How to Reset Your Roblox Pin on Any Device: A Comprehensive Guide

Roblox pin resets are necessary every time a user goes on and forgets their security PIN code for the online gaming platform, and this actually happens quite often. In this article, we will go over a series of steps that will teach you how to add or reset the 4-digit PIN on both PCs and mobile devices.

How to Reset Your Roblox Pin on Any Device

You can use the steps to protect your account on these devices no matter how complicated it might seem to you before going through our guide, as we have compiled this guide to educate every dedicated Roblox user.

Read on to learn all the necessary details to help you secure your new Roblox account or find your way back into a gaming account you were locked out of!

How to Reset Roblox Pin on Any Computer Device

You can reset the Roblox security PIN on any device by using a method similar to adding a new code — you will need to log into your account, go to your Parental Control settings from the Settings menu and click on the option to reset the forgotten PIN.

– Using a Mobile Device

If you want to reset your Roblox’s code on a mobile device, you will need to follow a set of a few steps we have enumerated for you in this section of the guide. To start, you need to find the Roblox app on your phone and access it with a single tap.

After this, you must sign into your Roblox account using your account ID if you have not already signed in. After doing this, you will need to find and access the More Options tab, and after you click on it, you will find three dots appearing alongside it on the screen. Once you are in the More Options menu, the next thing you need to do is select the settings option.

After performing this selection, you will come across other choices in the menu. For your next move, you need to access the privacy settings, which you can do by clicking on the security option. In this section, you need to find the PIN button and toggle it in order to turn your PIN security off.

Now we come to the rest of the PIN itself because once you try to re enable the PIN, the app will present you with the option of setting up a new code. You can use any unique and new code of 4 digits, which will act as the new account security. However, it is essential to select the Add option so that your new PIN selection is saved.

– Using a Personal Computer

As a PC user looking to reset the PIN on your Roblox account, you have to start by getting onto a new tab on your computer’s browser. You need to pick a browser that will be able to handle Roblox without any issues so that you can go with some of the classics like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

After you have the tab open, you need to go to the official Roblox website at, and you can sign in to the web app with your password and account ID. After you have accessed the account, you will have to go into the settings options. If you have any issues finding it, you can start by looking for a gear-like icon in the upper right corner of your tab.

Using A Personal Computer

The next thing you need to do after clicking on the icon is select the security option in the given options. You will see the Security menu in the navigation list on the right side. Click on this option and use the Account PIN menu provided there.

After you are in, toggle the button to start disabling the PIN you are using now. When you toggle, you must enter your activated PIN to disable the PIN altogether. After this, toggle the PIN again, and voila! The app will tell you to create a new PIN for your Roblox account.

Now you can set up a new code with 4 digits of your liking. Save the code by selecting the Add button. After you are done with all these steps, you will have successfully reset the PIN on your PC device!

How to Reset Your Security Pin After You Forget It

In order to reset your PIN code on any Roblox device, you need to start by accessing the email address and password that you used while setting your account up. You can start by opening the Roblox app on your chosen device. In case you are on a PC, you will need to open the web application inside your browser. On the contrary, open the Roblox mobile app if you use a mobile device.

It is common to forget your PIN after resetting it for any technology user, including Roblox users. However, this provides us with a new issue as we can’t change our password as usual since we can’t access the account with a forgotten password.

There is no need to stress as it is straightforward to reset your code even after resetting it, as long as you have access to your email. This section taught us how to access the security settings after forgetting your code and setting up a new PIN.

– Using Roblox Support Team to Reset Your Forgotten Pin

You will need to find the Customer Support option, the base solution to help you with this issue. The Support team is going to provide you with a resetting form, which you will use to report the problem you are facing with your PIN. After you have done these steps, you will be required to fill in other important details like your real name, your Roblox ID and your email ID.

After filling in all the correct details, you can submit the reset form. The Support team will get back to you in a while after receiving your form. The duration of their response can range from a few hours to a week. After the initial inquiry is made, the team will show you the entire process and send you a one-time link to create a new code.

You will be good to go as long as you remember the new PIN you created!

– Support team Authorization

Take note that it is not possible for the Support Team or any other staff to directly input a new code for you even if you forget it. Since the code is personal to you, only you, as the user, can have the option to change it.

Support team Authorization

In case you need the team’s help, they will ultimately help you through the process, providing you with a one-time link that can help you put in a new code.

How To Find the Security Pin Code for Your Roblox Account

To find the security PIN code for your Roblox account, you need to go to the Security settings inside your Account Settings. The PIN is not directly visible for obvious security purposes. You cannot see the actual code on your account. However, you can find the option to set it up and reset it from within your budget. 

The security code is designed to provide you protection against any cyber attacks from hackers on your private information within your gaming account. Your PIN acts as the wall between a hacker and your account’s personal settings, which is why you should always keep that information safe and private.

How To Add a Roblox Pin Code on Any Device

To add a Roblox PIN code, you will find the option to do this in the Parental Control settings that are contained in the main Account settings. Adding a Roblox PIN code is a simple process on every device that will involve a series of simple steps in the Roblox PC app or web app.

– Using Your Personal Computer

While a lot of users want to focus on the proper technique to reset the PIN of their Roblox account, the first step should be to learn how to add the 4-digit PIN. We will begin our list by understanding how to add such a security PIN to your computer system.

The process of adding the security measure to a personal computer is straightforward. You will need to start by going to the browser of your choice, from where you will log into your Roblox account. After you have successfully logged in using your User ID, you will have to go and access the Account Settings.

Start by clicking the gear icon, and once that is selected, you will be able to navigate from your Account settings to the Parental Control settings of your account. From here, you need to make a click, which will get your PIN to turn on with no issues. You might notice a prompt after your click, which will be a simple request to create a new PIN for your device.

In this prompt, you can go through the simple instructions that are provided to help you create a secure 4-digit PIN code that Roblox will use to secure your device. Make sure to slam that confirm button after you are done making the changes to your PIN code so that your PIN code is saved, added as a security measure, and activated for all future login attempts.

– Using Your Mobile Device

On the other hand, you could very well be a mobile user of the Roblox app, and you might wish to add a security PIN on your phone for Roblox. You can find the instructions for that in this section of the guide.

Now to add a security Pin on the Roblox app on your mobile device, you need to start by logging into the app and then clicking on the icon, which has three dots. Once you have connected on that, you will have to go and enter the Account Settings. Inside this settings option, you will be able to find the Parental Control Menu. Once you have accessed it, you will see a disabled button which you need to enable with a click in order to activate your security PIN code.

Using Your Mobile Device

When you click the Pin for the first time, you will be asked to create a new security PIN code for your account. This will not be required if you have already made one on your PC. You need to create a unique and secure PIN for your Roblox at this step, which you can use to protect your device.

After you have confirmed your digit selection, Roblox will save it to your account with a simple click. This click will immediately add, save and activate your desired code across all your devices.


In conclusion, we can say that this has been a thorough look and dive into learning about Roblox account security and how to add and reset your account’s security PIN.

We have compiled a short list of points as a summary of the concepts we have learned:

  • The toggle button in the account’s settings can help you quickly reset your Pin with a simple on and off toggle.
  • It is possible to reset or add a PIN code whether you use Roblox as a mobile user or a PC user.
  • It is essential to keep your security PIN code private to protect your account and all your personal information from the wrong parties.
  • The Customer Support team from Roblox can assist you with reaccessing your account by providing a one-time access link.

Since you now know everything about securing your Roblox account, you can go and set up a proper PIN to adequately protect your gaming account. With the lessons from this article, you shall be ready to manage a simple reset of your Roblox security PIN.

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