HP Support Solutions Framework: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know what the HP support solutions framework is? Chances are if you own an HP computer, you have come across this HP software.

HP Support Solutions Framework

It unexpectedly pops up when using your computer, which can be frustrating. In this post, you will learn what the HP support assistant is and if it is necessary.

What Is HP Support Solutions Framework?

The HP Support framework is an online-based tool developed by HP. This tool is a pack of programs that make it easy for HP users to access, remove, and install system drivers. Also, the pack makes it easy to tweak BIOS and manage an HP computer hardware as well as other Windows settings.

Is HP Software Framework Necessary?

HP software framework isn’t necessary for a computer. However, it is not advisable to uninstall HP support since it has its benefits. The better solution is disabling the framework service.

Disabling the HP Solutions Framework Service

Using this pack, you can get in touch with HP customer support, see your HP computer information like serial number, and access downloads without visiting the HP website. If something goes wrong, this tool provides a quick repair. Also, whenever necessary, you can use the program to find HP repair centers close by.

The bottom line is HP support solutions framework helps you monitor your computer operations, remain informed, and preemptively resolve potential issues.

But there may be several valid reasons that may force you to disable this application on your HP laptop or desktop PC. These include:

  • High use of CPU

This software tool can use over 50 percent of the CPU sometimes. What this means is you have approximately 50 percent of the CPU to run other applications, which can slow your computer. Thus, you may prefer doing all the system checks manually to make your PC faster.

  • Expired warranty

If the warranty on your HP computers runs out, the application will no longer update your system drivers. The PC will even recommend you remove HP support since it is no longer a useful application.

  • Bugs and errors

After some time, the application can be corrupted, causing it to fail in its operations.

  • Security flaws

Not long ago, security experts established unpatched vulnerabilities in the HP assistant. As a result, they recommended HP users remove the factory-installed versions of the app. The experts found gaps in the apps that could expose your computer to hackers and allow malware letting them change your settings by injecting executable files. Users often uninstall the app to protect themselves from these threats.

  • Intrusive behavior

The duty command in this app will notify you whenever there is a change or update. For some users, these continuous messages can be annoying, which forces them to disable or remove the app. Also, the app tends to start automatically whenever you switch on your Windows computer. So, it may be disruptive, especially when you are working on other tasks.

  • Conflicts with the operating system

When it comes to updates and other system settings, the app can interfere with Windows preferences.

  • Personal choices

Some users just do not want the application on their computers.

Personal choices

Perhaps you are okay performing manual updates, and you feel you can monitor everything on your own, then disabling the app is an option.

Fixing HP Support Errors

In this section, you will learn the most common issues with this app and how to solve them.

– Application Opens Automatically

If the app opens up as soon as your computer’s operating system loads, then you can remove the app from the autostart applications in Windows Settings. To do this, you need to find the Task Scheduler using the Windows search tool. Launch the Task Scheduler and open the Task Scheduler Library. Next to “Hewlett-Packard” is a little arrow, use it to open the HP support app.

After opening, you will see a central pane. In the pane, select Quick Start. Next, move to the column on the right and select support assistant, and click the Disable button. That will stop the app from automatically loading when you open your computer.

– Interruptions When Working

The app scans your computer and unexpectedly offers you a checklist that will keep popping up if you fail to complete the tasks. With time, the reminders will start getting on your nerves. If the app is now bothering you when you are in the middle of tasks, you can set a specific schedule for the app operations.

You can accomplish this by opening the application’s settings. Next, move to the “Next HP Updates and messages are scheduled for.” Provide a time that is convenient for you to deal with the checklist. A good time will be when you are done with important tasks. Once you have set the time and day, make sure you save the changes.

– Wakes Up the Display

The application can wake up your display when your laptop is in sleep mode. You can avoid this by editing your power plans. Start by going to the “Edit Power Plans”. Select the Change advanced power settings link. Now, click on the plus button next to “Sleep” for more options. Next, open the “Allow wake timers”. Here you will see “Plugged in” and “On battery” options. Disable both options and hit the OK button to save the changes.

– The App Is Not Working

If the application is no longer running, chances are your operating system has some issues. Luckily, you can solve the problem through a system restore. This is a built-in feature that allows you to return your computer to an earlier date when the app had no issue. To solve this error, you need to open the command box and type in “RSTRUI.EXE”.

Click Next to see the list of the available restore points. Select a date when the app was operating normally. Hit the Next button and followed by the Finish button.

– Unable to Update Drivers

In case the app is running but is unable to operate normally, you should consider updating to the latest version. If that does not solve the issue, check if the firewall you are running is blocking the app.

– The App Stops Unexpectedly

If the HP app throws an error that requires the app to restart, then you may have no other option apart from uninstalling the app. You can reinstall the app.

The App Stops Unexpectedly

To do this, you should visit the official HP website to download HP support.

How to Uninstall the App

When all the troubleshooting techniques fail, the only solution left at your disposal is to uninstall the app. There are several ways you can accomplish this.

– Uninstalling via the Control Panel

In Windows, the control panel is the default tool for removing all apps, including the HP app. The difference is you may have to do a lot more to clear the files stored in your HP computer. This method requires you to end the operations of this app using Task Manager.

Afterward, open the Control Panel and navigate to the “Programs and Features”. Look for the HP Solutions app in the list and choose “Uninstall”. Confirm to uninstall the app and restart your computer to finish the process.

– Removing the App Through Uninstaller File

A lot of windows applications come with executable files that help uninstall the app. So, if you do not find the application in the “Apps and Features” section on Windows, You can use this method. To use it, you first need to find the application’s installation folder.

Usually, it is in the program files. Look for uninstall.exe or uninst000.exe. Once you find the file, right-click on it and click “Run” to start the process of uninstalling the app. Follow the on-screen prompts.

– Using a Third-party Uninstaller

The two methods of installing the app above are manual and a bit time-consuming, and vulnerable to error. Also, you must be savvy with computers because the processes can be complicated for casual computer users. Fortunately, there are third-party apps that make the process of uninstalling applications on Windows fast and error-free.

To use this approach, you need to download and install the program and then find the HP app through its interface. This will allow you to remove the application alongside its leftovers. Keep in mind that the uninstallation process differs depending on the third-party app you will be using. The uninstaller tool eradicates redundant file deletion.

What Happens if None of These Techniques Work?

If the HP application on your computer is infected with spyware and trojans, you may have a hard time uninstalling it. The app can also show unexpected errors or undesirable behavior if its files are corrupted. So, if you are unable to successfully uninstall the app, you can attempt one of the following approaches.

  • Perform a malware scan

For this, consider using a reputable ant-malware or antivirus app to establish the potential cause and delete it.

Perform A Malware Scan

Once you delete the malware, try uninstalling the application to see if it will succeed.

  • Reinstall the app

Sometimes, you may have to install the application afresh to fine-tune the corrupted components. As a result, you will be able to uninstall the application. For this, you need to visit the installation folder and then run the installer wizard. After that try uninstalling the application.

  • Delete remaining files using the windows registry

After successfully uninstalling the application, you now need to clear the remaining files and your computer’s cache. To do this, navigate to the Start Menu and enter “Regedit” in the search bar to open your Windows Registry Editor. Open the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”.

Now, expand to Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion and look for the HP application and delete its entries. It is worth noting that this method is sometimes enough to uninstall an application in Windows.


1. What Is HP Solutions Framework?

This refers to the all-in-one HP application that allows HP users to update the drivers on their computers, troubleshoot issues in devices, and get in touch with HP customer care. Often, the program is pre-installed on all HP computers. Also, if you are a Windows user, even if you are a non-HP user can install the app to ease access to support resources for HP printers and PCs.

2. Should I Delete HP Solutions Framework?

Well HP does not recommend removing the application. The truth is HP assistant is useful when performing computer maintenance, troubleshooting issues, and software upgrades, among others.

Suppose you have concerns about security flaws or low CPU performance. You may be better off removing the application from your computer. Also, if your warranty is up, you may choose to uninstall the app. However, if the only issue you have with the app is unwelcome notifications, you will be better off disabling reminders in the app.

Besides, it is rare for Windows and the app to clash under normal circumstances. So, you should not forfeit the benefits of using the app if this is your main concern. As well, before removing the app, you should try troubleshooting it. That said, you can safely remove the application since it is not mandatory for your computer to operate. 

3. Is It Safe to Uninstall the HP Solutions Application?

Yes. You can safely uninstall the HP framework app. Even though it is installed on the computer, it is not mandatory for the computer to function. Therefore, you can safely uninstall the app without interfering with your system.

Uninstalling this application is easy. The process takes a few easy steps. You first need to open the control panel and then navigate to the Apps and Features section and open it. Next, choose the HP app by clicking on the name, then choose “Uninstall”. The last step involves opening the Registry Editor to delete any left files on your computer. For this, open the registry editor and navigate to the HP application to delete any left files.

4. What Does HP Solutions Framework Do?

This HP application provides the interface for simple and central access to HP-specific hardware and BIOS drivers for supported computers running supported operating systems.

What Does HP Solutions Framework Do

Also, you can use the HP framework to contact customer care at HP. Usually, the application comes pre-installed on all HP machines.

5. Is HP Assistant Good?

Absolutely. It is especially useful when your computer is still under warranty. At times, it can be quite useful, especially when the app pushes you to keep your computer up-to-date through updates and improvement alternatives.

6. How To Install the Support Solution App

The process of installing the HP solutions app is easy and straightforward. First, visit the HP website and download the latest app for your 64-bit or a 32-bit computer. Save the download and click the installer to run the program. The application will guide you through on-screen guides to install the app.


Wrapping up, Hewlett-Packard offers all HP users a comprehensive tool to accomplish several tasks. Howerver, sometimes yuo will need to deal with its negative effects and completely remove it.

In this post, you have learned that:

  • HP app is an online-based tool developed by HP and is ideal for finding and installing driver updates.
  • Also, you can use the app to contact customer care for help when your computer is under warranty.
  • Although the software framework isn’t necessary for a computer, it is not advisable to uninstall HP support since it has its benefits.
  • But there may be several valid reasons to disable this application, like high use of CPU, expired warranty, bugs and errors, security flaws, and more.
  • It’s possible to uninstall the app using three different ways or completely remove it. Please note that the latter will not have any negative effect on your computer.

With this knowledge, you can decide how to deal with HP solutions applications like a professional.

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