Can You Mix RAM Brands Without Facing Any Technical Issues

Can you mix RAM brands? This question might pop into your mind when you feel the need to buy a new RAM stick or upgrade the already existing one. Of course, more RAM ensures better CPU performance that ultimately boosts up your computer’s speed.

Can You Mix RAM Brands

So, if you have ever wondered about the same, then don’t let your mind dive into the pool of confusion, and read this article to get the perfect answer to your query.

Is It Possible To Combine RAM Brands?

Yes, it is possible to combine RAM brands, but the successful working of the combo isn’t guaranteed. The reason behind the given statement is that different brands use different materials for building RAMs. Plus, the sizes, speeds, latencies, and types of RAMs may vary among different brands.

So, the complications are huge while mixing RAMs of different brands. Even if you succeed in finding the two brands that provide RAM sticks with similar sizes, speeds, voltages, latencies, and types, the varying qualities of RAM material won’t let you breathe a sigh of relief.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that mixing RAM brands is possible but not recommended at all.

Now, what about combining the RAMs with other contrasting features? Read the following sections to clarify more queries related to combining RAMs.

Can You Mix RAM Sizes?

Yes, you can mix RAM sticks that have different sizes, but you will lose the chance of enjoying the best performance offered by the dual channel or flex mode. However, if you don’t play heavy games or use large and heavy software on your computer, then you can combine RAM sizes without negatively affecting the CPU performance. Moreover, if you want to understand how differently-sized RAMs will combine with each other, then here you go with more details based on an example query.

Can I Use 8GB and 16GB RAM Together?

You can use 8GB, and 16 GB RAM sticks together. Here, the 8GB of the first RAM will combine with the 8GB of the second RAM to build a dual-channel or flex mode. Next, the remaining 8GB will perform in the single-channel mode.

Similarly, if you ask, “Can I Use 4GB and 8GB RAM Together?”, then the answer would be the same as above. The combination of the given memory modules will be created in the same way as discussed in the previous answer but according to the given values. 

What Happens If You Use Two Different Types of RAM?

Nothing would happen because you can’t even fit two different types of RAM in a single motherboard. It is because the RAM slots are located differently in each generation of the motherboard. Hence, the motherboard won’t allow you to attach a different RAM type from the existing one.

The above explanation also solves the following query: “Can you mix DDR3 RAM with a DDR4 RAM?”

Can You Mix RAM Speeds DDR4?

Yes, you can combine RAMs with different speeds, but only if you are lucky enough. Mostly, frequent crashes or BSOD errors occur while creating a combo of speeds. Focusing on the positive side, if you successfully mix and match the speeds of the RAMs, then you won’t find any problems while performing simple tasks.

Can You Mix RAM Speeds DDR4

However, running the highly-intensive tasks might put you in trouble.

Can I Mix RAM With Different Latency?

Although mixing DDR4 RAM with different CAS latency is possible, however, you might face issues related to performance because the RAM with the faster timing will be forced automatically to run at the lowest level.

Benefits of Using a Matching Pair of RAMs

If you match RAM features and brands before combining the same, then you’ll gain the following benefits:

  • Your motherboard will be allowed to run RAM in dual or triple channel mode if supported
  • Higher bandwidth
  • A large amount of data will be transferred fastly 

What If the RAMs Do Not Work in Dual-channel Mode?

You won’t find any noticeable difference in your computer’s performance if you aren’t editing videos, performing 3D rendering, or working on heavy software. However, if your tasks require the best performance and more memory, then the single-channel mode will badly affect your PC’s performance. It would be good to note that the dual-channel mode increases the PC performance by up to 20 percent.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that dual-channel and single-channel modes are the concerns of the users who expect an exceptional performance while performing heavy tasks.  


1. Is Clearing the RAM a Better Idea Than Increasing the Same?

No, clearing the RAM won’t help if your computer runs memory-hungry programs frequently. Moreover, RAM contains useful data that is required by your PC to run the system processes fastly. Hence, if you clear the data, the performance of your PC will be reduced instead of increasing because it won’t have quick access to the required information.

2. What Does Form Factor Mean?

The given term points toward the size, shape, and physical specifications of the entire hardware or hardware components. You can describe the physical aspects of your PC with the help of the given term.

3. Is More RAM Required on Windows 11 Than Windows 10?

Yes, Windows 11 requires more RAM than Windows 10. It is because Windows 11 has more features and is more powerful than its previous version.

4. How Much RAM Is Required for Vanilla Minecraft?

The minimum amount of RAM required for Vanilla Minecraft is 4GB.

However, the gamers who usually use mods prefer 6GB or more for enjoying their game to the fullest.

5. How Much RAM Is Used By Fortnite?

Being a fast-paced game, Fortnite requires a minimum of 32GB of RAM to run properly.

6. Is It Recommended To Increase RAM For Improving FPS?

Yes, it would be good to increase your PC’s RAM to have a higher FPS. Having more RAM will boost the speed of your PC and have a positive effect on the FPS. On the other hand, if your PC is low on RAM, then it will badly affect the overall performance of your computer and lower the FPS.

How Much RAM Is Required for Vanilla Minecraft


There isn’t any doubt about the possibility of mixing the brands of the RAMs, but you should not go for something that isn’t recommended. In the other case, you’ll get trapped on the web of performance issues.

Also, read out the following important points to stay right with your RAM combo:

  • Mixing the RAM brands is not recommended
  • You can mix RAM sticks that have different sizes, but it has its negative effects.
  • You should always try to use the same RAM kits instead of mismatched RAM

Many times, things are to be considered at a higher level than the level of possibility, and pairing the RAMs comes under the given category.

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