Motion Blur On or Off: Which Option Should You Choose

Motion blur on or off can be set according to your gaming preferences. As there are different types of games, including the solo and the competitive ones, you’ll need to set the “motion” blur accordingly to enhance your gaming experience.

Motion Blur On or Off

Hence, this article discusses the perfect timings for switching the motion blur settings and the various ways to decrease the blur effect.

Keep reading to understand the concept of “motion” blur in the world of games and learn to deal with the same.

Should You Turn Motion Blur On or Off?

You should turn the “motion” blur on to give a realistic touch to your game and see the objects as you would see them in real life. Moreover, you can turn the “motion” blur off if you are competing against your opponents and don’t want the blurred graphics to make you lose the battle.

– Turning “Motion” Blur On

Are you playing a solo game in which neither you have enemies, nor you are threatened to be attacked? Well, such kinds of games are quite fun-filled as there is no fear but only a desire to win. Here, you should turn on the “motion” blur to blur the objects around your character while the latter is running quickly. Also, it will blur the objects when the same objects move on your screen at high speed.

You can have a realistic gaming experience with your motion blur on. Imagine playing a game in which you have to reach an endpoint to be the winner. Here, if you set the motion blur on, you’ll be able to focus on your character without being distracted by the surrounding objects. You won’t care if the tree beside you has some fruits or its leaves are falling but all that’ll be under your focus will be your character.

– Turning “Motion” Blur Off

Are you a strong and competitive fighter in the game? Well, in such a case, you should turn off the motion blur. This way, you will be able to see the entire screen clearly. Moreover, your enemies won’t be able to hide from you or make a surprise attack.

Suppose you are playing a fighting game. Here, you will need to take action quickly and focus on the entire game screen, including your opponents. So, if you turn the motion blur off, then you’ll be able to perform better in such kinds of games. No objects will be blurred and you won’t lose your focus on anything.

How To Switch Off “Motion” Blur?

The motion blur effect can be switched off by either directly switching off the blur option or adjusting some other settings such as Chromatic Aberration or increasing the PC’s Refresh Rate Works. Either way, it’s up to a player’s preferences.

– Disable Motion Blur

Mostly, you’ll find an option in the game setting to set the “motion” blur as per your preference. You’ll only need to switch off the “blur” setting to remove the blur effect from your game. This is the easiest way to get rid of blurred vision while gaming.

Disable Motion Blur

However, if your game settings don’t have such kind of option, then you should proceed with other solutions.

– Deal With the Chromatic Aberration

In case you haven’t heard the above-stated term earlier, here you go with its meaning. Chromatic Aberration is one of the game settings that offer a 3D effect to your game. It is often known as the colored distortion effect and is different from the blur effect.

But then why is it being discussed here? It is because the purpose of the given setting is similar to the purpose of “motion” blur: to provide a realistic touch to the games. Hence, if you adjust the said setting, then you’ll see a noticeable positive change in your game’s performance.

Chromatic Aberration can be adjusted from the game settings.

– Increasing Your PC’s Refresh Rate Works

If you are unable to turn off the blur effect, then increasing the refresh rate of your PC will help you reduce the same effect. Moreover, the possibility of having a higher frame rate also increases with the higher refresh rate of your monitor. So, it would be safe to say that a higher refresh rate can result in a better gaming experience.

Making it simple, implementing this solution means that you are increasing the game’s performance to overcome the blur effect.

Please note that if your CPU and GPU aren’t powerful enough, then you won’t be able to take advantage of high FPS unless you set a lower value for your graphics settings. Again, here you’ll have two paths in front of you: lowering the graphics settings and purchasing a new GPU. Now, it depends on your choice to pick a particular path.

How Can You Switch Motion Blur On or Off TV?

You can’t switch on or off the “motion” blur on TV. It is because there is neither any “motion” blur effect applied to your TV nor an option to turn off the same. However, many TV shows have a lower FPS, which results in blur graphics. Also, it would be good to note that the older LCDs use liquid crystal elements for creating images on the TV and the same crystals move at a low speed.

Hence, lower FPS, slowly moving liquid crystals, or a combo of both can cause blurriness on your TV, but you can reduce the same by purchasing a TV with a higher refresh rate.

If you talk about motion blur on or off movies, then note that it’s caused by the shutter angle or shuttering speed of the camera. So, you can not alter the same while watching the movie on television.


1. What Is the Difference Between Ghosting and “Motion” Blur?

Ghosting refers to the consequences of a lower response rate of your monitor. However, “motion” blur is an effect that is meant to enhance the gaming experience and focus of the solo players by blurring the surroundings.

Furthermore, ghosting makes all of the objects and your main object look like a ghost. It gives the worst gaming experience because all that you can see on the screen are ghosts. On the other hand, “motion” blur lets you focus on the main character while blurring the surroundings to avoid distraction.

2. Should Motion Blur Be On or Off For the Popular Games?

If you are not sure about the blur effect in the video games, just check the below recommendations for the popular games:

  • Motion blur God of Wars

Although God of War comes with 10 values for setting the blur effect, you should keep it to zero. However, if you don’t like the game’s result with zero blur effect, then you can set the same to either two or three.

Should Motion Blur Be On or Off

It is because the higher the blur effect in God of War, the least you’ll be able to enjoy the game.

  •  Motion blur on or off Fortnite 

As Fortnite is full of adventures, it would be better to turn off the “motion” blur while playing the same game. It will ensure that you don’t miss a chance to attack your enemies and stay aware of their actions as well. Similarly, if you ask about motion blur on or off battlefield 2042 or motion blur on or off last of us 2, then the best option would be to switch off the blur effect.

  • Removing the blur effect in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

You can remove the blur effect in Modern Warfare by switching the “motion” blur off in the game settings. Also, it would be good to note that disabling the same option is recommended while playing Call of Duty online.

  • Motion blur on or off Destiny 2

You should choose to turn off the blur effect in Destiny 2. It is because the given game is a multiplayer game, and you’ll need to take fast actions and compete with a complete focus. Also, you can’t risk your position in the battle due to the blur effect.

  • Motion blur on or off Far Cry 6?

You can disable the blur effect from the “Motion and Control” section in Far Cry 6.

3. Is Performance Affected By the Blur Effect?

Yes, the performance is affected by the blur effect, but the improvement of performance is not always guaranteed. The reason behind the same is that you might see a good effect in solo games but the fighting games players always prefer to keep the blur effect off.


The above article gave your clarity about the purpose of the blur effect. Now, you can turn the same effect on or off as per your preference. Also, you can go through the important points extracted from this post to make a quick and wise decision:

  • You should keep the blur effect on while playing solo games to have a more focused and better gaming experience.
  • You should disable the blur effect to clearly see the entire game screen and never lose your focus on your opponents.
  • You can remove the blur effect from your games through your game settings.

Also, even if you play solo games and don’t like the blur objects, then there is no harm in disabling the same effect. It’s meant to enhance your gaming experience and not spoil the same.

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