How To Hide Ethernet Cable: Methods To Make It Look Neat and Organized

There are several creative methods on how to hide ethernet cable. These cables carry the signals between our computer, router, modem and other wired internet cable devices.

How To Hide Ethernet Cable

But sometimes they make the room look disorganized, so you should use creative methods to hide it.

Keep reading to find interesting methods!

How To Hide Ethernet Cable?

There are several well-known methods to hide our ethernet cable(s). If not organized, they can look messy and ruin the look of your room.

– Conceal the Cords

The best technique of cord covering is to blend them in the background of the room’s wall. This method is also called “cord concealer” because you are concealing the cable by painting them to match the color of the wall.

However, cables also come in different colors so, try finding one according to the wall color and as thin as possible. The running cables look good, even if they are on the edge between the wall and ceiling, but only if they merge with the background.

– Cable Organizer

Another best way to organize ethernet cables is to use a cable management box. We can fold, or section it up neatly while using this organizer. To reach the switch for the other remaining part of the cable, use corner ducts. It is a good cord management method. Use the cable concealer method here too.

– Behind the furniture

You can use the nearby furniture to hide the cables. This works best when the furniture is covered from below because it blocks the view. It doesn’t require any long process to neatly hide the cable.

Behind the furniture

You can simply push the cables behind the furniture in a way they are not seen.

– Use the skirting board

Most households or offices etc have these skirting boards running around the edges of the room. Those are perfect for hiding your Ethernet cable as sometimes they are hollow which allows you to pass your cables from the inside.

However, that’s not the case every time. So, you can use the wire clips to secure the wire on the top of the skirting board and blend it with the wall color.

– Cable ducts

Cable ducts are another best idea to hide the cables. It has ample space in it to hide multiple cables along with an ethernet cable. It hides them neatly without damaging the wires. Paint the cable duct the same color as the wall to hide the cables. Run the cable ducts either at the bottom or the top of the wall. It has many advantages:

  • They can hold a lot of cables.
  • Everything can be reopened and changed later.
  • It gives you a really clean look on the outside.
  • Use an LED light strip on top of your cable duct and it will make your room look stylish.

– Under the floor

Yes, it is possible to hide the cables under the floor before laminating the room. Don’t worry, it will not damage your wires. However, pass the wires from the corners of the room instead of passing them from the middle, underneath the floor. It is not the safest option to opt for. Concerns can be;

  • Damage the cables while walking.
  • Affect the uniformity of the lamination.

In case you are doing this yourself, ensure you tape the Ethernet cables on the floor first and then lay the lamination. Thus, the cables will be secure on the floor and it will not cause any trouble for you later.

– Floor Wire Covers

Sometimes people prefer to keep the wires away from the wall because of frames, wall decor, wallpapers, etc. So, for them, the best alternative is to use a floor cord cover to hide the cables. The wires should run on the edges of the room, placed inside the cover to hide them. Following are the reasons why you should opt for:

  • People can keep stepping on the wires and it can damage them.
  • If you have pets, they can chew the wires or break them while playing with them.
  • If you have a baby at your home, loose wires can endanger their life or can injure them.
  • Even as an adult, you can trip on the floor if you’re not careful enough. It can injure you and can damage the wire as well.

Therefore, use the floor wire covers to save yourself from these misfortunes. You can hide your cover from the rug as well. However, this does not look aesthetically pleasing. Floor cord covers are designed to be minimally intrusive and don’t affect your walking space. They provide a solution that keeps the cords safe and organized.

– Under the Carpet

Hiding the ethernet cable under the carpet or a rug is similar to hiding the cable behind the furniture. You have to run your cables from the edges of the room, secure them with the wire clips and hide them underneath the carpet.

Under the Carpet

In case you don’t have the wire clips, just run the wire from the edges freely and place the carpet on top of it. This way, the wires will not invade your walking space and will remain hidden under a piece of carpet.

People Also Ask

1. How To Hide Ethernet Cable on the Staircase?

Use the cable clips to secure them against the end of the wall and paint it to make a cable concealer. It will look neat.

2. What Is the Best Way for Cord Cover?

The best way to hide cable is to use cable ducts. Cable management is easier this way as it becomes a one-cord channel.

3. If I Hide My Ethernet Cable, Can I Reach the Switch?

Yes, using any method of hiding your cables, you should be able to reach the access points easily. However, if it’s not, you may have to buy a large, new cable.

4. Can We Use a Cord Protector as a Cable Covering Method?

Yes, you can use it as a cable cover.

5. How Much Does the Installation Process of an Ethernet Outlet Cost?

The cost of ethernet installation depends upon the internet service you choose and the packages it provides.

How Much Ethernet Outlet Cost

Although few companies charge if the installation process is long but if it’s on a short-scale then the installation comes free with the package you purchase.

6. What Is the Best Alternative to Wire Clips?

You’re trying to organize your cables but can’t find the wire clips to secure the cables? Don’t worry, we have an alternative to it. You can use plastic bottles and cut small rectangular-shaped pieces and use them to bound your cables together and glue the edges. Although it is time-consuming, it will work just like wire clips.


After reading this blog entirely, you now know the well-known methods of organizing your ethernet cable and making the room look neat and clean.

Here is the recap;

  • Ethernet wire carries the signals between our computer, router, modem and other wired internet cable devices.
  • Hiding the cable in plain sight or concealing them are the best ways to organize the cables.
  • Use the wire cords to secure them on the wall and paint it according to the background color for best results.

You should now be able to hide your running Ethernet cables on your own. Thank you for reading!

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