Fix Pokemon Go AR Not Working: Troubleshooting Tips for Seamless Gameplay

Pokémon GO revolutionized gaming with its unique blend of augmented reality (AR) and the joy of catching Pokémon in a real-world experience. However, sometimes the AR feature may not work as expected, which can put a damper on the fun. If you’ve encountered issues with AR mode in Pokémon GO, you’re not alone. We’ve experienced our share of glitches where the AR function doesn’t activate or the camera shows a black screen instead of the Pokémon-infused world around us.

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Understanding the causes of these AR issues is the first step towards a solution. It could be due to a lack of necessary permissions, outdated software on your device, or even hardware limitations. For example, not all smartphones have the gyroscope sensor required for AR mode, which can prevent the feature from working altogether.

We want to guide you through some practical steps to resolve these issues and get you back to experiencing Pokémon GO the way it’s meant to be played. Ensuring that the game has permission to access your device’s camera and that your operating system is up to date are common fixes. But, rest assured, there are several strategies we can try to troubleshoot and quickly get your AR feature functioning properly once again.

Troubleshooting AR Issues

When Pokémon GO’s AR feature doesn’t work, it can be disappointing. We’ll walk through verified steps to help restore your AR experience, focusing on practical solutions that address common problems. Each of the following subsections addresses a key area to examine when troubleshooting AR issues in Pokémon GO.

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Check AR Compatibility

Android: Requires ARCore support. Check the Google Play Store for ARCore or check if your device is listed on the ARCore support page.
iOS: ARKit is required, working on iPhone 6s and later with iOS 11 and up.

Update Game and Operating System

Keeping both Pokémon GO and your smartphone’s OS updated ensures compatibility and performance optimizations. For Android, visit the Play Store, and for iOS, the App Store. Regularly check for software updates in your device settings.

Review Permissions and Settings

Pokémon GO’s AR mode requires specific permissions to function:

  • Camera Permission: Ensure Pokémon GO can access the camera.
  • Location Services: Must be on for GPS and tracking.

Verify these in your smartphone’s settings under ‘Apps’ (Android) or ‘Privacy’ (iOS).

Clear Cache and Data for Fixes

Clearing cache and data can resolve lingering issues. It’s akin to giving the app a fresh start without uninstalling it. On Android, you can typically find this option under ‘App settings’. For iOS, you might need to offload the app or reinstall it to clear the cache.

Advanced Solutions

If the basic fixes don’t help, consider more advanced options like:

  • Sensor Calibration: Use a sensor kinetics app to check if your gyroscopes are functioning correctly.
  • Location Changer: Try a tool like Tenorshare iAnyGo if you suspect GPS issues.
  • Reinstallation: As a last resort, uninstall and then reinstall Pokémon GO.

Remember, always back up your data before attempting any extensive troubleshooting steps.

Potential AR Mode Errors and Solutions

As avid Pokémon GO players, we know that encountering issues with AR mode can be frustrating. Here we discuss some common troubles and the steps we can take to get back to catching Pokémon in no time.

Common AR Bugs and Glitches

Regular updates from Niantic often resolve known bugs that cause freezes and crashes. Whenever we face these, our first move is to check for updates in our phone’s app store and apply them promptly.

Pokémon Not Appearing in AR Mode

Sometimes Pokémon won’t show up in AR mode even when we’re at the right location. This could be because AR+ mode requires a flat, well-lit surface to detect the environment. We make sure to enable AR+ in the settings and use incense near PokéStops to attract Pokémon, which often solves the issue.

Camera and Gyroscope Issues

Problem Cause Solution
Camera not working Disabled permissions Enable camera access in phone settings
Gyroscope not tracking Faulty hardware or software Restart our phone or get the gyroscope checked

It’s key to ensure our camera and gyroscope settings are correct; these are crucial for AR mode. If we encounter errors, we ensure camera permission is granted for Pokémon GO and calibrate the gyroscope.

Login and Connectivity Challenges

Occasionally we may have issues logging in or staying connected to Pokémon GO, which can disrupt AR mode. To mitigate this, we ensure our login credentials are correct and use the sign-out option within the app to refresh our session, which usually restores the connection and tracks our activity reliably.

Enhancing Your Pokémon Go AR Experience

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our Pokémon Go adventures, and AR is a big part of that magic. Let’s talk about how we can make AR not just work, but work fantastically well.

Optimizing Phone Settings for AR

Firstly, we should ensure our smartphones are primed for AR. For iPhone users, an update to the latest iOS can fix AR-related bugs. Android folks, we can check that our phones have a gyroscope as it’s vital for tracking movement in 3D space. Here’s a quick checklist:
  • Camera Permissions: Granted for Pokémon Go
  • Latest OS Update: Checked and installed
  • Gyroscope Sensor: Confirm your Android device has one

Using AR Features Effectively

Effective use of AR enhances the feeling of Pokémon in our world. We want to be mindful of our environment and use AR to merge the virtual and real seamlessly. For an improved AR experience:

  • Ample Space: Larger, open areas allow better AR interaction
  • Stable Connection: A steady GPS and internet connection keeps the AR world aligned with ours

AR mode requires us to move physically, which boosts the thrill of the hunt. We should relish the chase with each step we take.

External Tools and Resources

Sometimes, it’s external tools that give us an edge. Location changers and GPS spoofers can simulate movement, but let’s use them responsibly to avoid violating the game’s terms. We always respect Niantic’s guidelines for a fair play environment. Quick tip: Android users can find reliable APKs from the Google Play Store, which is safer than unknown sources.

In the table below, we summarize resources that may help address issues with Pokémon Go’s AR feature not working:

Tool or Resource Purpose Platform
Pokémon Go App Update Fix known bugs iOS/Android
Device OS Update Compatibility and Performance iOS/Android
AR+ Mode Enhanced AR Experience Compatible iOS Devices

We keep in mind, these tools should be used to complement our gameplay, never to undermine the spirit of exploration and adventure that Pokémon Go encourages. Enjoy your AR journey responsibly!

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