Best PS5 Games for Kids: Top Family-Friendly Picks for 2024

As enthusiasts of the ever-evolving gaming world, we’ve observed how Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 5 has become a beacon of modern gaming. The PS5 not only advances the technical frontier with its impressive hardware but also caters to a younger audience with an array of engaging titles. With a console as powerful as the PS5, finding age-appropriate games that are both entertaining and suitable for children is crucial.

Best PS5 Games for Kids: Top Family-Friendly Picks for 2024

We are witnessing a diverse range of genres seizing the imaginative landscapes of gaming platforms, catered impeccably for the adolescent mind. From educational to pure fun, recreational titles, Sony’s commitment to an immersive gaming experience is palpable. The PS5’s unique feature set, including the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense controller, brings an extra layer of depth to gameplay, allowing younger players to experience games in revolutionary ways.

In the realm of family-friendly content, the PS5 excels with games that provide an inclusive environment for all ages. Whether it’s adventuring in vibrant, animated worlds or solving puzzles that challenge the mind, the selection of games available fosters both fun and developmental benefits. We are dedicated to highlighting a variety of games that harness the full potential of the PlayStation 5 while keeping the content appropriate for young players.

Selecting Age-Appropriate PS5 Games for Children

A child sits cross-legged, surrounded by a stack of colorful PS5 game cases. They eagerly reach for one, a look of excitement on their face

When we look for PS5 games suitable for kids, we prioritize age-appropriate content. Knowing the games’ ESRB ratings helps families to navigate through options confidently. Parental controls are integral; they allow customization of what games our children can access.

Games like Astro’s Playroom and It Takes Two rank highly among child-friendly options. These games engage children in inventive play while remaining within the appropriate content boundaries for 6-8 year-olds.

Game Title Age Rating Genre
Astro’s Playroom 6+ Platformer
It Takes Two 8+ Adventure/Platformer

As guardians, we must ensure that our recommendations align with individual children’s maturity and sensitivity. What may be right for one 8-year-old may not be for another. Choosing games should be a joint decision, discussing with kids and educating them about responsible gaming.

Utilizing user reviews and websites like Common Sense Media aids in our game-selection process. They offer insights beyond the ratings and delve into the educational or social aspects of gameplay, something we might overlook otherwise.

By keeping a dialogue open with our kids, aligning choices with our family values, and utilizing the available tools, we navigate the exciting world of gaming alongside them responsibly.

Top PS5 Exclusive Games Suitable for Kids

The landscape for children’s entertainment in gaming is rich with imagination and whimsy, especially on the PS5. We’re focusing on platformers that are not only exclusive to the PS5 but also offer an unforgettable blend of fun and adventure.

Astro’s Playroom

As an introduction to the PS5’s capabilities, Astro’s Playroom is both a marvel of the system’s new features and a fantastic game for kids. Astro, the adorable robot, takes players on a journey through four worlds, each linked to a component of the PS5 console. The game uses the DualSense controller’s advanced haptics to bring the world to life in your hands. It’s pre-installed on every PS5, making it an essential experience for young gamers.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure revives the beloved character from the LittleBigPlanet series in a standalone platforming title. This game is a testament to the power of imagination, taking our knitted hero through vibrant, creative worlds that are as challenging as they are charming. The 3D environments are a playground of textures and puzzles, and there’s a seamless transition into multiplayer, inviting family and friends to join in the fun.

Adventure and Puzzle Games for Young Gamers

We’re diving into the enchanting worlds of adventure and puzzles on the PS5, showcasing games that not only entertain but also challenge young minds in captivating ways.


Journey is a title that stands out for its artistry and immersive gameplay. Traversing through deserts and ruins, players experience a wordless story that fosters a deep emotional connection. It’s an adventure game that requires players to solve environment-based puzzles without the pressure of defeat or competition. With a multiplayer feature that allows anonymous interaction, youngsters get to experience cooperative gameplay at its most inspiring.

Stardew Valley

Adventure and Farming Puzzle-Solving and Planning Multiplayer Options
Journey through the seasons in your own farm. Balance resource management and puzzle-solving for farm expansion. Work together with friends to cultivate your farm.

Stardew Valley steps away from high-octane action and plunges players into a serene world of agriculture and community. Here, our young gamers exercise creativity and strategic thinking through farming, mining, and social interaction. The game’s puzzle-solving is laced within resource management and town development, requiring critical thinking to thrive. Effortlessly combining adventure and education, Stardew Valley engages children in a rich, productive, and cooperative gaming experience.

Enhancing the Gaming Experience

Fast Loading Times

We understand the importance of quick game access. PS5’s custom SSD significantly reduces loading times for children’s games. This rapid performance means our young players dive straight into the action, keeping their engagement levels high.

Adaptive Triggers Engaging Soundtracks Curated Activities
Interactive feedback from the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers enhances gameplay, making every action feel tangible. A rich auditory experience from the game’s soundtrack captivates the kids, enriching the worlds they explore. Chosen activities and missions in these games are designed to be concise and rewarding, keeping players focused and driven.

In our discussions, we often highlight the potential of PS5’s adaptive triggers. These triggers provide a level of tactile immersion that is particularly magical for children. They can feel the tension of a bow or the recoil of a vehicle, deepening their connection to the game world.

Cleverly crafted soundtracks play a pivotal role as well. They set the tone for adventures, making the simple act of navigating menus thrilling. PS5’s powerful audio capabilities deliver each note with clear precision.

And let’s not forget the activities and missions. They guide our younger gamers through experiences that not only entertain but also educate. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth, teaching them problem-solving and strategic thinking.

By harnessing these elements, we ensure that gaming on the PS5 is not just playing, but an experience that fosters joy and development.

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