Edit Screenshot Windows 10: Easy Step by Step Guide

You can edit screenshot Windows 10 tools capture by using third-party applications, PowerPoint, or within the snipping tool.

Edit Screenshot Windows 10

While there are different methods of taking screenshots on your Windows PC, editing depends on the screenshot tool.

This post teaches you the nitty-gritty of screenshot editing on your Windows 10 PC.

How To Edit Screenshot on Windows 10?

You can edit your screenshot on Windows 10 using the Snip & Sketch tool provided within the PC. To do so, launch the tool and navigate to the Toolbar and select an editing option. The editing options at your disposal include cropping, drawing, and highlighting.

Here is how to edit screenshots on PC:

– Take the Screenshot 

The first step is to go and take a screenshot of your PC if you do not have one saved. To do so, you will need to launch the Snip & Sketch tool. The easier way to launch it is to type it in the windows search bar, and when it pops up, you click on it. 

Take the Screenshot

However, you can also use a shortcut – the Snip and Sketch shortcut Windows 10 offers is pressing the Win key + Shift + S simultaneously on the keyboard. When the tool pops up, use the menu at the top pane of your screen to choose the correct mode for screenshotting. 

After picking one of the above selections, the screenshot of the active window will pop up from the lower right side of your screen with a preview of the screenshot. Click on it to allow you to edit the screenshot. 

– Save the Screenshot 

Click on the Copy button at the top panel of the screenshot. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + C on your keyboard.

Save the Screenshot

This action saves a copy of the original screenshot before you change anything. 

– Edit Your Screenshot

Go to the Toolbar at the top panel of the screenshot to begin editing. The options available for editing are:

  • Crop Function: To use this function, click the Crop button at the right end. This will create a rectangle with circles on the four corners of your screenshot. Place your cursor on one corner and drag inward or outwards depending on your needs. 
  • Highlight Text: Use the highlighter to highlight the text of interest. Click the Highlighter button. Find a sentence you wish to highlight, place the cursor, click and hold, and then drag toward the desired direction. 
  • Writing and drawing: Click the ballpoint pen or pencil button and move your mouse’s cursor to where you wish to write. Left-click and hold, then start writing whatever you wish. You may also draw images or figures with this tool. 
  • Erase: Click the Eraser button to activate it and move your cursor to the point you wish to erase. Left-click and hold, then hover over the statement, word, or anything you wish to erase. 

You can also use a ruler or a protractor to make straight lines or precise angles. Just click on the ruler button and select either ruler or protractor to create perfect lines and angles. 

– Save 

When you complete editing your screenshot, press the Control + S button. Alternatively, you can press the printer-like button on the top right to save the changes.

Select a location to save the file, name the screenshot, select the file format, and click the Save button. Typically, Snip & Sketch will name your screenshot in the “screenshot-date-time” format to make it easier for you to identify. 

For subsequent saving, you will not need to select the location, as Snip & Sketch will automatically remember it and save screenshots. But if you do not want to save your edited screenshots, press Control + C (Copy) to store them on the clipboard. To paste it, press Control + V. These keyboard shortcuts save you a lot of time. 

How To Use Snipping Tools to Edit Windows 10 Screenshots?

To use snipping tools to edit Windows 10 screenshots, you first need to capture a screenshot and then edit it using either Paint or Powerpoint. The snipping tool allows you to capture and edit screenshots easily. You can edit an image to highlight something or add annotation within the capture. 

– Use Paint To Add Text

Your screenshot is already saved on the clipboard. Follow these steps next:

  • Tap the Windows key and type “Paint,” click on it when it pops up to launch the paint app.
  • When the paint app opens, press Ctrl + V keys to paste the screenshot.
  • Select the Home tab and go to Tools. Select the A icon, which is the Text Icon. 
  • Go to the area you wish to add text, click and start typing in the text box. You can move the text box to any place by clicking and dragging it. You can change color, font, and other attributes by clicking the Text icon. 
  • Click on the space and press Control + S, or use the print screen function to capture the screen. 

Alternatively, you can click on the “Edit with Paint 3D” icon on the snipping too l— type on the icon to launch 3D and go to Text Icon on the top menu. Select the font type, size, and color to edit the screenshot. With the procedure above, you add text to the screenshot Windows screen capture tools take. 

– Using Powerpoint to Add Text

To use PowerPoint to edit screenshot Windows 11, follow the steps below: 

Using Powerpoint to Add Text

  • Launch PowerPoint on your PC and press Control + V to paste the snip.
  • Select the Insert tab and click where you wish to insert text.
  • Type your statements and edit from the Home tab.
  • Click anywhere outside the box and save your changes. 

This is almost similar to how to edit screenshot in Word but with minor changes. 

How To Use Third-party Apps To Edit Windows 10 Screenshots 

To use third-party apps to edit Windows 10 screenshots, you can use Snagit, Lightshot, Picpick, or Greenshot. These third party apps are helpful for those who want to add text, highlight, annotate, or draw on their captured screenshots. In addition, it’s relatively simple to use these apps.

Different screenshot apps offer different procedures for taking screenshots, as shown below:

– Snagit

You can use the Snagit (proprietary software) third-party screenshot software to edit your screen captures with the steps below:

  1. Go to the Capture window, click the Image tab, and select Grab Text from the selection drop-down. 
  2. Select the Capture button or Print Screen on Windows.
  3. When the orange crosshair appears, click and drag to choose the desirable area on your screen.
  4. The Grab Text Results dialog box opens in Snagit Editor. Click Copy All and paste the text into another application.

With the above steps, you have removed text from your snip. 

– Lightshot 

LightShot(Freeware) is a powerful photo editing solution that allows professionals to capture screenshots in JPG, PNG, and BMP file formats. You can use it to adjust the borders and share captured screenshots across different social media platforms.

Lightshot Freeware

This free screenshot software has an editor that allows you to add text annotations, lines, and arrows to images in a few steps. 

– Picpick

Picpick (Freeware) screen capture freeware tool has a basic image editor, color palette, color picker, and screen tools like a screen magnifier, protractor, screen ruler, and whiteboard.

All screen snips open in the image editor, which has a tabbed interface, making it easy to operate. You can change color, using the color palette feature by going to the Color Picker and then choosing any element on the screen you wish to take the color from, then get the HTML/RGB code of that color.

You can take Windows 10 screenshot, add text to the image, and transfer them to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, or any external program. 

– Greenshot

Greenshot (GNU general public license) is a screenshot software tool for Windows. The tool creates a screenshot of a selected area, fullscreen, or window. You can use its interface to highlight, annotate, or obfuscate parts of the screenshot.

  • To draw: Select a drawing tool from the toolbar in the editor, click and hold your mouse button and then move it on the screenshot to draw a defined image. 
  • Adding Text: Use the Text Tool T. You only need to draw text elements to a specific shape and type your text. To edit the text, double-click on the text element. Greenshot is a perfect tool if you need to add text to screenshot Windows OS takes. 


We have shown you how to edit text on a screenshot on WIndows 10 and the different techniques for editing screenshots.

Let’s take a look at the main points:

  • The best way to edit your screenshot on Windows 10 is by using the Snip & Sketch tool provided within the PC.
  • The extent of editing a screenshot depends on the feature set of a screenshot tool.
  • You can use the print screen button, screen recorder app, or Windows inbuilt tools to capture awesome screenshots.
  • Third-party software and modern-day snipping tools offer more flexible and powerful tools to annotate a snip.

You can now edit your snips using the steps and apps in this complete guide, so go ahead and give it a try today!

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