using either one.
  • It would be best to test the DPI value before playing the game so that you can adjust the speed to personal needs and requirements.
  • Our experts believe the Logitech G102 is the ideal FPS product with a 400 DPI option and around 1000 Hz rate between $100-$150.

You might end up nowhere if you are looking for the ideal DPI value online because the answer does not exist and is a matter of personal preference, and in-game sensitivity. However, this guide is the best place to understand everything about DPI values with FPS titles and how you can test and adjust the speed in several steps.

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