Mac Clean Plus Review: Everything You Wanted To Know

Any Mac clean plus review defines this Mac cleaning tool as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Furthermore, it is believed that the Mac cleaner can double as Adware.

Mac Clean Plus Review

How true are these allegations? Let’s find out more about this Mac cleaning software as our team guides you through its specifications and characteristics.

What Exactly Is Mac Clean Plus?

Mac Clean Plus is a collection of optimization tools for Mac devices. The set includes software for cleaning Mac devices to boost the overall performance. Typically, the application scans and deletes log, caches, and unwanted files on your disk and trash bins

Remember, installed third-party tools and macOS X generates a lot of redundant data while running. For instance, duplicate objects, tracking cookies, temporary Internet files, etc., cram the hard disk. While you can fine-tune your Mac machine to eliminate the garbage, it takes effort and time. 

For this reason, Mac cleaner apps such as Mac Clean Plus, Mac Cleaner Plus, and Cleanmymac come in handy. While this application is designed to clean your Mac, it might frustrate your user experience. Thus, it is considered a PUP. 

– Potentially Unwanted Program Allegations

A PUP is typically software that may be unwanted, despite the possibility of the user consenting to download it. Such programs are often downloaded alongside the program you want. Apart from being an annoyance, a PUP can negatively affect the performance of your computer, and worst, they introduce a security risk. 

Potentially Unwanted Program Allegations

Mac Clean Plus interrupts normal Mac usage constantly, making the user experience poor. The software may include spyware, Adware, and dialers. Additionally, it will consume your Mac’s processing power. 

This optimization tool becomes annoying and frustrating and might expose your system to security threats. The negative effects of Mac Clean Plus include the following:

  • Redirecting you to a website with hazardous content 
  • Flood your browsers with adverts, pop-ups, banners, and box messages

– Mac Clean Plus Download

Mac Clean Plus is rarely installed like regular applications. Rather, it is distributed using a cross-promotion mechanism known as bundling. While bundling is legal, its main downside is that users may not know what they are installing. For instance, as you download a freeware app such as a multimedia player, you may authorize the setup of one or many other extras. 

In this case, the default installation option of the setup client is configured to pimp additional items. The issue is that some of the drive-by entities might be malicious or worthless. The good-for-nothing optimizer is hidden beneath externally innocuous bundles of that sort.

Few sites offer Mac Clean Plus download, unlike Mac cleaner free download. Even if you get the download link, it is often blocked for being potentially malicious. 

– Free or Premium

Mac Clean Plus is a premium cleaning app. That means you have to pay to use the application, and here is where many users have issues with this software. After installing the software on your Mac, it displays deceptive warning notifications. Typically, it scans your Mac looking for system logs, surplus application data, unused languages, online privacy concerns, duplicates, etc. The scan then reports hundreds of issues, some of them very alarming. 

Then, the software makes the claims persuasive by presenting the improvement potential scale next to the Scan Results part. The graphical indicators show medium and high potential and offer a fix by telling you to click the Clean Now button to solve the issue. 

Unfortunately, the cleanup can only start after you buy and register the product’s license copy. If you do not buy the license, the Mac Clean Plus sends alerts about certain issues found on the computer. This scheme is illusionary, and rogue software developers use it to gain profit by selling their worthless applications. 

As it constantly displays the popup alerts, it interrupts Mac usage and devours your machine’s processing resources. 

– Uninstalling Mac Clean Plus 

You can easily install the Mac Clean Plus manually or through an automatic uninstaller.

Uninstalling Mac Clean Plus

Follow the steps below to uninstall it manually:

  1. Power your Mac and go to the Utilities folder.
  2. Find the Activity Monitor icon on your screen and double-click on it.
  3. While at the Activity Monitor, look for Mac Clean Plus, Click on it, and select Quit Process. A dialogue box appears asking you to confirm whether you want to quit the executable.
  4. Select the Force Quit option, click the Go option, and select the Applications option from the list. 
  5. Locate the Mac Clean Plus entry on the interface and right-click on it. 
  6. Click on the Move to Trash option. If it demands a password, enter your Admin password. 
  7. Go to the Apple Menu and click on the System Preferences option.
  8. Click on Accounts and select Login Items. MacOS will unveil a list of programs that launch when the box is launched. Find Mac Clean Plus and click on the “-” button.

– Pros and Cons 

While the Mac Clean Plus is a PUP, it is an important tool for flagging potential junk in your system.


  • It runs in the background continually.
  • You don’t need to download and install it.


  • You must pay to get accurate results.
  • It annoys users with popup windows of scan results.
  • There is no customer support

Mac Clean Plus Features

Mac Clean Plus, like the Mac Cleaner Pro, is endorsed as a Macintosh utility program. Ideally, the features place it in CCleaner (freeware) and Mackeeper (proprietary software) ranks.

Mac Clean Plus Features

The most advertised feature set includes system cleaners, app optimizers, and others.

– System Cleaner

It liberates your digital space from clutter by flashing out junk from your macOS. It removes unneeded large files such as outdated caches, logs, broken downloads, and useless localizations. 

This lets you remove tons of clutter with Mail, Photos, and iTunes and find masses of other large hidden files. It performs Disk Cleanup in no time. 

– App Optimizer

Beyond decluttering your Mac, the Mac Clean Plus is advertised as an app optimizer, as it features a range of tools to remove junk files from your system. Like maccleaner pro, this memory cleaner frees up RAM, runs maintenance scripts, and turns off heavy memory consumers. 

– Duplicates Finder

The software runs in the background to find duplicate photos, similar images, and other duplicate files. Besides that, it allows you to organize duplicate folders and files and merge folders.

Note that this tool finds duplicate files on Mac’s drive automatically. You can also use it on external drives. 

– Internet Privacy

The tool has a Privacy utility that puts all your Mac’s private data in one place. Furthermore, it wipes out all the offline and online history, including chat transcript and browsing traces. This ensures that your stuff remains private. It can also clean old Wi-Fi networks.

Internet Privacy

Other features include: 

  • Uninstaller
  • Internet Privacy
  • Shredder
  • Malware Removal 

Undoubtedly, these features are only found in the best Mac cleaners, but Mac Clean Plus is associated with some PUPs and Adware it uses to spread copies of the program. Mac Clean Plus is sold without valid evidence of its effectiveness in optimizing Mac, and there are several copies of the Adware that share a similar scheme. 

Is Mac Clean Plus Harmful?

No, Mac Clean Plus is generally not harmful. It might slow your computer due to snatching the processing power and annoy you with several popup windows, but it will not harm your system since it is not a malicious Trojan Horse or Ransomware virus. 

Remember, the chances of malware getting into the Mac are slim, thanks to its strict security system. Again, Mac Clean Plus is PUP, so you should not worry about it even when it sends irritating and undesirable pop-ups — running antivirus software may not be necessary unless it is highly compromised.  

MacBook Pro cleaning tools such as Mac Clean Plus are legal programs, so regardless of their uselessness, they are not forbidden by law and will not harm your Mac like Ransomware, Trojans, Spyware, etc. 


Mac Clean Plus is not the best junk removal software, as it fails to fix the issue unless you pay. If you have this file on your Mac, take note of the following points:

  • Mac Clean Plus does not offer malware protection like drive genius, even though it claims to perform a smart scan.
  • The application has many advertisements that pop up when using your computer, eating up your Mac’s resources.
  • Uninstall the Mac Clean Plus if it becomes a menace, but it is generally not harmful.
  • For better Mac cleaning, use alternative cleaners such as Maccleaner pro, Parallels Toolbox, and Clean My Mac X, as they can clean mail attachments, among others.

Since the Mac Clean Plus is not powerful, uninstall it and replace it with more powerful and effective tools instead. 

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