How to Unlock and Equip the Combat Knife in COD MW: A Step-by-Step Guide

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, mastering the range of weapons is crucial to gameplay, and the Combat Knife is a fan-favorite for close-quarter combat. Unlike the primary firearms, this secondary melee weapon is all about stealth and speed, allowing players to eliminate opponents quickly and silently. The Combat Knife becomes available once you hit level 22, marking an exciting moment as you enhance your tactical approach. We value the power of stealth and the thrill of a one-hit elimination that the Combat Knife offers, making it a worthy addition to any loadout.

A hand reaches for the combat knife on a soldier's belt, unlocking it and equipping it for use in COD MW

Equipping the Combat Knife is straightforward once unlocked. In your game menu, head to the ‘Weapons’ tab where you can modify your loadouts. Selecting a Custom Loadout spot, you focus on the ‘Secondary Weapon’ category. Here, you will find the ‘Melee’ option at the top of the list, from which you can equip the freshly unlocked Combat Knife. The swift change in your arsenal adds a layer of depth to your combat strategy, keeping opponents on their toes and you at an advantage in close encounters. With the Combat Knife in your gear, adaptability becomes your new playing card.

Unlocking the Combat Knife

A hand reaches for the combat knife, unlocking it in the game menu, then equipping it for battle in COD MW

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, unlocking the Combat Knife requires a strategic approach, including level progression, completion of specific challenges, acquisition of blueprints, and achievements in co-op mode. We’ll guide you through each aspect to ensure you are well-equipped for melee combat.

Level Progression

By advancing your rank through gameplay, you reach new levels and subsequently unlock various weapons and gear. The Combat Knife becomes available when you hit Level 22. This progression is tied to the experience you gain from matches across all multiplayer modes.

Tip: Focus on completing matches and objective-based play for quicker level advancement.

Challenge Completion

Another way to unlock the Combat Knife is by completing in-game challenges. These challenges often involve getting a specific number of kills or performing certain actions within the game. Keep an eye on the challenge list, as these can change and provide new opportunities to unlock melee weapons.

Acquiring Blueprints

Blueprints are customized weapon variants with unique aesthetic and performance modifications. You can unlock the Combat Knife via blueprints by browsing the Armory section for available blueprints or through pre-order bonuses, like the Blue Silence Combat Knife.

Blueprint Source Combat Knife Variant How to Obtain
Pre-Order Bonus Blue Silence Combat Knife By Pre-Ordering
Armory Assorted Variants In-game currency or Challenges

Co-Op Mode and Special Achievements

Lastly, the co-op mode in Modern Warfare offers unique missions and operations that can reward players with special items like the Combat Knife. Special achievements, like completing the Military Issue or Wetwork operations, often reward players with exclusive items such as the CQC Tactical Knife.

Remember to check the co-op missions for any special achievements that could lead to unlocking the Combat Knife. Taking on these challenges often requires teamwork and coordination but can be a fulfilling method to obtain this versatile melee weapon.

Equipping the Combat Knife

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, equipping the Combat Knife allows for fast, silent kills essential in stealth play. Here we outline the steps to include this melee weapon in your arsenal.

Creating a Custom Loadout

Accessing the Combat Knife in-game requires us to first select a Custom Loadout. Within the Create-a-Class menu, navigate to the weapon selection.

The Knife will be listed under Secondary Weapons and is available to equip once you reach a specific level, typically after progressing in the game.

Choosing Tactical Equipment

We must consider the right Tactical Equipment to support melee play. Options like Stim for a quick health boost or Flash Grenades to disorient enemies pair well with the Knife.

Make sure to equip Tacticals that compliment quick approaches and escapes, essential for effective melee combat.

Optimizing for Stealth and Agility

Optimize your loadout for stealth and agility. Perks such as Ghost and Dead Silence enhance our stealth by keeping us off enemy radars and muffling our footsteps.

Other perks like Tracker let us see enemy footprints, and Spotter allows us to spot enemy equipment, both vital for planning our swift, silent takedowns. Our mobility and quick silent kill capability are our best allies when wielding the Combat Knife.

Combat Strategies and Techniques

As adept players of COD MW, we recognize the pivotal role combat strategies play. In particular, close-quarters engagements, a strategic loadout, and advanced maneuvers that can turn the tide of any skirmish.

Close-Quarters Combat Tactics

Employing the Combat Knife in close-quarters combat (CQC) requires agility and situational awareness. In tight spaces, firearms often become cumbersome. Here, the Combat Knife excels with its swift kill capability.
  • Approach targets discreetly to avoid drawing attention.
  • Use the environment to shield your movements.
  • Strike swiftly, aiming for immediate incapacitation.

Effective Loadout Configurations

A balanced loadout enhances the lethality of the Combat Knife. Ours often comprises a primary gun for ranged encounters and the knife as a secondary weapon. Lethal equipment such as throwing knives complements this melee playstyle.
Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Lethal Equipment
SMG or Assault Rifle Combat Knife Throwing Knives
Attachments for accuracy and control Optional: Tacticals like flashbangs
Perks enhancing speed and stealth

Advanced Maneuvers and Skills

To become a master of melee, one must practice advanced techniques. Swift movements, like sliding into a knife attack or using a Riot Shield to close the distance, increase survivability. Dual Kodachis offer an alternative for players seeking range in their melee.
  • Master the timing of slides to surprise enemies.
  • Equip a Riot Shield on your back to protect from gunfire when charging towards an opponent.
  • Consider alternative melee weapons like Kali Sticks for their speed.

Progression and Customization Options

In “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” progression plays a critical role in unlocking items such as the Combat Knife. Customization options enhance gameplay, giving us a variety of choices to tailor our experience.

Leveling Up and Unlocking Camos

To equip the Combat Knife, we first need to level up our character. As we progress, we unlock not only weapons like SMGs and LMGs but also important gear such as the Tactical Suppressor and Heartbeat Sensor.
Completing Camo Challenges is a must to personalize our knife’s appearance. Achieving these challenges earns us camouflages, ranging from standard patterns to the prestigious Gold camo.

Online Store and Special Offers

The store in “Modern Warfare” frequently updates with new content, including exclusive Knife blueprints and bundles which may feature additional items like Field Upgrades or Personal Radar systems.

Item Price Type
Blueprint Bundle 1,500 COD Points Knife + Accessories
Emblem Pack 500 COD Points Cosmetic
Riot Shield Blueprint 1,200 COD Points Defensive Gear

Special Events and Competitions

Activision Publishing often hosts special events and seasonal competitions that can reward us with exclusive items such as Decoy Grenades and other unique customizations.

Participation in these online events not only improves our skills but also presents the opportunity to acquire rare gear and items that aren’t available in the standard progression or store offerings.

Engaging in these competitions provides an exhilarating way to level up and stand out on the battlefield with distinct loadouts and custom gear.

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