How to Close Game or App on PS5: A Quick Guide to Exiting Safely

As we navigate the various functionalities of our PlayStation 5, we often find ourselves juggling between different games and apps. Knowing how to swiftly close these applications can enhance our gaming experience, ensuring that we maintain optimal performance of our console. It’s a simple task, yet one that is essential for managing system resources and decluttering our digital space.

How to Close Game or App on PS5: A Quick Guide to Exiting Safely

Closing games or apps on the PS5 is not just about hitting the off switch on our controllers. It involves a sequence of button presses that may not be immediately obvious to new users of the console. We’ve all been there—perhaps in the middle of an intense gaming session, or when we need to quickly switch contexts from a streaming service to our favorite game—and the importance of a quick and efficient closure process can’t be overstated.

Managing your active applications effectively means you can get back to gaming or streaming with minimal fuss. A seamless transition between apps or when ending a game session can be the difference between a good and a great user experience on PS5. And that’s something we all seek—smooth, responsive gameplay without any hitches as we enjoy our state-of-the-art gaming console.

Closing Applications on PS5

In managing your games and apps, it’s important to know how to close them properly on your PS5. This ensures that your console maintains optimal performance and that you can switch between applications seamlessly. We’ll walk you through the process using various methods onboard the PS5.

PS5 screen shows game icons. One icon is highlighted. Another icon is dimmed. A prompt appears, asking to close the highlighted app

Using the Control Center

To close an application via the Control Center, we’ll need to use the DualSense controller. Press and hold the PlayStation button to bring up the Control Center. The game or app you’re currently using will be displayed here.

Select the application you want to close and press the Options button. A menu will appear.

In this menu, select ‘Close App’ to fully exit the application. This method is handy as it allows you to quickly close apps without returning to the Home Screen.

Navigating the Home Screen

Another method is using the Home Screen itself. While in an app or game, tap the PlayStation button to go to the Home Screen.

You should highlight the active application and then press the Options button.

From the resulting sub-menu, simply choose ‘Close App’ to shut down the game or app you were using.

Employing the Switcher Function

We can also utilize the Switcher function to close applications. Press the PlayStation button quickly to bring up the Control Center, and locate the Switcher icon. It provides a quick navigation path between recent apps and games.

Highlight and select the running app or game Press the Options button
Choose ‘Close App’ to terminate the application

This feature is particularly useful when you want to switch between applications smoothly or close an app without scrolling through the Home Screen tiles.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

We often encounter games or apps that might freeze or become unresponsive on the PS5. It’s frustrating, but a few troubleshooting steps can usually resolve these issues. Here’s how to handle these without losing your cool.

Addressing Unresponsive Games or Apps

When a game or app is unresponsive, the first thing we should do is attempt to close it normally. If that fails, we must force the application to close. Here’s our streamlined method:

Step 1: Hold the PS button on the controller.
Step 2: Navigate to the open application or game.
Step 3: Press the Options button.
Step 4: Select ‘Close Game/Application’.

If the application remains unresponsive, we should check for software updates, as they often resolve these glitches. If no updates are available or the issue persists, a restart of the PS5 can often clear up any temporary software issues causing the freeze.

Rebooting and Safe Mode Operations

When all else fails, rebooting the PS5 can often be a silver bullet. We’ve found that restarting not just clears temporary glitches but is also a necessary first step before more advanced troubleshooting techniques. Here’s a quick guide on restarting and entering Safe Mode:

Reboot PS5 Entering Safe Mode Rebuild Database
Press and hold the power button until the system beeps twice. Turn off the PS5. Press and hold the power button. Release after the second beep. Select ‘Rebuild Database’ in Safe Mode. This scans the drive and creates a new database of all content.

If the system still doesn’t respond or has recurring issues, “Safe Mode” allows us to perform more in-depth troubleshooting. We can rebuild the database, which might sound daunting but is actually a straightforward process that can remedy many system-related issues. If rebuilding the database doesn’t resolve our problem, we might consider reinstalling the system software. Reinstalling should be our last resort, and we should back up our data first if possible. If issues still occur after we’ve exhausted our options, contacting PlayStation Support is our next best step. They’re equipped to provide further assistance with troubleshooting tips.

Performance and Maintenance

To ensure a smooth gaming experience on your PS5, maintenance such as closing games when they’re not in use and keeping your system updated are key steps. These practices not only optimize performance but also contribute to a lag-free experience during gameplay.

Maximizing System Performance

Closing games and applications properly when they’re not needed is crucial. We’ve found that keeping unused apps open can lead to unnecessary RAM usage, which might slow down system performance. The DualSense wireless controller makes this easy. When you’re finished playing a game or using an app, press and hold the PlayStation button to return to the home screen, highlight the active game, and then press the Options button. From there, simply select “Close Game” or “Close App” to free up resources. Additionally, periodically restarting your PS5 can keep it running optimally.

System Updates and Rest Mode

Keeping your PS5 updated is essential for optimal performance. System updates often include performance improvements and bug fixes. Enable automatic updates in the system settings to make sure you don’t miss any. Furthermore, using Rest Mode can be beneficial:

Updates During Rest Mode Energy Saving Quick Resume
The PS5 can download and install updates while in Rest Mode. Consumes less power compared to being fully on. Games and apps are quickly resumable from where you left off.

To enter Rest Mode, press the power button briefly or select “Rest Mode” from the power options. Connecting your DualSense controller to the console during Rest Mode will also ensure it’s fully charged for your next gaming session. Remember, for all updates and maintenance activities, ensure the PS5’s power is not disrupted to avoid potential data corruption or loss.

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