DXRacer Sentinel Review: Stunning Chair With Ultimate Features

Our ultimate DXRacer Sentinel review written by experts explains all the specs, features, details, pros, and cons of this amazing gaming chair. The Sentinel series is incredibly similar to the DXRacer Formula series gaming chair regarding size, comfort, and adjustments.

DXRacer Sentinel Review

Henceforth, our experts created this ultimate guide to help beginners choose between the amazing DXRacer gaming chairs. So, by the time you are done reading our chair review, you will be an expert at gaming chairs and all the perks they offer.

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
The chair’s base and frame are strong and sturdy The armrests do not provide ideal comfort, especially after extended use
You can adjust the arms and back easily The overall weight is heavy
The wider seat and breathable material feel comfortable after extended use Experts believe this is not a perfect office chair
It comes with a headrest cushion and lumbar cushion  
You can set this chair up effortlessly  
All the materials used are high-quality, feeling soft to touch  

Product Highlights

All DXRacer Sentinel series chairs offer incredible specs and features, just like the DXRacer Tank series, but we will stick to the Sentinel chairs in this article. So, keep reading the following bullet list to learn more about the DXRacer gaming chair’s most important specifications:

  • Age range: adult size
  • Maximum recommended weight: 350 pounds
  • Material: aluminum
  • Color: red and black
  • Product dimensions: 27″D x 25″W x 52″H inches
  • Product weight: 66 pounds
  • Model: Series DOH/SJ11/NR
  • Frame material: metal
  • Armrest type: 4D
  • Mechanism type: multi-functional tilt
  • Included support: head and lumbar cushions
  • Foam type: high-density cold

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DXRacer Sentinel Key Criteria
Material Quality

The DXRacer Sentinel gaming chair is an amazing product with stunning features, but how does it score among professional gamers’ favorite DXRacer chairs? Check the score of the four key criteria above to understand the true power of this gaming chair. First, this is an adult-sized chair with an incredible red and black design, ideal for streamers, video editors, programmers, gamers, etc. As a result, this chair gets a final score of 8.5 out of 10 for the design criterion.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a multi-functional tilt mechanism, providing various adjustment points. Henceforth, you can adjust the tilt, height, and headrest to your preference if you do not feel comfortable. This is an essential function of any DXRacer gaming or office chair because it must fit everyone’s needs. So, this fantastic product gets a high score of 9 out of 10 for the adjustability criterion.

On the flip side, this chair’s most important feature is comfort because it is packed with impressive specifications. First, this DXRacer chair comes with head and lumbar cushions, similar to the Racing series. Additionally, customers can enjoy the 4D armrests and feel comfortable after hours of use, thanks to the high-density cold foam. All things considered, the comfort criterion gets a nearly perfect score of 9.5 out of 10.

Finally, this product is made of plastic, foam, and aluminum, like all other DXRacer gaming chairs. However, our experts have tested the metal base and frame and confirmed this chair is on the heavy side. Henceforth, it may be uncomfortable to move it around easily, resulting in damaging the material. Therefore, the final score for the material quality criterion is 8 out of 10.

So, this chair provides numerous perks and benefits to customers looking for incredibly comfortable gaming chairs equipped with many adjustments. Although there are products of higher material quality, this product will for a long time.

How Has This Product Evolved?

The most significant upgrade of this gaming product is the improved comfort and adjustability. For example, previous versions of the same series’ products lacked an adequate headrest and lumbar support, but this unit delivered everything. So, not only do professional gamers enjoy the comfort after extended use, but they can adjust all parts individually to match their needs. Fortunately, these are not the only upgrades customers get with this chair.

Moreover, the overall design looks sporty, thanks to the deeper and wider seats wrapped in additional cushioning. Thus, customers feel more comfortable, and the overall performance increases. The breathable mesh material has also improved to allow constant airflow, preventing extensive sweating on hot days. Finally, another significant improvement is the extra high backrest providing flexible positioning for your neck and spine.

So, this product has significantly improved from previous versions regarding comfort and adjustability, but we are certain the company will not stop here. Their new chairs will be better, have improved features and specifications, and will be readily available.

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Product Features Breakdown

Now let’s check the important features and highlights that this product offers to make the final decision.

– Comfortable Support

We already mentioned that support is essential for comfortable chairs, especially for office use. However, what does proper support mean, and how can we differentiate between a comfortable and uncomfortable chair? First, the Sentinel comes with various soft pillows to increase the comfort level, especially at critical points. However, you may not need to use the pillows if you do not feel comfortable, so it is up to you to decide.

Furthermore, all the Sentinel cushions and pillows are made of high-quality material and stitched well. However, there is also a slight difference between the pillows because the lumbar support is firmer than all other pillows and does not have any fluff. Additionally, the headrest pillow feels incredibly soft because it is the most critical aspect of comfort. Finally, of course, your head must feel comfortable without pressure, but fortunately, the Sentinel provides it all.

Lastly, the overall material feels smooth and amazing to touch. It is safe to say the guys from DXRacer put a lot of work when designing this chair, as confirmed by our experts. So, this is the ideal choice if you are looking for a chair with incredible and comfortable support. However, this is not the only important specification.

– Ideal for Big Users

The Sentinel is not a small chair, and its impressive design provides many benefits to bigger and taller gamers. For example, this chair’s dimensions prove its massive size, and larger than average gaming products, especially at a similar price. Additionally, expect this chair to take up a lot of space no matter where you place it, so plan your setup well before purchasing this product. However, these features do not mean the chair is only ideal for big users.

Namely, the overall design allows for numerous adjustments, especially for the arm and headrest. Furthermore, the deeper and wider seat provides extra comfort and adequate spine support, which is essential to professional gamers. However, we mentioned previously this is an adult-sized chair, so avoid purchasing it for your children because it will not feel good.

On the flip side, this chair does not force users into any sitting position because you can easily adjust any aspect. For example, adjust the tilt and headrest if you want to sit closer to the screen. However, if you are watching a movie, you can position your body in a comfortable semi-sitting position with the furthest tilt position. Henceforth, if you are a big user who wants to adjust every aspect of your chair, the Sentinel is the ideal choice.

– Easy to Configure and Set Up

High-quality chairs are meant to be easily configured and set up by avoiding any complex methods of putting the chair together. Fortunately, the Sentinel is extremely easy to configure out of the box in a few minutes. Additionally, this chair has supporting materials to help you along the way if you get stuck somewhere. The complete process begins by assembling the base and putting the wheels on.

Then, attach the bottom of the chair to the backrest by using the several screws located at the bottom. Repeat the same process with the armrests, and you are done. However, it would be best to set up a mat once putting the chair together because some parts are extremely heavy. If some part falls, it can damage your floor easily, which is understandable for a 350 lb chair.

Fortunately, you will experience a stable and sturdy chair after you are done with the build. However, thanks to the high-quality wheels, moving this chair should not be an issue and will not damage your flooring by going back and forth. So, this is an amazing product easy to set up for home and office use, especially if you are into gaming gear. However, it would be best to consider the product’s weight, which is significantly higher than similar products.

– Improved Ergonomics

Although you can completely adjust every chair’s aspect, you can also recline and tilt the chair to your preference. This additional ergonomic support helps users relax during long work or gaming sessions. However, we must note that adjusting, tilting, or reclining the chair can be a problem because it is not an automatic operation. Other high-end chairs include this function, but finding the right position should not be a problem.

Additionally, the Sentinel unit can lock every position with a slight tilt to your preference. Note that you can choose to leave it free or lock the specific tilt position, so it all comes down to personal preference. Furthermore, you can adjust the required pressure for the tilting adjustments. You can, however, adjust the recline to a certain level, which is not ideal.

Henceforth, it is strange not to have a specific range of recline included in the chair’s specifications. But, on the flip side, you can reach the ideal sitting position by the tilt and lean features because they provide more adjusting points. So, if you are looking for a gaming chair with improved ergonomics and many adjustments, the Sentinel is the ideal choice. You will love its features and specifications immediately.

– Stunning 4D Armrests

Last but not least, we must detailly review the amazing 4D armrests feature, which is this chair’s unique trait. Of course, any office or gaming chair must have adequate armrest support because users spend most of their day sitting in the same position, so their arms must feel relaxed. Additionally, the Sentinel is a big chair, so adjusting the height armrests’ incline is essential. Fortunately, this chair is equipped with four-dimensional support, the perfect solution for everyone’s needs.

However, although the 4D armrest support provides many benefits, our experts believe the elbow material should have been better. As a result, the 4D adjustments feel clunky, which can feel uncomfortable during extended use. Nevertheless, you can move the 4D adjustments up and down, side to side, forward and back, providing enough positions for various needs. However, it would help if you were careful when adjusting the position because they feel loose.

Furthermore, getting the right sitting angle without the 4D armrest support isn’t easy, so they are an essential piece of the puzzle. No one wants to experience an uncomfortable sitting position for an extended time, especially if this is your go-to chair for home and office use. So, if you are looking for a chair with 4D armrests vital for gaming, the Sentinel and this feature are crucial. Our experts guarantee you will not make a mistake purchasing the amazing racing series product.

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Final Conclusion

Looking for the ideal gaming chair is usually a complex process, especially for beginners, because there are many available products with varying prices. Nevertheless, your chair must have several criteria essential for a proper function, such as comfort, design, adjustability, and material quality, but fortunately, the Sentinel has it all.

Henceforth, our experts recommend purchasing the Sentinel chair because it checks all key criteria previously discussed. Namely, you will experience your gaming and working environment properly because you will feel comfortable and relaxed after extended use. Although this product is not ideal, we believe it is the ultimate value for money, especially by today’s standards. So, wait no more and get Sentinel to experience its true abilities.

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