How to Check Controller Battery Level on PS5: Quick Guide for Gamers

When it comes to gaming with the PS5, ensuring a fully charged DualSense controller is key to uninterrupted play. We’ve all faced that crucial moment during gameplay when our controller’s battery dips low, so knowing how to check the battery level ahead of time can save the day.

How to Check Controller Battery Level on PS5: Quick Guide for Gamers

The PS5 DualSense controller offers an immersive gaming experience, with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. However, these innovative features can draw a significant amount of power, making it all the more important to monitor your controller’s battery life. Keeping an eye on the battery level helps us to plan for charging times and avoid any mid-game surprises.

Managing our gaming sessions effectively involves understanding the battery level indicator, accessible through a few simple steps on our PS5 console. The system offers a quick and clear way to identify the remaining power. This lets us make informed decisions on whether to keep playing or to take a pause and charge our controllers, ensuring we’re always ready for the next gaming adventure.

Checking the Battery Level on Your PS5 Controller

A hand reaches for the PS5 controller, pressing the PlayStation button to display the battery level indicator on the screen

We can easily monitor our PS5 controller’s battery life to avoid getting caught off guard by a dead controller in the middle of gameplay. Whether on the console or using a PC, here are the methods to check the battery status.

Via the PS5 Console

To check the battery level on our PS5 console, we simply press the PS button on our DualSense controller to access the Control Center. The battery icon displays as an overlay on the screen showing the current battery status. If we want to see the exact battery percentage, we navigate to ‘Accessories’ within the Control Center, where the detailed battery level of our connected controllers is indicated in bars.

Using a PC

When using the DualSense controller with a PC, we check the battery status by looking at the light bar if connected via USB cable. For a more precise battery level, we can use the DS4 Windows application to connect our controller through Bluetooth, which shows the battery life. Additionally, if we’re gaming on Steam, we can enter Big Picture mode or check under Controller Settings in Steam to view the battery status.

Understanding Battery Indicators

Battery Level Indicator Color Estimated Battery Life
High (70-100%) White Approx. 2-4 hours of play
Medium (30-70%) Blue Approx. 1-2 hours of play
Low (0-30%) Red Less than 1 hour

Check your DualSense controller battery levels regularly to ensure uninterrupted gaming sessions. Whether you’re playing on the console or your PC, knowing how to view the battery indicator enables us to charge accordingly and maintain consistent playtime.

Maximizing Battery Life and Charge

Maintaining the battery life of your DualSense wireless controller ensures that you can enjoy prolonged gaming sessions without the frustration of a dead battery. We’ll explore adjusting settings to extend battery life and proper charging techniques.

Adjusting Controller Settings

The DualSense controller offers various features like adjustable vibration intensity and trigger effect intensity, which can impact battery life. By managing these settings, we can conserve battery power.

Adjusting Vibration and Trigger Effects:
  • Lower the vibration intensity to save battery life; intense vibrations consume more power.
  • Reduce trigger effect intensity, as sophisticated haptics also draw more battery.

Additionally, decreasing the brightness of the controller’s light bar can further conserve battery life. It may seem minor, but less brightness means less energy used, which contributes to a longer-lasting charge.

Charging Your DualSense Controller

To keep your controller charged and ready for action, it’s crucial to charge it properly. Overcharge can harm the battery, so it’s best not to leave the controller plugged in all the time.

Charging Method Estimated Charge Time for Full Charge Notes
USB Type-C to USB-A cable Approximately 3 hours Connect directly to PS5 or a certified charger.
Licensed Charging Station Varies Can charge multiple controllers simultaneously.

We should always use the supplied USB Type-C to USB-A cable, or a cable of similar specification, to recharge the controller, ensuring it’s connected to a power source that doesn’t exceed the recommended output. When fully charged, disconnect to prevent potential battery wear from overcharging. A good practice is to charge your controller after each gaming session to keep it topped up without pushing it to a full recharge every time, which can also help in maintaining the health of the battery over time.

Troubleshooting Common Battery Issues

When encountering issues with the DualSense controller’s battery, there are a few common problems you may experience. These range from difficulties in charging to unexpected battery drain. Here, we’ll guide you through resolving these issues to ensure continuous gameplay and extend the life of your controller’s battery.

Resolving Charging Problems

If your DualSense controller is not charging properly, follow these steps:

Check the Basics:
– Ensure the controller is properly connected to a power source via the USB cable.
– Check if the USB ports and the cable are working and free of any damage.
– Attempt charging with another cable and power source to rule out issues with the original equipment.

Occasionally, the controller may fail to charge due to problems with the power source or the cable. If the battery is completely dead, it may take a few minutes to show signs of charging. It is also important not to leave your controller plugged in for too long after it’s fully charged to prevent overcharge, which could eventually diminish battery life.

Updating Controller Software

Keeping your DualSense controller software up to date is crucial for optimal performance and battery management. Outdated software can cause poor battery performance and operational issues. Here’s how to update:

  1. Connect the controller to the PS5 console.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Wireless Controller Device Software.

A notification will appear if an update is available. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process. Consistently updating the software can help address battery life issues resulting from software glitches. It’s important to make sure you always have the latest update to ensure the most efficient use of electricity and battery resources.


Ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience on our PlayStation 5 hinges on the controller’s battery life. The PS5’s innovative features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers demand a persistent power source for maximum enjoyment.

The process of checking the battery level is straightforward. We press the PS button and navigate to the Control Center from the home screen. Here, we easily access the battery status. This simple action helps us manage our playtime and maintain an immersive gaming experience.

Step Action Result
1 Press the PS button Access Control Center
2 Navigate to Accessories View controller status
3 Assess battery level Plan gaming session

We understand the significance of avoiding game interruptions. Keeping an eye on the controller’s battery level not only helps us to strategically plan our gaming sessions but also ensures that every moment with our PlayStation console is seamless and full of excitement.

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