Is Newegg Legit: All Doubts Settled and Questions Answered

Is Newegg legit ? As a buyer, you should always be conscious and careful when buying products online because they have no refund or return policies. Newegg, which is a customer service platform, partners with third-party vendors and is popular among retailers for PC building.

Is Newegg Legit

Many high-quality products can be found here for extremely low rates and discounted prices. Through this article, we will explain every detail you need to know about Newegg, whether it is safe or a scam, and go through Newegg reviews.

Is Newegg Legit?

Newegg is a legit website for people to purchase electronic and computer goods from. If you are ordering from Newegg directly, it is considered to be safe and legit. But third-party vendors under them must go through a difficult process before they become eligible to sell their commodity. 

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Newegg, like every other website, has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s a good idea to check them before making the final decision and purchasing anything from their website.

The main advantages are:

  • A wide array of categories to browse and buy, from graphic cards to computer hardware and office supplies.
  • A lot of discounts are available, making it a great place to shop at affordable prices.
  • Customers can browse freely and comfortably with filters that are flexible and easy to use.
  • Customers can compare products that rival each other, learn more about technology and electronics and get to understand products from the customer reviews and feedback.
  • The platform also provides technical support as and when needed, be it related to computer hardware or software.

The disadvantages are listed below:

  • Newegg doesn’t have any system in place to stop scalpers from increasing the price of consumer electronics and other goods.
  • The service isn’t that great compared to their competitors.
  • When it comes to third-party vendors, the refund and return policy cannot be trusted fully.

– Working Process and Transparency

Newegg buys its products directly from its manufacturers. They then sell it to consumers and businesses. This is the main reason why they offer items at low prices because there is no involvement of a middle person. 

Over the last few years, the company has spread to 50 different countries with 1,500 employees and serves over 36 million customers worldwide. Because of this, they have steady growth and good profits, allowing them to provide discounts and offers that are way below the average market price. This helps them stand out from giants like Amazon and BestBuy. 

As mentioned above, they also have multiple fulfillment centers worldwide to aid with ordering in Newegg. This enables them to deliver goods to consumers within just a few days. If a vendor wants to sell their item on the Newegg platform, they can just contact the company that will sell their item for a low price.

Is Newegg Reliable and Secure?

Newegg is as reliable and secure as its competitors like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. It directly sells several products, and therefore its quality is expected to be very high. Since their main products on the market are electronic goods, there is a slight chance that consumers might get faulty products. 

But in case you purchase a defective item on Newegg, you can always send it back to get it replaced or repaired and even refund it. In the case of refunds, if the product that you ordered from Newegg is dead on arrival (DOA), you can apply for a refund claim, and the company will send you a shipping label so that you can safely return the product. Once it reaches the company, if the product is found to be defective, you will get refunded. Therefore, their return and refund policy is very true to mark.

– Customer Service and Support

Newegg is also highly appreciated for its service. On the platform, we will be able to view the seller rating for each third-party vendor that is based on the customer or buyer feedback and reviews. Newegg values customer privacy and takes it very important. Their platform is not prone to unnecessary ads, malware, or virus. Therefore a pleasant browsing experience is guaranteed on their website. 

Customer Service and Support

The response time from customer service is somewhere between 24 to 48 hours or within a business day. Newegg does have a live chat system where any kind of customer support related to orders, refunds, payment issues, and other information is available readily at all times. As of a recent survey, Customer Support has a mixed review, with both positive and negative feedback. If you are still unhappy with their service and marketing strategies, keep reading to find alternatives.

How Is Newegg Different From Third-party Sellers?

If you decide to purchase goods from a third-party seller on the platform, then you need to be aware of Marketplace seller’s policies. Every item sold by these third-party vendors, is it computer hardware or consumer electronics, is on a case-by-case basis to ensure the quality of the items. You should always carefully read the refund, return and exchange policies before making a purchase. It is also advised to look into their restocking fee and return shipping label policy. The return for products sold by third-party vendors is quite inconsistent compared to those directly sold by Newegg.

In the case of restocking, Newegg does not charge a fee at all, irrespective of the reason for returning the item. But if the purchase is made from a third-party seller, then you might have to pay a fee as per their policy. Therefore, it is always safe to read the terms and conditions, refund, and restocking policies before making the purchase.

Is the Public Review About Newegg Good and Ethical?

Newegg tries to deliver the ultimate customer experience, but the reviews about their customer service, especially in the case of third-party vendors, haven’t been that great. It is a platform that does trading with both buyers and sellers. They try their best to give the right product if the customer buys a defective one. It also serves as a place where third-party sellers can sell their computer hardware and consumer electronics in bulk for an affordable price tag.

But they cannot stop scalpers from increasing the price of graphic cards to two to three-time their original. This leads to a lot of customer dissatisfaction. Even though Newegg doesn’t hunt down these scalpers manually, they have implemented a drawing system called Newegg Shuffle, which tries to stop scalpers. But even then, the chances of getting graphics cards at the original price are very low.

Newegg is the platform for all kinds of computer hardware, software, and information. No matter where you go, whether you need technical support or want to build a computer tower, Newegg can help you out with it. It can also provide you with the parts and devices at a low and affordable rate. Along with this, the website also has a blog that aims towards helping and guiding people in getting started with building DIY computers, repairing devices, and so on. In this area of expertise, other eCommerce websites lack a lot, as they don’t have many technical services, support, or deals.

Does Newegg Make Legal Money? 

Newegg mainly makes its money through the marketplace. They have three types of membership plans:

  1. Standard
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise

Sellers can choose whether to ship their products by themselves or through Newegg’s multiple fulfillment centers. If the sellers plan to use Newegg’s services, then they are charged additional fees for handling orders, pick up, packing, weight checking, monthly inventory storage, return of inventory, and disposal. From a seller’s perspective, all of these are too hard to track, hence they opt for Newegg’s services.

Does Newegg Make Legal Money

For every successful sale that happens on the platform, Newegg takes almost 8 percent to 14 percent depending on the price of the product and category. Just like other e-commerce platforms, sellers pay a commission for the business that they do. It is also affiliated with the Newegg Business, which is a platform that provides the US and global sellers an opportunity to sell in bulk to over 150,000 businesses. The US sellers are charged at 10 percent to 15 percent, and the international sellers are charged a fixed rate of 12 percent. They also have an application called Newegg Premier, that gives access to the highest-spending customers, just like Amazon Prime but for sellers only.

The ethical part about Newegg is that they have no hidden fees. It is very transparent with its buyers. The only price you pay is what you see on the price tag plus any shipping fees, if there are any associated with the product.


1. What Are the Newegg Payment Methods?

Given below is the list of methods you can use with Newegg:

  • American Express
  • Newegg Store Credit Card
  • MasterCard
  • Union Pay
  • Visa
  • Amex Express Checkout
  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • BitPay
  • MasterPass
  • PayPal

2. What Are the Best Newegg Alternatives?

Different customers have different preferences and comfort zones, and that is fine. Here are some of the best and most popular alternatives to Newegg:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Central Computer
  • Micro Center
  • Walmart
  • SlickDeals
  • BestBuy
  • GameStop

3. Is Newegg Cheaper Than Amazon?

Certain products on Newegg are cheaper when compared to Amazon. A commonly asked question is, “Is Newegg owned by Amazon?”. They are both different companies and competitors. Newegg sells more consumer electronics and home appliances; therefore these items are way cheaper than Amazon. This is mainly because Newegg focuses more on tech hardware which is difficult for even Amazon to deal with, even though it’s a retail giant. But not all products are cheaper on Newegg.

Is Newegg Cheaper Than Amazon

For some products, Amazon offers better deals compared to Newegg. Hence they cancel each other out in terms of fierce competition and low margin. Even though Newegg offers products that are affordable with greater discounts and lower prices than Amazon, the latter offers better customer service and a return and refund policy.

4. Does a Chinese Company Own Newegg?

Most of the shares of Newegg were acquired by Liason Interactive in 2016. But in 2020, a merger agreement was decided by both the companies, Lianluo Smart Limited and Newegg. This resulted in the stockholders of Newegg becoming the majority owners of the company. NASDAQ: NEGG is the public trading name of Newegg as of May 2021.

5. Does Newegg Sell Fake Products?

No, Newegg doesn’t sell fake products. However, it can happen if the company’s suppliers are able to trick them somehow or if the third-party sellers are unreliable or shady. The company is not always able to identify the scammers and hold them accountable for the fake product they are selling. In this case, you should be very careful and check the seller’s reviews and feedback, do some research before buying any product.


All users have their preferences when it comes to online shopping. Some prefer those websites that have secure payment; some prefer those with better deals and affordable prices, and others prefer ones with flexible and reliable refund and exchange policies. Therefore, it is always better to look at public opinion before going ahead and placing your order.

Given below are some points that throw some light on Newegg and its safety:

  • Newegg is an eCommerce website that mainly deals with consumer electronics and computer hardware.
  • They provide products directly and through third-party vendors.
  • Their policies are very reliable, legit, and safe. But purchasing goods with third-party vendors could be a hassle as some of them could be scalpers.
  • Their service and help towards customers are commendable, and they have a live chat system for support at all times.
  • They also have a blog for users to refer to for technical knowledge and premier services for sellers.

Always be alert while on the internet; not sharing your details, reading through policies before agreeing etc., can indeed keep one safe, be it online shopping, gaming, or simply surfing the web. There are various alternatives to Newegg, but the best platform for the tech genius or even a beginner would always be this one!

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