Fix Discord Videos Not Playing: Quick Solutions to Common Issues

When we encounter issues with Discord videos not playing, it can disrupt our communication and leisure activities. Several factors could hinder video playback, including technical glitches, outdated software, or server problems. Understanding the root causes helps us troubleshoot effectively. The first step is to examine if the issue is on our end or a larger problem with Discord’s servers.

A computer screen with a frozen video on a Discord call, an error message displayed, and a frustrated user trying to troubleshoot the issue

Check Your Connection and Discord Settings

We should start by checking our internet connection to ensure it’s stable, as a poor connection can often be the culprit. Next, verifying that Discord’s video format is supported and ensuring the application is up-to-date can eliminate many common problems right off the bat. Also, an inaccurate configuration of your DNS settings could block videos from playing.

Ensuring our computer’s hardware isn’t limiting Discord’s performance is another step we can’t overlook. At times, disabling hardware acceleration can solve the video playback issue, as it can cause more harm than good despite its purpose to optimize performance. If these preliminary checks don’t resolve the problem, we may need to dig deeper into settings, cache files, or consider a full restart of our device and router.

Troubleshooting Basics

Troubleshooting Basics

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When Discord videos won’t play, checking the basics can resolve the issue. Let’s dive into the essentials.

Check Internet Connectivity

We know that a strong and stable internet connection is crucial for video playback. If the connection is slow or unstable, videos may not load or play correctly. Here’s how we can verify the connectivity:

  • Perform a speed test to ensure the bandwidth is sufficient for streaming videos.
  • Try other websites or services to check if the issue is isolated to Discord.
  • Restart your router to reset your internet connection, which may resolve temporary hiccups.

If the problem persists, contacting your Internet Service Provider might be necessary to troubleshoot further.

Verify Discord Server Status

Sometimes, the problem doesn’t lie with us, but with the Discord servers. Server problems on Discord’s end can prevent videos from playing. Here’s what we can do:

  • Visit the official Discord status page to see if there are any ongoing issues.
  • Check Discord’s Twitter for any updates regarding server downtime or outages.

By confirming the server status, we can determine if we just need to wait for Discord to resolve any internal issues.

Update Discord Application

Outdated applications can cause compatibility issues. Here’s why keeping Discord updated is essential and how to do it:

  • An outdated Discord might not support new video formats or features introduced in newer versions.
  • On desktop, Discord usually updates automatically. If not, a simple restart of the app can prompt an update.
  • On mobile devices, check the App Store or Google Play for available updates.

By ensuring the app is up to date, we help prevent technical issues and enjoy the latest features, leading to a smoother experience on Discord.

Technical Fixes

When tackling issues with Discord video playback, we can employ a few key technical fixes. Certain procedures such as clearing cache and cookies, disabling hardware acceleration, and ensuring the system meets the necessary requirements can significantly improve performance.

Clear Cache and Cookies

First and foremost, clearing Discord cache is an effective step. It helps refresh the app’s operations, prevent data corruption, and solve playback issues. To clear the Discord cache on a desktop, navigate to Discord’s cache folder and delete all the files there. It’s also crucial to clear the browser cache and cookies if you’re using Discord on the web. This removes old data that could be causing conflicts.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes, discord video playback issues can arise from hardware acceleration being enabled. While this feature is designed to allocate tasks to GPU instead of the CPU—freeing up RAM and improving performance—it can sometimes backfire, particularly on less powerful computers. To disable hardware acceleration in Discord, go into User Settings > Appearance > Advanced, and turn off Hardware Acceleration. Test if this resolves the video issue.

Check System Requirements

Lastly, ensure your system meets the minimal requirements for running Discord. An outdated CPU or insufficient RAM can hinder video playback. For optimal performance, we recommend:

2.0GHz 4GB DirectX 10 compatible

These specifications should be viewed as a minimum. Upgrading hardware components may be necessary for a smoother Discord experience, especially during heavy multitasking scenarios.

Advanced Solutions

When Discord videos aren’t playing, despite basic troubleshooting, it’s time to look into advanced solutions. We’ll need to ensure that the video format is correct and that network settings are not impeding the Discord application.

Examine Video Format and Codec

Unsupported Video Formats: Discord supports the most common video formats, which include but are not limited to .mp4, .mov, and .webm. If your video is not in a supported format, it won’t play. We must also consider the video’s codec, a device or program that compresses data to enable faster transmission and decompresses received data. Discord may not support some codecs, so converting the video to a different codec may solve the issue.

Manage Firewall and Router Settings

Firewall: Router: Media Access:
It’s essential to check the firewall settings to ensure they’re not blocking Discord’s operation. Sometimes, firewalls misinterpret the data from Discord as a threat and thus block it. Similar to the firewall, the router’s settings can interfere with Discord. Make sure that the router’s firmware is up-to-date and that Discord is allowed through any port filtering or security features in place. If the firewall and router settings are optimized and the video still won’t play, the problem might lie with media access on your device. Ensure Discord is granted the necessary permissions in your system’s privacy settings.

Contacting Support

When you’ve tried all basic troubleshooting steps for Discord videos not playing, and nothing works, it’s time to seek help from the experts.

Reach Out to Discord Support

If the Discord app still isn’t playing videos, it might be due to a more complex issue that only the Discord support team can resolve. We can submit a request to Discord Support directly through their official support page.

How to contact Discord Support:

  • Visit and log in if necessary.
  • Click on “Submit a request” at the top of the page.
  • Select “Help & Support” as the type of request.
  • Fill in the form with relevant information about the video playback issue.
  • Submit the request and wait for their response.

Make sure to explain the problem in detail and, if possible, include any screenshots that illustrate the issue. This can give the support team a clearer understanding of the problem we’re facing.

Reinstall Discord App

Sometimes the problem might not lie with the Discord servers but with our local app installation. Corruption or a glitch within the app can prevent video playback. In this case, reinstalling Discord can provide a fresh start.

Steps to reinstall Discord:

  1. Go to the Control Panel (on Windows) or Applications folder (on Mac).
  2. Uninstall the Discord application.
  3. Download the latest version of Discord from
  4. Install the application and log in to your account.

We should note that reinstalling the app will also clear the cache, which might resolve any issues related to corrupted cache files. This is a solid troubleshooting step before reaching out to support, as it often resolves most of the common glitches. Remember, when chatting with support or reinstalling the app, a stable internet connection is key to ensuring smooth video playback afterwards.

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