GK61 Software: Learn More About the Most-Loved Keyboard for All Users

The gk61 software is the best pick when it comes to mechanical keyboards. This mechanical keyboard uses this software to offer user-friendly options and maximum compatibility.

GK61 Software

Using this software for the mechanical gaming keyboard is an added bonus for not just games but also typing and daily tasks.

Let’s learn about gk61 software.

Gk61 Software Keyboard Specifications List

Features  Active Status
Plug and Play Option Enabled
Macro-Programmable Keys Option Enabled
RGB Backlighting Support Option Yes
Bluetooth Option No
Hot-Swappable Support Option Yes
Cherry MX Support Option Yes

What Makes Gk61 Keyboard So Special?

The unique thing about gk61 is its reliability factor. The keyboard presents a robust and sleek design that many other keyboards fail to provide. It is not just the keyboard’s visual appeal that makes it a customer favorite but also it’s after sale services. Unlike the market keyboards offering no help after there occurs a fault or an issue, gk61 is loaded with its features to support a favorable typing and gaming experience.

– Features

  • The HK gaming gk61 displays a 60 percent layout that is standard, meaning we can customize the keys as needed for a rich typing or gaming experience, much like optical switches.
  • The layout by default is ANSI so the Numpad and arrow buttons are not available on the keyboard.
  • If needed, we can use the software to incorporate the keys needed on another layer. This is one of the many customization options offered by gk61.

How Does Gk61 Work?

While the gk61 comes with in-built software, it does not mean everything is sorted out. We have to acquaint ourselves with the software before we can start with our customizations.

– Software Overview

  • Few of the basic features of this software includes the backlighting mode, effects, keyboard shortcuts, and macro-programming.
  • The macros can be recorded and saved as well as customized into the function keys for an immersive gaming look and feel.
  • No matter how many times we make errors during the use, there is always a factory reset to ensure no damage is done and the default settings can take over.

– Downfalls of Gk61

The customization is only possible once we have proper knowledge of the software. A lot of users find the optimization hard and have to use the internet for aid. Newbies who are just starting with the 60 percent keyboard that is also easy on the pocket have to understand the software options before they can really start using it.

Quick Functions of the Gk61 Keyboard

Do note that the gk61 website offers a software tutorial for guidance. In this tutorial, the basic functions of the software will be presented and exclusive tips and tricks are also shared. These functions also include adding layers and functions. Some brief examples are shared below.

– Functions

  • For the light effect, we can press Fn and back buttons together to turn it on or off.
  • By Using Fn and P/[{ together, we can adjust the brightness levels of the keyboard.
  • By pressing Fn and Q buttons at the same time, we can select the backlight and macro options.
  • We can press Fn and W/E/R buttons to go into the offline mode and get access to the layers (preset).
  • We can also press the Fn and W button to make our keyboard a regular keyboard.
  • By pressing the Fn and E button, we can use the function of F1, F2, F3, F4,F5… keys.
  • If we press Fn and R button, mode three will bring us functions of PS, SL, PB, Ins, HM, PU, End, Del, and PD buttons, thereby the Numpad respectively.
  • The Fn and windows button will lock the windows key and the start menu would not disturb during the gaming time.

On the upper side of the keyboard, we can access the backlight effects with the help of control keys, also known as the nav cluster layout or the nine special keys feature. By using the function keys, we can perform this function.

– Lighting Effects

The effect of the backlight in keyboards has now become a standard and in gk61, the market trend is followed without question. The LEDs are mounted on the surface and are aided by a glass-like material to provide a magnifying impact and make the lights shine brighter. As this light uses rgb, we have access to around 16.8 million color sets emanating from each LED.

– Backlight Effects

Some of the backlight modes are:

Backlight Effects of the Gk61 Keyboard

  • Waves
  • Rainbow
  • Spectrum
  • Ripple
  • Aurora
  • Music
  • Windmill
  • Gradient
  • And Single Light

All these modes and effects are displayed with seamless animation and the overall aesthetic is smooth. A tweak in the brightness level by going into the settings in the software can further make the modes vibrant using gk61’s 21-level brightness option. To do so, we can hold the Fn and P button to adjust the brightness levels.

Earlier, we mentioned some other buttons along with the P for brightness. Remember the following for these buttons:

  • We hold the Fn and the left bracket button ([) to increase brightness at maximum levels.
  • For speed of the animation, we can use Fn and semi colon (;) or Fn and apostrophe (‘).
  • In case we do not need the backlight, we can turn it off by pressing on Fn and backspace buttons.

– Lighting Modes in Gk61

All in all, there are two lighting modes in the gk61 keyboard. Do note the following:

  • Logic Lights Mode: Offers a versatile range of lights and effects that are controlled by the Fn and right bracket (]) button.
  • Code Lights Mode: This offers audio-syncing by using the built-in mic between each transition. By using the Fn and backslash button, we can activate this mode.

Overall Benefits of Gk61 Keyboard

With gateron, the mechanical switches, the standard switches, and the optical switches such as gk61, offer durable solutions and speed that enhance the user experience and enrich the switch’s offerings.

Why Optical Keyboards?

The main difference in optical keyboards would be their keys, much shallower to prevent the thumping and bouncing issues of the keyboard when typing at higher speeds or during gaming time. The switch design uses the photoelectric actuation method to make the gaming experience not only focused but also resistant to any water as well.

This comes in handy when we need to replace them as they are easy to take out of their sockets. With access to a keycap puller, we can simply pluck the damaged or affected switches and customize them with any other compatible model without needing to change the entire keyboard.

– Gateron Switches

We talked about gateron switches above. Do note that gk61 includes the gateron collection of blue, red, or brown switches. These switches are hot-swappable so they can be swapped with a compatible model and should work perfectly with the rgb effects and layers on the keyboard.

– Using Pin Switches

We can use three-pin switches in gk61 because the plate attaches to the PCB although it holds five-pin. Overall, there would not be any stability issues as the PCB uses Kailh hot-swap sockets.

– Loudness Factor

For those people who do not like loud keyboards, they will need to tolerate the loudness of the display and the remaining options offered by the gk61.

System Requirements for Gk61

The software should work with

System Requirements for Gk61

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

– Requirements

  • .Net Framework 4+ for Windows (Windows 7 or higher)
  • Mono on Mac/Linux (for Linux package managers, mono-complete should be listed)

RK61 vs Gk61: Which Is Better?

Between the royal kludge and the gk61, the gk61 outperforms the former due to its customization offerings that are a great resource for gaming purposes and aesthetically pleasing as well.

Sk61 and Gk61: What’s the Difference?

The keys in gk61 (61 keys) are renamed to differentiate between the sk61. Both sk61 and sk64 keyboards use switches (optical) whereas the gk61 uses switches (mechanical).

How Many Keystrokes Are Supported on Gk61?

With 100 million keystrokes, the gk61 is a solid unit to provide durability for gamers and typists with its hot-swappable option in case the keys need to be replaced or customized.

Is Hot-Swappable in Gk61 a Good Option To Have?

Of course, it is. With the affordability factor in check, the gk61 hot-swappable factor promises the usage of mixed switches from gateron, kailh, or any other brand that is compatible with the model. The level of brightness offers from very dim to very bright, a total of 20+ levels altogether. Such options are not an easy find at this price tag.

Which Switches Are Better for Gaming?

Optical ones are a good option for gaming and mechanical for all-rounder purposes.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have a solid understanding of the software and the features of the keyboard that are easy to add once you know how to operate the software.

In this article, we learned the following details:

  • The gk61 keyboard is an affordable 60 percent option with software that offers maximum customization options.
  • Once we master the software, we can experiment with backlights, effects, animations, and macro-programming.
  • To provide flexibility, switches are made mechanical as optical would be only suited for gaming.
  • The hot-swappable feature and the 100 million keystrokes promise a longer shelf life of the gk61 and offer reliability at a maximum level.

For more guides and tutorials, head over to our blogs corner. Thank you for reading!

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