Astro A40 Mic Not Working: A Complete List of Best Solutions

The Astro A40 mic not working error may happen due to a variety of reasons, but the most common is because your volume is muted or set too low. Fortunately, there are many methods you can do to fix the error and make your headset mic function properly again.

Astro A40 Mic Not Working

In addition, the error may happen due to certain hardware issues, faulty audio settings, and Astro application errors.

Keep reading the article to learn how to make your headset work again by fixing the audio driver.

Why Astro A40 Mic Not Working?

The most common reason for Astro mic not working is that your volume is set to extremely low or muted completely. Note that the Astro headset can possibly face additional issues. The same error was reported to the Astro Mixamp Pro TR mic, and many believed this was a serious hardware flaw. 

How To Fix the Mic Not Working Error?

Keep reading the following sections of this article, where we teach you how to remove the error from your Astro gaming headset completely.

The easiest way to fix the common mic error from your headset is to check whether your volume is low or completely muted. If so, all you should do is unmute the volume, and the problem will be fixed. However, things are not always that ideal, and there is usually something more to the error than just the muted volume.

So, first, we will show you a bullet list consisting of some of the most common solutions, and then we will discuss each solution in more detail:

  • Make sure the cable is inserted into the device properly
  • Plugging the cable to the backside of the PC
  • Setting the headset as a default device in your audio mic settings
  • Tweaking the settings inside the application
  • Purchasing an additional USB stereo adapter

As you can see, all the solutions shown in this list can provide a quick solution, but things are easier said than done.

– Inserting the Cable in the Device Properly

The first solution we will explain is also the easiest you can do. A lot of customers have reported a common problem with the Astra A40 headset that unless the cable goes in properly, the device will not work no matter what. This is a manufacturing problem that many headsets of the same sort face and the Astro A40 belongs in this category too.

Inserting the Cable in the Device Properly

However, if this solution does not work for you and the same problem still occurs, move to the following section, where we explain more about the second solution.

– Plugging the Cable to the Backside of the PC

USB slots and ports can usually fail after extended use, especially if you plug the jack in and out all the time. So, whenever you buy a new device, but it does not work, a common problem is faulty USB slots and ports. In addition, certain USB slots may not support the cable version, which can sometimes be annoying. 

The easiest way to solve the error is to plug the same cable in a different USB slot, either on the same computer or a different device. It would be best to test the cable on a USB slot you know works to be sure that the problem is in your port. However, what if you have no other computers and it is impossible to test the device this way?

In this case, you should plug the cable into all the USB slots and slots on your computer. Every computer comes with USB slots on both ends, so test the others if one does not work. If you are using a laptop, do the same for all the USB slots you have. In addition, make sure you are not plugging a USB 2.0 receiver into a USB 3.0 receiver, which may cause this issue.

– Setting a Different Device as a Default Mic

Next, if none of the previous solutions worked, it is time to do some manual troubleshooting. You should follow several steps, which are explained in detail in the following bullet list. Please keep reading to learn how to change a default mic:

  1.     Locate the speaker icon at the bottom-right corner, right-click it, and click on “Recording devices.”
  2.     You will be presented with all connected recording devices. You will see green bars going up and down when you speak on your microphone.
  3.     If you cannot see any green bars, identify the connected device, click to highlight it, and select the Set Default option at the bottom of the screen.
  4.     Test your mic again, and if you see the green bars going up and down, you are done. If not, continue reading this list.
  5.     Double-click your microphone to open the Microphone Settings. Select the Levels tab at the top of the screen.
  6.     Drag the slider all the way to the right until the number says “100”.
  7.     Click OK and save the changes.
  8.     If the problem still occurs, repeat the same process for all connected devices, and check for any disabled devices.
  9.     You should left-click inside the Recording tab and select the “Show Disabled Devices” option. All devices will be shown.
  10.   Repeat the process for all disabled devices. Your problem should now be fixed.

If nothing has changed and the problem still persists, it is time to move to the following solution.

– Tweaking the Settings Inside the Application

You should always check the settings in the Astro audio application, which is the final solution you can try before looking for hardware alternatives. This is where you can locate any pending updates for the firmware, disabled options, and hidden settings, which is common for the working Xbox series. First, you should check for any pending updates, which might be a simple solution to the mic error.

Next, you should check whether the settings are properly set, which is easy to do. We will explain how to check the settings in the following bullet list, so keep reading for more:

  1.     Open the Astro audio application, locate the Microphone tab, and right-click it.
  2.     You will see the USB Mic Level bar, which must be set to the maximum value by moving the slider to the right.
  3.     Check the values in all other bars, and repeat the same step.
  4.     Save the changes, and click Exit.

Now, the error should be fixed. First, check the function by repeating the steps from the previous solution. Everything is fixed if you see the green bar going up and down. If not, it is time to contact your local dealership to check for any hardware faults.

However, we will provide an additional solution for everyone who lacks USB slots and ports.

– Purchasing an Additional USB Stereo Adapter

If you own a device without two ports, which is especially common with newer laptops, it is time to look for an additional solution. One of the ports is intended for your mic, and the other for your headphones. However, what should you do if you do not have any ports and the only solution is your USB slot?

Purchasing an Additional USB Stereo Adapter

In that case, you must purchase an additional USB stereo adapter. This adapter contains two ports, one for your headphone and one for your mic, and it plugs inside the USB slot in your computer. You can plug both devices in easily, and you should not have any compatibility issues. In addition, these USB stereo adapters are fairly inexpensive.

You can purchase such a gadget for less than $10, which is surely worth the money.

If this solution doesn’t work as well, it’s time to find professional help or contact the dealer with a request to replace the device or refund the money.


The common problem with your Astro A40 device can be fixed easily by checking whether you have muted the volume completely. However, this is not the only fact this complete guide taught us, as you will soon see from the following bullet list containing all the important points:

  • The same error Astro A40 error usually happens with other headphones, especially within a similar price range.
  • Locating the problem can sometimes be tedious, but checking the volume bar is the easiest thing.
  • The muted volume bar is not the only culprit for this error because other factors can affect the quality of your mic, as explained at the beginning.
  • We have provided four basic solutions to fix this annoying problem with your new headset.
  • If none of the solutions work, it is time to contact your local dealership for a refund or replacement.

This complete guide made you an expert at removing the annoying mic error with your latest Astro A40 device. If you are one of the many customers facing this issue, this guide is the perfect solution to all your problems, so definitely give it a go!

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