Hyperx Cloud 2 Right Ear Not Working: Make Your Headset Functional

If your Hyperx cloud 2 or hyperx cloud flight wireless only has one side working, you can fix it by following our solutions. Having one faulty ear of your headset is the most common issue in headsets.

Hyperx Cloud 2 Right Ear Not Working

This article contains all the information you need to fix this issue; some experts’ ideas have also been included.

Keep reading this article to learn how you can tackle this problem and get out of it.

Why Your Hyperx Cloud 2 Right Ear Not Working?

The Hyperx cloud 2 headset right ear is not working because of several common causes like:

  • Problems with the source of the sound.
  • Computer and headphones one time bugs.
  • Mixed settings. 
  • Headset jack.
  • Wire and connectivity issues.
  • Check the manual.

– Problem With the Source

If you experience Hyperx cloud 2 sound issues, don’t take this as a problem with the headset. It might be a problem with the source of the sound. If you are playing a YouTube video or listening to a song from Spotify and experiencing the issue, there might be an issue with that part of the video or song. This is the leading cause, and it is always confusing. 

– Computer and Headphones One Time Bugs

There might be some issues with the computer, or the headset can sometimes stop working because of temporary bugs.

– Mixed Settings 

The audio settings has complete control over your headset. You can change the sound quality and shift the balance of both ears. Sometimes, people change their ears’ balance, and what happens next is they can only listen from one ear. 

– Headset Jack

Another reason for this problem could be that your headset jack could have some debris. This is also one of the leading causes; it mostly happens when your headset port is not fixed correctly in the jack. Or when you only hear from the headset, and that headset can play fine on other devices.

– Check the Manual

One thing you must do is check the manual of your Hyperx cloud II wireless headset. If you feel that the problem is with the hardware side of the headset, check the manual.

Check the Manual

Maybe the reason is listed there, and you can easily solve it.

– Wire and Connectivity Issues

You should know that two different wires provide the sound in a headset. If you are using the headset very roughly, twisting the wires going into it, and not taking proper care of it, the wire connection can cut off. And as a result, this sound on the side will likely cut off. And you will not be able to hear from both of your ears of the headset.

How To Fix Hyperx Ear Not Working Issue?

To fix Hyperx cloud 2 right ear not working issue, check these solutions:

  • Switch to another source.
  • Restart the computer and headphones.
  • Check the sound settings.
  • Clean headset jack.
  • Check if the device has a working warranty.
  • Fix it manually.

– Switch to Another Source

Suppose one ear of your Hyperx headset is not working correctly; you need to change the sound source. If you are watching a YouTube video, watch a different video and see if the problem still occurs. If you listen to a song from Spotify, listen to another audio or song and see if the problem still occurs. 

You can also change the port and change the computer to ensure that the problem is with your headset

– Restart Your Computer and Headphones

If you feel that the problem is with the computer, first, you need to unplug your Hyperx cloud alpha 2 headsets and then restart your computer. If you see some updates, let them be installed. These updates might be of your headset drivers. When your computer restarts and update successfully, plug your headset again, and you will no longer face the issue. If the problem is not resolved yet, move to the next step.

– Check the Sound Setting

You must check your sound settings because you might have changed the balance of both ears by mistake. If that is the case, go to the sound setting and do basic troubleshooting. You will see the slider shifted to one side, move the slider, and bring it back to the exact center. The more you move that slider to one side, the more you will listen from only that side of the headset, so you need to keep it in the middle.

Also, make sure the volume balance is equal for both ears. It is also possible that you have changed it by mistake. If you lower or mute the volume of one side, you will not be listening from that side of the headset, so make sure it should be equal to both sides.

After setting the balance of both ears of the headset, restart the program you are in, as some programs keep the legacy setting. If you get a prompt to restart your computer, let it restart.

– Clean Headset Jack

If you find debris on your gaming headsets jack, you need to use a lint-free cloth and brush to clean out any debris.

Clean Headset Jack

You can also use a blunt popsicle stick and compressed air. 

– Check the Warranty

If you have checked all the cases and nothing matches, you should check the Hyperx cloud 2 warranty. If you still have the warranty, you should reach out to the Hyperx team. Since they are professionals, they would come up with the best solution. They can replace your headset, give you a fresh piece, or offer you a professional repair. Both these are Win-Win situations for you.

– Fix Manually

If you have applied all the solutions mentioned above, but your problem is still there, you can go for the repair with any professional. But if you want to repair it manually by yourself, the first thing you need to do is apply some black electrical tape to the hole. There would be a point on your card that will easily bend, and that is where the problem can be; apply the tape there. 

This is a fundamental and temporary solution because the tap will lose after some time, and the problem will persist. 

To go for permanent solutions, you should have some tools. Be aware of it that while fixing, your headset can break. So if you are ready to take this risk, you can follow the below steps to go for the permanent solutions. 

First, you need to have some tools like wire stripper, wire cutters, masking tape, electrical tape, fine grit sandpaper, solder gun repairing kit, and shrinking tubing.

Let’s fix the headset manually.

  1. First, connect your headset to any audio source and keep playing music for some time; you can plug it into any computer. 
  2. Move your hand on the wire up and down when the audio is playing. And bend the wire with the width of your thumb to check where the cable is weak. Start checking this from the bottom of the wire next to the jack, as this is the most sensitive part, which is commonplace for the fault to occur. Press lightly at that point of the wire while listening to the mu; you will hear the music from both ears at some point there, which means you have discovered where the fault is. 
  3. Mark that area where you just discovered the shot. You can put a round masking tape above and below it. 
  4. This is the time to unplug your headset from the computer
  5. Now take the wire cutter and cut that short area of the wire. You have to cut it from the above and below sides of that faulty area. Make sure you make a fine slice of each side. You have to do it carefully, not to cut the wires themselves, but only the coating around the wire. Do it by applying very little force as if by mistake you miss the wire; it will be useless.
  6. Strip back the wearing shield on both sides, so the wire comes out. You have to keep cutting the coating until you see three wires. Those three wires will be red, black, white, and copper. You might find other colors, but there will always be three wires.
  7. Once you have discovered those three wires, the next step is stripping those three wires. This is the most crucial step because the coating and these wires are fragile and can be cut completely, so you must work carefully by applying significantly less force. You might need some fine grit sandpaper to get the final layers off because these are very hard to clear. There will be no covering if you have copper wires, so you will not need a stripper or sandpaper. 
  8. It’s time to reconnect the wires; make sure you connect matching colors and wires. This is the step where you can use sharing tubing as well. Depending on the type of wires, you can also use the splicing method or a solder gun.
  9. In the final steps, you need to test the headset and make sure that you can listen from both ears of the headset.
  10. If you have followed the above steps correctly, there is a high possibility that now you will be able to listen from a headset’s ears. And then, you can use electrical tape to repair the wire. Use extra tape to stay strong, and don’t get loose sooner.

This time you have fixed your headset, but after a few days, if you experience the same issue again, you must check the same spot on the wire before doing anything else. Because after repairing it once it has become the most fragile and weak spot, the fault can occur again. You must also store your headset carefully and prevent bends in the wire. 


After reading the article, now you have a solid understanding of all the causes of this issue and know how to fix the problem.

Let’s summarize this article:

  • The Hyperx cloud II right ear does not work because of the problem with the source of the sound, computer, or setting.
  • Before doing anything, you should restart your computer and if the problem still exists, check the headset with another sound source.
  • If you want to fix the issue manually, do it with great care because the wires are susceptible and weak.

If you face Hyperx cloud 2 wireless issues, you can use this article as a guide, find the best solution, and build quality sound again.

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