How to Bypass Discord File Size Limit: Simple Tricks and Tools

Discord is a widely-used communication platform, and while we enjoy sharing multimedia files within our channels and private messages, we often bump into a challenge—Discord’s file size limit. The standard limit for a file upload on Discord is 25 MB for free users. When we try to share our latest video clip or a batch of high-resolution photos, this limit can interrupt our flow, prompting the need to find ways around it.

A computer screen with a file being dragged and dropped into a Discord chat, while a progress bar shows the file being uploaded, bypassing the file size limit

Compress Files to Reduce Size

Compressing files is a straightforward tactic to reduce their size. By using file compression tools, we can shrink the file size and keep it within the Discord limit. On Windows, tools like 7-zip are popular choices, offering efficient compression that often results in negligible quality loss for our media.

In our quest to bypass the Discord file size limit, we also consider alternative methods. Upgrading to Discord Nitro is an option that provides a higher upload limit of 100 MB per file. For those of us looking for free methods, we might split files into smaller parts or use online services that host our files and provide a link to share in Discord. These workarounds enable us to continue sharing larger files without sacrificing the content we wish to convey.

Understanding Discord’s File Size Limit

We often share files on Discord, so it’s imperative to understand the limitations in place. Here, we’ll navigate the basics and the different caps for free users versus Nitro subscribers.

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The Basics of Discord File Sharing

Discord is a robust platform for community engagement, and file sharing is a core feature that enhances our interaction. However, it’s not without its caps. Every file we upload must conform to a specified size limit. This restriction is integral to Discord’s operations, ensuring server stability and usability.

Limitations for Free Users and Nitro Subscribers

User Type File Size Limit Benefits of Upgrading
Free Users 8 MB
Nitro Classic 50 MB Higher Quality Video
Nitro Subscription 100 MB Server Boosts

For us as free users, Discord sets a file size limit of 8MB. This works for quick images or documents, but we might find ourselves hitting a wall with larger files. Our Nitro friends enjoy more leeway; Nitro Classic users can send files up to 50MB, while those on the full Nitro plan have a sizeable 100MB limit. The jump from 8MB for free users to 100MB for Nitro subscribers is significant. It not only allows for larger files but is also a nod towards heavier graphical content such as high-resolution images and longer video clips that are pivotal in creative communities.

Common Methods to Bypass File Size Limits

Discord places a 25 MB limit on files for non-Nitro users, but don’t worry, there are reliable workarounds. We can compress videos, use cloud services, or share direct links to bypass these restrictions effectively.

Compressing Files Before Sending

Compressing is a must when dealing with large files. Video compressors like 7-zip can significantly reduce file size without considerable quality loss. Compressing files is straightforward – select your video, choose the compression level, and you’re set to send your compressed file through Discord.

File Compressors:
  • 7-zip: A free tool that compresses various file formats.
  • Online video compressor: Handy for quick, one-time compression.

Utilizing Third-Party Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services allow us to bypass file size limits indirectly by sharing a link instead of the file itself. Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Mega are popular choices. Upload the video to the chosen service and share the generated link in your Discord chat. The recipient can download the file at their leisure.

Service Max File Size Free Storage
Google Drive 15 GB per file 15 GB
Dropbox 2 GB total 2 GB
OneDrive 250 GB per file 5 GB
Mega Integrates with Discord 15 GB

Using Direct Download Links for Large Files

For files that are still too large after compression, consider Imgur which lets us upload and share videos directly. After uploading to Imgur, simply share the video link in Discord. This method supports files up to 200MB, more than enough for most users.

Direct Sharing Steps:
  • Upload the video file to Imgur.
  • Copy the direct link provided.
  • Paste the link into Discord’s chat window for easy access.

Tips for Sending Large Files on Different Platforms

When sharing large files on Discord, navigating file size limits across various platforms can be tricky. We’ll show you how to handle file size issues on Windows and Mac, and optimize videos for mobile devices without losing quality.

Handling File Size Issues on Windows and Mac

On Windows and Mac, transferring large files pivotal for collaboration can hit a roadblock due to Discord’s file size cap. Discord’s free version sets a maximum of 8 MB for uploads, which quickly becomes insufficient, especially for video content. Uploading a compacted format like MP4 or MOV can be an efficient workaround. Here’s our concise advice:

Compress Your Videos: Utilize software to reduce video size, resolution, and frame rate effectively. This lowers the file size without severely impacting visual quality.

Adjust the Output Settings: When compressing, aim for a resolution and frame rate that balance quality and file size. For instance, an MP4 file at 720p with a lower frame rate might slip under the limit conveniently.

Optimizing Videos for Mobile Devices

For mobile devices like iPhones, Android phones, and iPads, sharing videos on Discord requires additional finesse due to the platform’s file size restrictions. Mobile devices often record in high resolutions leading to large-sized files. We recommend:

Reduce Resolution: Choose the Right Format: Use Cloud Services:
Opt for a lower resolution on your mobile device to decrease video size directly. Select formats that are typically smaller in size, like MP4, which is widely supported and efficient in terms of size. Leverage cloud storage like Google Drive to upload and share videos, linking them directly to your Discord chats.

These adjustments enable us to efficiently share information without being hindered by file size limitations, ensuring smooth and unrestricted communication. By understanding the intricacies of file optimization and sharing mechanics specific to the platforms we use, we can bypass these limitations with ease and reliability.

Upgrading to Discord Nitro for Enhanced Capabilities

Upgrading to Discord Nitro offers users the ability to send larger files and enhances overall chat capabilities on the platform. For those looking to share big projects or high-resolution videos, becoming a Nitro user is an essential step.

Comparing Nitro Plans for File Sharing

Feature Nitro Classic Nitro
File Upload Limit 50 MB 100 MB
Server Boosts None 2 included (more available for purchase)
Price Less expensive Higher price for more features

We must consider the differences between Nitro Classic and the standard Nitro plan. Nitro Classic is more affordable but offers a smaller file upload limit of 50 MB. On the other hand, the standard Nitro plan allows users to send videos and large files up to 100 MB, making it a more suitable option for heavy users who require extra capacity.

Advantages of Discord Nitro for Heavy Users

Enhanced Chat Capabilities: Apart from increasing file size limits, Nitro enhances your presence with the ability to use animated emojis, higher quality video during chat, and screen sharing.

Better Integration: Nitro users can also benefit from improved integration when using Discord bots for moderating chats or automating tasks, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our experience as Nitro users reaffirms that the upgrade significantly impacts file sharing and overall communication on Discord. The ability to send large files without resorting to external tools is convenient and time-saving. This is not just about sending videos on Discord, but also about nurturing a more professional and cohesive environment for communities that rely on the platform for collaboration.

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