AOC Monitor No Signal Problem: How To Fix It Using Different Methods

AOC monitor No Signal problem usually arises when there’s a problem in the graphics card or graphics driver. However, there are multiple other reasons why the AOC monitor shows “No Signal” on the display.

AOC Monitor No Signal Problem

In this article, we will discuss the what and ifs to help you understand the problem and its fixes.

Keep reading as we give you proper insight! 

How To Solve Monitor “No Signal” Issue

In this section, we’ll discuss the multiple solutions that can solve our monitor’s “No Signal” issue. Check the different methods and see where you find your issue. 

– Monitor’s Input Source

“No Signal ” problem can occur if the computer system cannot detect signals from a graphic driver or cable could be placed in a wrong input source. To check this issue, we use the “quick key”. It switches the input direction of the graphic card and the problem of No Signal is solved. You can also change the input source manually or call a professional.

– Check Connection Problem for AOC Monitor No Signal

To resolve the No Signal issue, check if the wires and other hardware devices are properly connected to the monitor. 

See if the cords are not loose; fixing them may solve the problem. The cables should be properly connected on both ends and if it still doesn’t work, then unplug and remove dust, plugin again and check if the issue is resolved. Change cable if required.

– Resolution of Graphics Card

Before purchasing a graphic card for the monitor, check if the resolution for both monitor and graphic card is aligned. In case they’re not, No Signal issue will occur. Try changing the display settings and restarting the monitor.

– Update the Graphic Card’s Driver

Another reason for the issue to arise is when our graphic card’s driver isn’t updated. If it’s disturbing to update it every time, change the settings to auto-update. 

Use the “Windows Update Tool” for updating your driver. Check the resolutions of both graphic cards and monitor if you choose to do it manually, additionally you can even call a local professional to help you further.

– Check GPU Overheating Issue

When the GPU overheats, your monitor may not receive the graphic card’s signals.

Check GPU Overheating Issue

Therefore, if your GPU is overheated, check its cooling system or just replace it with a new one.

– Change the Graphic Card’s Driver

If your graphic card driver isn’t working even after the update, then it means it has internal issues or there might be something broken in it. 

Therefore, replace the graphic card driver with a new one. Be sure to check the resolution compatibility between the monitor and the graphic card driver.

– Install New GPU

If the GPU gets damaged, “No Signal” issue will arise, due to which you have to buy a new GPU to install. GPU can be found close to where the CPU chip is located. Hence one has to open the clips attached to the sides of the GPU and take the GPU out carefully. Then placing the new GPU after aligning its position and then securing it by closing the clips. Restart the system and the new GPU will work.

– Reset the Monitor

In rare cases, the No Signal issue can be resolved by simply resetting our monitor’s settings or bringing everything back to default. An example of the monitor reset is here.

– Check Resolution Configuration

Sometimes, the resolution configuration is at fault too. When the graphic card’s resolution is higher than the resolution our monitor can support, it will cause a No Signal issue. 

To resolve it, we have to opt for booting up safe mode. This lowers the resolution after the reboot of the PC. We can then adjust our PC’s display setting through the computer settings option.

– Call for Professional Assistance

If none of the methods above help, then there is a technical and sensitive issue in your overall computer system. 

Thus, it is recommeneded to call a professional assistant that can securely solve your No Signal issue.

Why AOC Monitor No Signal Problem Occurs

Usually, the most common reason why your monitor shows a “No Signal” issue is because of the damaged cables. If the cables are damaged, the graphics output from the PC will get ignored by the monitor. Aside from the damaged cable issue, it could also be possible that the cables are very old or that there is a problem with the PC settings.

Ensure that you are using the right type of cable and that it is connected to the right monitor input socket. The following could be the reasons why your AOC Monitor “No Signal” issue occurs.

– Damaged Cable

The most common issue is the damaged cable that attaches the computer to the monitor. Since it is damaged, the signals may not be able to pass through it, and “No Signal” will occur on your PC.

Damaged Cable

Check your cable and its connectivity port, if you find the problem there, replace it with a new one. You can even do the same if your cable is too old.

– Damaged Graphics Card and Drivers

Another reason for the “No Signal” problem to occur is the damaged graphics or video card. Either the problem lies in the graphic card or the port and the driver. So do check them and see if it’s broken. If the graphic card consists of multiple outputs, then change the port.

– Incompatibility of Graphic Driver

Sometimes NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards do not work on a PC system because the video and graphic card driver can be outdated. Due to this issue, “No Signal” is shown on your monitor. A graphic driver is incompatible when it’s not updated or not suitable for the current operating system in use.

How To Connect AOC LCD Monitor to PC

  1. Connect the power cord to the back of the display. Make sure it’s not loose.
  2. Turn off your computer before unplugging the power cable.
  3. Connect the display signal cable to the video connector or GPU on the back of your computer.
  4. Plug the power cord of the computer and the display cord into a nearby socket.
  5. Turn on the computer and then the display. It’s ready to use!


1. What Does It Mean When a Computer Monitor Shows “No Signal”?

When the monitor is working but it shows No Signals, that means the computer monitor is working just fine but it isn’t getting any signals from the graphic card. Therefore, start by ensuring that both ends of the cable between your computer and monitor are attached firmly.

2. How to Reset the Monitor to Default by Keys?

  • Press the MENU button located on the front of the monitor.
  • In the MENU window, press the up or down arrow key to select the REST icon.
  • Press Enter to proceed.
  • Once the RESET window appears, again use the up or down arrow key to select the ALL RESET option.

3. What Are the Steps to Reset Monitor’s Display Settings?

  • Open your Windows Settings.
  • Choose the system you want to reset.
  • Click on “Display” from the sidebar, then click on Advanced Scaling Settings.
  • Clear your previous settings and click on the Apply button.

4. What Is the Period of Computer Monitors?

There is no defined period to replace the computer monitor. However, problems may occur after four to five years. Don’t change the monitor unless a malfunction occurs or it needs an upgrade.

5. What Are the Steps To Change AOC Monitor Resolution?

  • Click on the START button and open Screen Resolution.
  • Click on the Control Panel.
  • Choose “Adjust Screen Resolution” until “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Click on the drop-down list located next to Resolution.
  • Check for the “Recommended” resolution.

6. Why Is the Monitor Display Not Working?

A common reason for monitors to not display anything on it is because the graphic card driver could have a fault in it or the monitor cables are faulty. Therefore, try using a different video cable. If it still doesn’t work, then change the driver and check again. Your monitor will most likely start to display again.

7. Can the “No Signal” Issue on the Monitor Be Caused by the CPU?

Some cables connect the CPU to the monitor. If the CPU overheats or has faults in it, it can stop working. Once the CPU stops working all functions will stop and the monitor may show No Signal because the graphic card driver and cables will not work. However, your AOC LCD monitor will remain on because it has a separate power cable.

8. Can Power Supply Cause “No Signal” to Monitor?

Shortage of power supply can cause the CPU and GPU to work in an inconsistent manner which will harm the graphic card. When there is insufficient power to render monitor graphics, the graphic card may stop working and the monitor will show “No Signal”.

9. Why Won’t the Monitor Recognize HDMI?

There could be multiple reasons why your monitor can’t detect HDMI signals. Check the following steps to see if the problem is resolved.

Why will not the Monitor Recognize HDMI

  • Try switching the input source.
  • Check if your HDMI connection is enabled.
  • Update your chipset drivers and graphic drivers.
  • Try unplugging the cables, cleaning the dust, and plugging it in a different port.
  • Disconnect all HDMI sources and connect one by one.
  • Do a complete reset of your monitor.

10. Why Does the Monitor Show “No Signal” While Playing Game?

Playing games can overheat the video or the graphic card due to which it can shut off and stop working. Therefore, during the heavy resolution game, your monitor may suddenly show “No Signal” on screen.

11. How To Turn On AOC?

  • Plug the power cable in a socket.
  • Push the “Power” button on the front of the monitor.
  • Moreover, press and hold the “Menu” button and turn on the monitor for further options and unlock settings.

12. What Is the Reason for the Monitor to Flicker and Show “No Signals”?

Screen flickering in monitors happens because of display drivers. Sometimes it also shows a “No Signal ” problem. 

Update your display driver by putting the PC in safe mode, uninstalling the current display adapter, and checking for new updates. Start the PC, then click “Start” and select Device Manager.

13. Does Monitor Come With an HDMI Cable?

Yes, monitors come with new HDMI cables. In case you buy only a monitor instead of the package the company offers, then you don’t get any HDMI cable with it. You will not have to update anything if HDMI was packed with a monitor as the company takes care of the packaging.


We now know the reason behind our “No Signal” issue on AOC LCD monitors and how we can solve the issue, by using the information that we have provided in our article.

Following is the recap of the main point:

  • “No Signal” issue occurs due to damaged cables.
  • The problem could be in graphic or video drivers.
  • Alignment of resolution configuration.

If you face this problem again, feel free to revisit this article. For more guides, visit our blogs.Thank you for reading!

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