Razer DeathAdder Double Click: Listing the Working Solutions 

Razer DeathAdder double click problem can arise due to a variety of reasons. The causes include static “charge” build-up, incorrect click settings, problems with the Windows update, a mouse driver issue, and a faulty connection.

Razer Death Adder Double Click

But don’t worry if you can’t figure out the actual cause because all of the causes and their solutions have been listed in this article for your clarity.

Continue reading to bring your mouse back to its regular life and get rid of the frustration.

Why Is the Razer DeathAdder Double Clicking Happening?

The DeathAdder is double-clicking because there is a problem with the mouse driver or with your recent Windows update. Also, a “static” charge buildup, a faulty connection, or incorrect click settings can cause the same issue.Also the given mouse doesn’t double-click until you operate the optical switches twice as it doesn’t have any mouse buttons.

Static Charge Buildup

Now you can read about the possible issues and reasons behind them in more detail.

The static electricity buildup in the slit between the mouse switch and mouse base leads to an abnormal clicking state. Note that the said charge is built up when the electric charges are exchanged between the mentioned surfaces. It means that the positive charge on the mouse switch is exchanged with the negative charge on the mouse base or vice versa.

It would be beneficial to note that the Razer Naga Pro double click problem develops after being used for a long duration. Thus, a possible cause of the same can be the “static” charge buildup.

– Incorrect Click Speed Settings

If your mouse double clicks several times, then it is possible that your click speed settings aren’t set correctly. It is because incorrect single click speed settings can cause your Razer mice to double-click.

– Issue With the Windows Update

A new Windows update might be causing your mouse to produce double clicks. So, if you have recently updated your Windows and the gaming mouse has been double clicking since the update, then your recent Windows update might be erroneous.

Along with this, Windows that haven’t been updated for a long time can be the reason for the trouble.

– A Faulty Connection

Isn’t your mouse connected directly to your computer? Well, a faulty connection between your mouse and the PC can lead to the mouse double-clicking.

– Issue With the Mouse Driver

The problem doesn’t always lay in faulty connections or settings. A problem with the mouse driver can result in a double-clicking issue as well. 

How To Fix Double Click Issue?

You can start Razer DeathAdder double click fixing procedures and resolve the said issue by implementing the following to ensure that the Razer mouse never clicks twice again: 

How To Fix Double Click Issue

  • Remove the static charge buildup
  • Check settings
  • Rollback the mouse driver
  • Update Windows
  • Create a wired connection
  • Use a default mouse driver

– Remove the Static Charge Buildup

Before starting to read, please feel free to map the above causes with the given solutions to understand the entire problematic scenario better.

The first and easiest solution to recover the regular working condition of your mouse is to remove the static electricity buildup. You’ll be happy to discover that it is very easy to eliminate the disturbing buildup. All that you’ll need to do is to breathe a few breaths into the slit between the mouse switch and mouse base. You might need to repeat the same process for several days to bring your mouse back to its normal clicking state, but it will work.

Note that slow breaths result in more humidity to remove the “static” charge. So, you don’t need to be out of breath to resolve the mouse issue.

Although the said solution has proved to be useful many times, if it doesn’t work for you, then you can have a look at the fixing processes discussed further in this article.

– Check Your Speed Settings

You should check and adjust the speed settings to overcome the current issue with your mouse.

Note that you can also set the double-click speed setting as per your preference. The stated speed refers to the speed at which you should double-click to act. If the value for the given speed is lower, then you’ll be allowed to wait for some time between the two clicks. The higher the said speed, the more quickly you’ll be required to click twice to act.

Now, if you ask, “can the Razer DeathAdder 2013 double click?“, then the answer would be, “yes, it can.” Similarly, the answer to your question: “How to double click on Razer DeathAdder v2” is “by operating the optical switches twice.”

– Rollback the Mouse Driver

This solution will work for you if you have been facing the given problem since the last Windows update. Here, you should roll back your mouse driver to recover your mouse’s regular clicking state.

You can refer to the following steps to make the rollback process easier for you:

  1. Open the Power User Menu by pressing the Window and X keys simultaneously
  2. Click on “Device Manager”
  3. Look for your “Razer” mouse and double-click on the same to open the “Properties” menu
  4. Open the “Driver” tab and click on the “Roll Back Driver” button
  5. Wait for some time
  6. Move towards restarting your PC
  7. Check if your mouse works fine once the computer restarts

– Update Your Windows

If you haven’t updated your Windows for a long time and an update is available, then it would be a good idea to update your Windows to solve the mouse problem.

Update Your Windows

Many times the issue lies here.

– Create a Wired Connection

Providing the remedy for the faulty connection between your mouse and the PC, you can try creating a wired connection between the same objects to resolve the mouse issue. Also, don’t forget to disconnect and reconnect your mouse with the BlueTooth.

– Use a Default Mouse Driver

If you think that the mouse driver might be causing the given problem, then you should use the default mouse driver to make things work. The steps required for using a default mouse driver are simple and almost similar to the ones stated above for rolling back the driver. So, you can review them here again with the compulsory changes:

  1. Open the Power User Menu by pressing the Window and X keys simultaneously
  2. Click on “Device Manager”
  3. Look for your Razer mouse and right-click on the same
  4. Select the option that says “uninstall”
  5. Confirm the uninstallation
  6. Move towards restarting your PC
  7. Check if your mouse works fine once the computer restarts

– Fix the Razer Mamba Wireless Double Click Issue

You can resolve the Razer Mamba “double” click problem by downloading and installing the mouse firmware update. It would be good to note that a mouse firmware update is a software that guides the mouse by passing some instructions to the same.

– Use Razer Synapse

You can use the given software for free to customize your Razer products as per your choice.

– Additional Solutions

You can fix the Razer DeathAdder Triple Clicking problem by implementing the same solutions discussed in the article above. Also, remember that frequent and excessive mouse clicks will ruin a mouse without considering its price. Thus, even if you use an expensive mouse, it will wear out as a result of frequent clicking for many years.

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1. What Differentiates Razer DeathAdder Elite From Razer DeathAdder Chroma?

The better sensor of Razer Elite differentiates it from Razer Chroma. Moreover, it would be safe to say that the former forms a better version of the latter.

2. Should You Use Razer Viper Mini for FPS Gaming?

Yes, the given product is the right choice for FPS gaming because of its lightweight and high responsiveness.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big hand size or not; you should use the same product for an excellent gaming experience.

3. Is Double-clicking Allowed on the Hypixel Network?

Yes, it is allowed to double-click on the Hypixel Network if you are doing the same by clicking your mouse twice. But if you use software to double-click, then you should remember that the said act is not allowed and is bannable.

4. Is Butterfly Clicking Acceptable on Cubecraft?

Yes, butterfly clicking is allowed on Cubecraft, but it is a risky technique. So, if you choose to follow it, then you should prepare yourself to face the punishment as well. Also, note that it won’t be easy to deal with the punishment that results after using the butterfly click technique.

5. What Are the Difference Between Razer DeathAdder Essential and Elite?

As there are many differences between the two Razer mouses stated above, you can refer to the following points to easily understand the same:

  1. Elite has mechanical switches, while Essential has regular switches
  2. Elite comes with a 16,000 dpi sensor in contrast to the 6,400 dpi sensor of Essential
  3. Elite has Chroma RGB lighting, while Essential has only green lighting
  4. You’ll notice seven programmable buttons in Elite, unlike the five programmable buttons in Essential
  5. Elite has a braided USB cable, while the cable of Essential is a regular one
  6. Essential can move only 220 inches per second, unlike the 450 inches per second movement capability of Elite
  7. Elite has a 50G acceleration, which is greater than the 30G acceleration of Essential

6. What Are Some Best Mice for Drag Clicking?

Some of the best mice for drag clicking include:

  1. ROCCAT Kain 100 AIMO
  2. Glorious Model O
  3. Bloody A70
  4. Bloody A80
  5. Bloody A90What Are Some Best Mice for Drag Clicking


According to the above discussion, a “Razer” mouse can “double” click due to multiple reasons that need to be worked on.

Moreover, you can have a look at the points stated below to summarize this post efficiently:

  • You can breathe a few breaths into the mouse slit to resolve the double-clicking problem of the mouse
  • You should correct your click settings to deal with the double-clicking issue
  • A faulty connection and an issue with the mouse driver might make your mouse double-click
  • Updating the Windows is another best solution to make your mouse work fine
  • Downloading and installing the mouse firmware update can save you from the same problem

Please feel free to implement the solutions stated in this post to effectively eliminate the abnormal clicking behavior of your mouse. Do not let this problem persist and delay your daily computer tasks.

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