How to Cancel Discord Nitro: Step-by-Step Unsubscription Guide

Discord Nitro enhances our experience on Discord with various perks like animated avatars, larger file uploads, and server boosts. Sometimes, however, we may decide to cancel our subscription. Whether it’s to save money or simply because we’re not utilizing Nitro’s features to their fullest, cancelling is straightforward. We can manage our subscription right from our Discord settings.

A computer screen with a cursor clicking on the "Settings" tab, then selecting "Subscriptions" and finally choosing "Cancel Nitro" option

Cancelling a Discord Nitro subscription can be done on both desktop and mobile platforms. For desktop users, it involves navigating to our user settings, whereas on mobile, it may require us to manage subscriptions through the app store we used to activate it. It’s important to remember the platform we used to subscribe, as this affects how we cancel it.

In any case, the steps are designed to be user-friendly. Discord ensures that we can opt-out without trouble, allowing us to handle our digital subscriptions autonomously. Losing access to Nitro’s perks may change our experience, but we have the flexibility to choose what’s best for us financially and based on our usage.

Navigating User Settings

A hand clicks on "User Settings" then "Subscriptions" and "Cancel" to end Discord Nitro membership

Before you can manage or cancel your Discord Nitro subscription, you need to be familiar with navigating the User Settings on both desktop and mobile applications. These settings are the gateway to customizing your Discord experience and managing your account.

Accessing User Settings on Desktop

To access User Settings on Discord’s desktop application, look for the cogwheel icon located at the bottom left of the Discord interface, next to your username. Clicking this icon opens your account settings, where you can adjust a variety of options related to your user experience. Within these settings, you’ll find the ‘Subscriptions’ tab which is imperative for managing your Discord Nitro subscription.

Managing Account Settings on Mobile

On the mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, tap your avatar located at the bottom right corner to open User Settings. We find this approach just as intuitive as on desktop. In the User Settings menu, select ‘Subscriptions’ to view your current Discord Nitro status and, if necessary, proceed with cancellation.

Canceling Discord Nitro Subscription

When it comes time to cancel your Discord Nitro subscription, we find that the process is straightforward regardless of whether you are on desktop, mobile, or using the web. Let’s go through the steps specific to each platform.

Through Discord Desktop App

First, open the Discord desktop app.

Navigate to the User Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon near your profile picture at the bottom. Then, click on the Subscriptions tab on the left sidebar. Here you’ll see your current Discord Nitro subscription details.

To cancel, press the Cancel button next to your Nitro subscription. Follow the prompts and click Confirm to finalize the cancellation. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle, even after you cancel.

Via Discord Mobile Application

We can also manage subscriptions directly from our mobile devices.

Open the Discord app and tap on your profile image. Select Subscriptions and then tap on Manage Nitro. From here, you can choose to Cancel the subscription. Hit Continue to proceed with the cancellation.

The changes will apply from the next billing cycle, allowing you to enjoy the perks until the current period ends.

Using the Discord Website

Cancellation Step Action Notes
Accessing User Settings Click on the cog icon next to your avatar Bottom left of the Discord website
Subscriptions Tab Navigate to ‘Subscriptions’ Found in the left-hand menu
Cancel Subscription Click ‘Cancel’ next to Nitro banner May need to scroll down
Confirm Cancellation Follow prompt and confirm You’ll be informed of the final date of service

If you’re on the Discord website, the method is similar to the desktop app. After logging in, access your User Settings and select the Subscriptions tab. Locate your Discord Nitro subscription and click on the Cancel button. Confirm your decision following the prompts. Even if you’re still in a free trial of Nitro, the same steps apply to avoid entering a billing cycle.

Understanding Billing and Subscription Terms

When managing your Discord Nitro subscription, it’s crucial to be aware of the billing cycles and the process of switching between different Nitro plans. We will guide you through handling payments and altering your subscription type seamlessly.

Handling Billing Cycles and Payments

Understanding the billing cycle for your Discord Nitro subscription is key to managing your account effectively. Typically, the cycle begins on the date you first subscribed and recurs monthly or yearly, depending on the plan you selected. To align with your budgeting, ensure that your chosen payment method, like a credit card or PayPal, is up to date in the “Billing Settings” of your Discord account. If you have availed of an offer from partners like Epic Games, the billing terms might differ, and we recommend consulting the related documentation.

For your convenience, Discord provides email notifications reminding you of upcoming charges. It’s crucial to keep an eye on your email address associated with Discord to not miss these notices.

Switching Between Nitro Plans

Discord offers two primary types of subscriptions: Nitro and Nitro Basic. You might find yourself wanting to upgrade or downgrade between these plans. Changing your plan is straightforward – visit your subscriptions page and select the plan of your choice. The billing period for the new plan only starts after the current one ends, ensuring you get the full benefit of what you’ve already paid for.

Switching From Switching To
Nitro Basic Nitro
Nitro Nitro Basic

If you decide to cancel your subscription altogether, make these changes before the next billing cycle to avoid unwanted charges. When you cancel, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period. We’ll miss you, but we understand the necessity of flexibility and control over your subscriptions.

Additional Considerations and Tips

When cancelling a Discord Nitro subscription, it’s essential to address how to manage Server Boosts and contemplate alternatives to the service.

Utilizing Server Boosts Effectively

Before cancelling your Nitro plan, remember that any Server Boosts you’ve applied will remain until the end of the paid period. We suggest using these boosts on servers that you frequent or appreciate the most. This consideration ensures that your favorite communities can still benefit from your contribution even after you switch back to the free version of Discord.

Consider the following:
  • Assign your remaining Server Boosts before cancelling Nitro.
  • Boosts contribute to server perks, like audio quality and more emojis.

Exploring Alternatives to Nitro

Some users might explore alternatives post-Nitro for customization and other perks. While Nitro enhances user experience, the platform’s free version still offers a robust set of features for everyday communication. We think it’s important to review your usage patterns to decide whether the free version aligns with your needs. For power users needing more than the basic offerings, shop around for other premium subscriptions that prioritize privacy and additional utility.

Key tips:
  • Analyze your usage to determine if free features meet your needs.
  • Research and compare other services if looking for specific capabilities not covered by Discord’s free version.

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