Arctis 7 Mic Not Working: How To Solve This Issue

If you’re here because of the Arctis 7 mic not working issue then don’t worry we have solutions for this issue.

Arctis 7 Mic Not Working

SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a wireless gaming headset with premium sound quality, comfortable headbands and long battery life.

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Why Is Arctis 7 Mic Not Working?

The headphone’s mic doesn’t work due to several problems. It could be any of the following reasons:

– Connection Issue:

Sometimes, when the headphone isn’t connected to the device properly, this issue occurs. Therefore, you should check if the headphone is connected to the device’s Bluetooth.

– Outdated Audio-Drivers:

It is possible that if our headphone’s mic is not working, the audio drivers can be outdated and need an upgrade from the app to be compatible with the device it’s connected to.

– Technical Issue:

When the headphone’s mic is not working, check if the device has granted access to the microphone. Sometimes, users deny the access of their microphones on their devices like laptops, phones etc due to which the headphone’s mic doesn’t work.

– Audio Settings:

Check your audio setting on the device. It may be on mute or the mic sound is zero due to which you’re unable to hear the voice and think that the headphone’s mic isn’t working. So, check your device’s audio setting for the Arctis 7 headset.

How To Resolve Arctis 7 Mic Issues:

Given below are the solutions to these problems.

– Hardware Reset To Solve the Arctis 7 Mic Not Working Issue

Try to reset the device through its app or manually to fix the malfunction of the device and see if it starts working again.

  • Under the left ear cup of the headphone, there is a pinhole. Use a paperclip or thin pin and press that button for about 1 second.
  • The microphone hardware will reset. Check whether it is working or not.
  • If not, move on to the next step.

– Check Connections

Do some simple troubleshooting before doing any changes. Check if the Arctis 7 headset is connected to the device. If the headphone is a wired headphone – the old version – then look for any loose cables and make sure all connectors are attached properly.

Check Connections Of Arctis 7 Mic

If no problem is found in the connectors, try plugging the headset in a different port and see if that fixes the issue.

– Grant Access to the Microphone

If our gaming headsets are connected to the devices but the microphones are not working, then go to settings of the headset on its app and check if you have allowed the app to use the microphone. In case you have, grant access to the microphone. Below are the steps to do it.

  • Open the Cortana search bar and type “microphone” and click on the privacy settings.
  • Under the option of “Allow apps to access your microphone”, Make sure it is towards the “ON” button so those apps can grant access to the microphone.
  • Now scroll down and see which apps can access our microphone. If you want “ON”, the app should be on the option “ON”, otherwise vice versa.
  • If this problem is solved your issue should be resolved.
  • Check if the mic works properly now. If the problem is persistent, check the next solution below.

– Adjust the Audio Settings

When you plug into a new audio device, or in the case of a wireless headset, connect to a new device, Windows automatically detects and sets it as a default playback device. But sometimes this may not happen automatically, and you’ll have to re-enable our headset’s microphone and manually set it as a default device. Here is how to do it manually:

  • Press the Windows+R keys on the keyboard, Run dialog box will open up. Then search “control”.
  • In the Control Panel, select Large icons from the “View” in the drop-down menu and click on the Sound icon.
  • Click on the recording tab.
  • Right-click on an empty space in the device list and select “Show Disabled Devices”.
  • Now right-click the headset microphone and enable the device.
  • Once again right-click on it and set it as a Default Device.
  • A third time, right-click on the headset’s microphone and select Properties.
  • Click on the Levels tab and increase the volume to the highest.
  • Click okay to save the changes.
  • Now check if the issue has been resolved or not.

– Configure the Steelseries Engine Software

Download and install its latest software. This helps the Arctis 7 headset work effectively. This Engine has some important configurations that are needed to enable all the headset’s features and functions to the fullest. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Download and install its latest software on the computer.
  • Open the Engine and disconnect the Arctis 7 from the computer and reconnect it.
  • Once the Headset is recognized by the Engine, Click on the displayed device name.
  • This will open the device configurations. Click on the “Live Mic Preview”.
  • Test the microphone to see if it’s working.
  • Adjust the settings however you like according to you and minimize the application.
  • The problem should be solved.

People Also Ask

1. Why Does the Steelseries Arctis Headset’s Mic Not Work?

If SteelSeries Arctis mic isn’t working, recheck the main cable. The duel extension cable should be plugged-in correctly. Go through the microphone access settings on your computer and adjust it from there. It should most likely work then.

Why Does the Steelseries Arctis Headset Mic Not Work

Otherwise, you may have to buy a new one.

2. Why Is Steelseries Mic Not Working On Xbox?

Please check if the headset isn’t on mute. Check the mute button on the microphone settings and go to the audio section on your Xbox. You may also have to adjust the audio settings manually to increase the microphone volume. Your voice will get clearer and louder.

3. How to Pair Arctis 7 With the Wireless Transmitter?

Press and hold the transmitter pairing button until the LED starts to blink rapidly. The button is located on the side of the transmitter. With the headset off, now press and hold the power button for 6 seconds for the SteelSeries Arctis 7 to reset.

4. Is Arctis 7 a Wired Headset?

Unlike other SteelSeries headsets, the Arctis 7 headset comes with features featuring both wireless and wired connectivity. However, to use it wirelessly, you would not be able to connect it like other Bluetooth headsets.


After reading this article, now you know why the Arctis 7 mic issue occurs and how you can use different methods to resolve this issue.

Here is the quick go-through of the article:

  • The most common issue with SteelSeries Arctis 7 mic is its technical issue or with the audio settings that need checking.
  • Arctis 7 Mic issues can be resolved in both ways; manually and automatically.
  • The first thing to do if the mic doesn’t work is to restart it and check if the problem is resolved. The button is found on the left side of the headset.

Now you should be able to resolve your mic issue. Thank you for reading!

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