Newegg Alternative: Check Similar Companies and Websites

Newegg is a famous computer hardware and electronics company but now, amazon is a better Newegg alternative found on the internet.

Newegg Alternative

The competition between these two websites in the computer hardware industry is still very tough. Keep reading more to find the best alternatives for Newegg!

Best Alternatives of Newegg and Why

Names of Alternatives Reasons To Use Them
TigerDirect Products are found at a cheaper price on TigerDirect. They have the largest computer-based selection of products and services. Customers are satisfied from their services.
Best Buy This website offers its users technical support and is known for its consumer electronic products and services. 
Micro Center 30,000 computer and electronic product collections available. Just like it is on Newegg’s website. 
B&H Photo Video Best known for the camera collections they have other than computer hardwares and electronics.
DealeXtreme Best to purchase Chinese electronic goods.
Geekbuying They have excellent customer services and have a fast international shipping process. They sell computer parts and electronic products.
Cyberguys Best known for its huge inventory, low prices and discounts. It is easier to use and understand this website.
PCPartPicker This website helps those who want to build their own computers at a cheaper price. It gives them a complete detail and virtual list of parts when building their own computer.
Central Computer The experience is similar to Newegg. They have a large collection of computer hardware and software along with stylish monitors and overall computer equipment. It works in a similar way as Newegg does.

List of Best Newegg Alternatives

Given below are the best known alternatives of Newegg.

– eBay:

eBay is somewhat really similar to Newegg. It has similar product collections and almost works in the same way as Newegg functions. Both websites give similar experiences. It’s a multinational eCommerce website that is B to B and C to see. It helps the consumers to meet new consumers and retailers to meet new retailers. 

– Walmart

Walmart is another famous retailer. It has online as well as on-ground business. It does not only sell computer equipment or electronic products but it has a lot of different segments like fashion etc.

– Central Computer

This website is also a leading retailer of computer electronics. It is considered to be the top and best alternative to Newegg. They have a wide collection of hardware, software, laptops, and monitors, as well as cables, peripherals, and mobile accessories that users can select from. 

– Amazon:

This website is extremely famous and currently leading the marketplace. They have a wide range of electronic items, tablets, e-reading services, computers and its hardware and a lot more to offer to their customers.

Amazon Alternative

They provide quality products and services.

– TigerDirect

Buyers can find Computer hardware and software products at a cheaper price at TigerDirect. It has the largest selection of products and services. They even accept bulk purchases and give discounts. The customer is helped at every step by a staff member.

– Best Buy

This website is best known for its consumer electronics products and services. The website offers its users consultation, designs, installments, membership, repair products, setup process and also technical support. They operate domestically and internationally as well.

– Micro Center

This website offers a wide selection of computers, electronics, networking and communication products with 30,000 product collections available.

– B&H Photo Video

This website is best known for the camera collections they have. They are authorized retailers for famous camera companies like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic or Sony, etc. They provide us with the best services, pricing and delivery.

– DealeXtreme

This website is best known for selling Chinese electronic goods. Each item is described thoroughly including its price and discounts and warranty as well.

– Geekbuying

The website aims to provide the best collection of consumer electronics products. Therefore, they have excellent customer service and a fast international shipping process.

– Cyberguys

This website specialized in unique and hard-to-find products for computers and electronics.

Cyberguys Alternative


It is best known for its huge inventory, amazing customer service and low price products.

– PCPartPicker

Users can find computer parts here. They offer good quality products at cheaper prices and help those who want to make their own computers. It lets us create a virtual computer part list and offers suitable guidance along with the current prices of the product.

– Gamestop:

Gamestop is another great alternative to Newegg. However, they have limited products offered to the buyers. Their major stock is for gamers. They sell computer hardware and electronic devices related to gaming. They are best known among the gamers community.

What Are the Payment Methods of Newegg


1. Is Newegg a Good and Ethical Company?

Yes, Newegg is a good and ethical company known by many computer users. It does its business with buyers and sellers, all around the world. Newegg is known for good customer satisfaction feedback. The company also tries to make the customer happy by the return or refund policies if the product received is defective. 

However, when it comes to scalpers buying the products and selling them at a higher price, that is a problem yet to be solved by the company completely. Customers find this a disservice to them. Although some steps are taken to solve this issue, the company made a new drawing system known as Newegg Shuffle, which indirectly identifies and stops the scalpers.

2. What Is the Business Model of Newegg To Make Money?

Newegg makes the money through the marketplace. There are three options given to the users to get a membership of Newegg.

  • Standard ($29.95 Per Month)
  • Professional ($29.95 Per Month)
  • Enterprise ($99.95 Per Month)

Sellers are given two options, either ship the product through the company’s fulfillment centers or ship it themselves. If the seller opts for the second option, the company charges them extra for order handling, pick and packaging, weight measures, monthly inventory storage, inventory returns or disposals.

For every successful sale, Newegg charges anywhere from 8% to 14% depending on the category of the product. Sellers have to pay a commission to use the platform for their business. The company supports bulk sales for 150,000 businesses. US sellers are charged between 10 to 15 percent and international sellers are charged at a 12% fixed rate. 

Newegg also has “Newegg Premier” for the high-spending customers, a feature just like Amazon has, but for sellers only. The company is very transparent with its customers and buyers, there are no hidden fees on this website. We buy the products at the exact price it shows along with the shipping fees it has.

3. What Are the Payment Methods of Newegg?

Like every other online retail shop/website, Newegg has a list of a wide range of payment methods that buyers can use.

  • Newegg Credit Card.
  • American Express.
  • Diners Club.
  • Discover.
  • JCB.
  • MasterCard.
  • Union Pay.
  • Visa.
  • Newegg Gift Card.
  • Amex Express Checkout.
  • Android pay.
  • Apple pay.
  • BitPay.
  • Paypal.
  • Masterpass

4. Can You Get a Refund From Newegg?

Yes, we can get a refund from Newegg. In fact, the return or refund policies for the defected or dead-on-arrival products are quite satisfactory. We have to submit a return claim and Newegg will send us the shipping label so that we can return the defective product. If the product is found to be defective, we will get a refund.

5. Why Is Newegg a Better Alternative to Amazon?

Anytime we need technical support or make a customized computer on our own, Newegg is the place to get everything we need including all the hardware, software and other electronics at a very cheap price. 

The website also has blogs specifically helping out beginners to get started with DIY computer building. This is something Amazon doesn’t have and it has limited, less to no support on the technical side. Thus Newegg is better than Amazon in this perspective.

6. Is Newegg Owned by a Chinese Company?

The company was founded by a Chinese man, Fred Chang. He was the CEO and founder of the company. In 2016, Liaison Interactive took most of the stake in Newegg. In 2020, Newegg and Lianluo Smart Limited agreed to merge.

This merger resulted in the Newegg stockholders becoming majority owners.

7. Is Newegg a Third-party Seller?

Yes, Newegg is a third-party seller, but the company sells its original items too. However, the other sellers have to go through tough and complex safety checks and measurements before they are eligible to advertise their products on the Newegg platform.

8. What Is the Best Newegg Alternative?

The best alternative to Newegg is Amazon. Amazon is free to use and having a membership is not necessary for the users. Some other great and free to use famous platforms are:

  • eBay.
  • Aliexpress.
  • Particle Marketplace.

9. What Are the Marketplace Items on Newegg?

Newegg offers the users the following items in the marketplace:

  • Electronics.
  • Digital Cameras.
  • Office Products.
  • Apparel & Accessories.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Home Living.
  • Beauty.
  • Health & Wellness.

    Is Newegg Owned by a Chinese Company


After reading the entire article, we now know about Newegg. However, if you don’t wish to use Newegg and found a good alternative from this article, make sure you know about that website basics, as given in this article, before buying any product from it. Here are the key takeaways from this article:

  • Newegg is best known for computer hardware, software and consumer electronics that have a relatively cheaper price than other famous websites.
  • Newegg made a new drawing system known as Newegg Shuffle, which indirectly identifies and stops the scalpers.
  • The best alternative for Newegg is Amazon. It is free to use and the quality of the products and services are extraordinary.

Now you can find the best suitable alternative to Newegg that you were looking for. Thank you for reading our blog!

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