FaceAway Countdown Dig: Quick and Easy Fixes and Solutions

FaceAway Countdown Dig is an error that can cause problems with computer shutdowns, music, movies, or starting virus scans. It doesn’t matter what task you’re performing on your computer; a message will appear saying that the FaceAway application is in use.

FaceAway Countdown Dig

This error will force you to close the popup window before your computer continues to shut down. Let’s now understand why it may be on your computer and how this happens.

Why Is FaceAway Countdown Dig Issue Happening? 

FaceAway countdown dig occurs due to the Cyberlink YouCam application on your computer. FaceAway is one such add-on that comes with YouCam. It is not malware, but you can uninstall this application if it doesn’t work for you or you don’t want to use it. 

How To Fix Countdown Problem?

Faceaway countdown dig can be solved using the following fixes:

  • Change the time on the computer.
  • Delete the YouCam software.
  • Change YouCam settings.
  • Delete FaceAway countdown dig.
  • Use Registry editor to create a new string.

– Change the Time on Your Computer

You can change the FaceAway app settings to reduce the time the FaceAway countdown dig appears before it shuts down. If the user wishes to take continuous photos, YouCam offers an option. A warning will appear before the shutdown to inform the user that continuous photos that have not been saved will be deleted. This popup ensures that nothing is lost if your computer is turned off before saving the files. 

– Delete Your YouCam Software

Another step is to delete your YouCam software installation on the computer. FaceAway is one such add-on that comes with YouCam. Many downloadable programs include additional software. It might be smart to check if other applications on your computer are using this software before you delete it. You could lose all your data if you delete the app before you find out.

However, if you want to keep YouCam installed on your computer, this step is worth it:

  • Access your Search Bar at the bottom of your screen, just below the windows button.
  • Click it, type the word ‘YouCam,’ and hit your return key.
  • Click on the YouCam icon with the computer beside it. You can then open the app to change certain alert settings, preventing certain processes from happening.
  • This should take you to the app, where you can modify your settings.
  • Once you have made the changes, exit the app and restart your computer to confirm that the changes took effect.

– Change Your Settings 

You can open the YouCam app if you’re unsure if someone has downloaded it or not. The app may still be available. You can change your settings to make the popup disappear.

Change Your Settings

If you still have issues with these errors after restarting your computer, it may be time to uninstall YouCam so that this problem is no longer a concern.

– Delete FaceAway Countdown Dig

CyberLink can help you resolve the problem of YouCam if it is a software you often use or someone you know uses. It is possible to delete Cyberlink YouCam and any associated FaceAway Countdown files.

To completely delete YouCam, follow the following steps:

  1. Click the Windows button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Go to Settings on the left of your screen.
  3. After opening the System icon, scroll down to the top and click on
  4. You will be presented with another menu. You will see the Apps and Features option at the top.
  5. Clicking on the link will display all the apps currently installed on your computer. Click on YouCam.
  6. Click on YouCam to highlight it in gray. Below it, two options will appear. To completely remove it from your computer, click the Uninstall button.
  7. After clicking, another window will open. Click Uninstall to delete the software.

Reboot your computer as normal after uninstalling the app. The app may have been deleted from your computer if the delay window does not appear.

– Use Registry Editor

If other steps do not work and you find it hard to shut down your computer, try the following steps:

  • Step 1: Click the Start Button and input Regedit. Hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Navigate to the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SYSTEM – CurrentControlSet – Control.

Then in the Right Pane, double click WaitToKillServiceTimeout and change the value to 1000.

Click OK.

  • Step 2: Click in the left pane again and hit the left arrow several times.

Navigate to the following: HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel – Desktop.

  • Step 3: Click on the empty space in the right pane and choose New String Value.

Name the String Value WaitToKillServiceTimeout. Then double click WaitToKillServiceTimeout.

Its value should be set to 1000. Close the Registry Editor and save it.


1. Is FaceAway Countdown Dig a Virus?

FaceAway Countdown dig is not a virus. When you download apps, add-on software may serve a different purpose. In this instance, it tries to save files before they get deleted. The Countdown is just a part of larger software packages. You can delete the app at any time to avoid more hassle.

2. Does FaceAway Countdown Dig Pose Risk to My Computer?

Quick internet searches reveal that FaceAway Countdown dig is a major concern for many users. Either the app poses a danger to your computer or makes it easier for intruders to access your data. However, this is not true.

Does FaceAway Countdown Risk to My Computer

FaceAway’s issues at shut down are not security concerns.

3. Should I Avoid YouCam App Because of a FaceAway Countdown Dig?

Depending on your needs, there are many ways to personalize different experiences with internet apps. YouCam is an excellent option for YouTubers and streamers who want to delight their viewers with effects or techniques. A FaceAway Countdown is an option that allows users to count down the time until their computer shuts down.

You and others can use YouCam. You should find another app with similar features. Some people find it unnecessary to deal with the popups and delays that accompany the positive parts of the app. Do a quick internet search for “webcam apps” to find something else you can download. It should not have the same problems as YouCam.

4. When FaceAway Countdown Dig Can Become a Problem?

Many downloadable programs include additional software. FaceAway Countdown dig is a larger program component that can be downloaded to use with your webcam. YouCam is an app that lets users customize their webcam experience beyond the basic programs found on most computers. If you leave your computer, you may not know it is there. This can quickly become a problem and should not be overlooked. It might be smart to check if others are using this software before you delete it. You could lose all your data if you just delete the app without properly fixing the issue.


FaceAway Countdown dig is a common error reported by internet users. If you have experienced Faceaway Countdown Dig, you will attest that it is frustrating not knowing what to do. That is why you need this guide to help you fix these issues quickly when they occur. From the steps above, you will attest that they are easy to follow, and you do not need an expert level in computer programming.

Let’s do a quick recap of what we have discussed in this article so far:

  • Faceaway countdown dig is not a virus or a malware program.
  • Faceaway countdown dig usually occurs when you have YouCam installed on your computer.
  • You need to uninstall YouCam software from your computer and restart it to fix the Faceaway Countdown Dig.
  • You can also try changing YouCam settings or using Registry editor to solve the issue.

Faceaway Countdown Dig should be deleted as soon as you notice it so it doesn’t cause further damage to your computer. Try out the tips mentioned in this article to get rid of the Faceaway Countdown Dig today!

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