Outemu vs Gateron: Learn the Differences For a Better Decision

Understanding Outemu vs Gateron differences are simple and complex at the same time. Outemu is the clone switch of Cherry MX switches.

Outemu vs Gateron

These switches are offered at a lower price, but they still have many features that have advantages over other cloned Cherry MX switches.

Let’s explore further details on Gateron and Outemu switches.

Comparison Table

Properties  Outemu Gateron
Variant Colors Blue, Black, Red and Brown Clear, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow
Highest Actuation Force 65g 80g
Lowest Actuation Force 50g 35g
Switches Linear, Tactile, and Clicky Linear, Tactile, and Clicky

What Are the Differences Between Outemu vs Gateron?

The main difference between Outemu and Gateton is that Outemu’s highest actuation force is 65 g and the lowest actuation force is 50g. However, Gateron has the highest actuation force of 80g and the lowest actuation force of 35g. Moreover, the best Cherry MX switch clone is Gateron, while Outemu is the second-best clone.

What Is the Outemu Switch Best For?

Outemu-switch is best for people who do not want to spend a lot on switches and still want quality keyboards. Outemu keyboards or switches are budget-friendly. They are very cheap and still work best for typists.

– Advantages And Disadvantages of Outemu Switch

Some common advantages of these switches are the following:

  • They have a loud and crisp sound while being used.
  • They have good tactile feedback.
  • Outemu switches are relatively affordable, making them an excellent option for those on a budget.
  • A variety of switch types for users like gamers, typists, programmers, and general users is available.

As with any product, these switches have some disadvantages and drawbacks as well:

  • Switches develop a shaky feel when being used.
  • These keyboards or switches are not fit for long-term usage.
  • They have Lower durability when compared to other big brands in the market.

– Outemu Blue Switch

The Outemu Blue switch is considered the standard for gaming switches with clicky noise. The clicky noise of the actuation shows that they have been actuated. It offers a quick actuation point and has a force of 60g required to activate the key.

Outemu Blue Switch

This switch is ideal for fast-paced games where every second counts. These keyboards offer a fast, responsive keystroke with a tactile bump and an audible click that informs that the key has been pressed.

Outemu Blue keyboard specs are:

  • Actuation Force is 60g
  • Pre Travel Distance is 2.2mm
  • Total Travel-Distance is 4mm
  • Switch-Type is “Clicky”.
  • Click Life of 40 million operations.

The Outemu Blue keyboard is a clicky type. It is based on the MX Blue keyboard but is modified to have a shorter actuation distance with a higher activation force. This switch is available in both plate and PCB mount versions.

The Outemu Blue keyboard has a short actuation distance of 2.0 mm and a high activation force of 60 g. Compared to the 3.4 mm MX Blue’s actuation distance of 3.4 mm and an activation force of 50 g, Outemu switches are better.

The Outemu Blue Switch is designed for both gaming and typing. It has a clicky and responsive feel, making it perfect for fast-paced games. Its low resistance keeps the hands comfortable.

The best thing about these type of switches is that although they are affordable, the quality doesn’t suffer because of the low price. For a person looking for a versatile keyboard switch that can handle both gaming and typing, this switch is worth considering.

One drawback is that Outemu Blue switches are very noisy. However, this noise is common in clicky type mechanical switches and keyboards. Although the sound may be pleasing to some gamers, others find it quite annoying. This switch or keyboard is not to be used in a quiet environment. Some keyboards are louder than others, but the noise level can be affected by the force the key is pressed.

– Outemu Brown Switch

The Outemu Brown mechanical keyboard switches are an excellent choice for those who want a more tactile gaming or typing experience. The Brown switch requires less force to activate, thus, making it the perfect choice for those who want to avoid hand fatigue.

Moreover, the noise in the case of the Outemu browns is reduced compared to the Outemu Blue switches. Therefore, they give tactile feedback without much annoying noise from the clicks. It has a hard tactile bump and an audible click. The actuation point of this switch is 1.5 mm from the top of the switch. This makes it a relatively light switch with a force of 45 grams.

Outemu Brown switch main specs are listed below:

  • Actuation-Force is 55g.
  • Pre Travel Distance is2.2mm.
  • The total Travel Distance is 4mm.
  • Switch-Type is “Tactile”.
  • Total Click Life is 40 million operations.

Outemu Brown switches are tactile switches and are heavier than Cherry MX Browns. They offer a pronounced bump. Moreover, they have low sound compared to the Blue switches. They are often found on gamers’ keyboards.

A Putemu Brown keyboard is a good option for those looking for a gaming keyboard that can keep up with fast fingers. Additionally, the brown keyboards are tactile and very responsive as well. That is why they are perfect for typing and gaming.

The Outemu Brown keyboard is a type of tactile switch on a keyboard that produces less noise than the other clicky types of switches, like the Outemu Blue ones. The noise reduction in these switches is significant.

– Outemu Red Switch

Outemu keyboard comes with Red-switches that are linear. The Outemu Red linear switches are popular for those looking for an affordable mechanical keyboard switch. When touched, the linear switches have a smooth, consistent feel with no tactile or audible feedback. Thus, this makes it perfect for gaming and typing.

Outemu Red switch specs are listed below:

  • Actuation-Force is 50g.
  • Pre Travel Distance is2.2mm.
  • The total Travel Distance is 4mm.
  • Switch-Type is “Linear”.
  • Click Life is 40 million operations.

The Outemu Red switch is a linear switch type that offers a smooth and responsive feel once used. It is well-suited for gamers who prefer a fast and precise response while gaming. The Outemu Red switch is an excellent option for typists who want to have a quick and smooth keystroke.

Many mechanical keyboards are silent, but the Outemu Red switch has taken this concept to another level. The Outemu Red switch is designed in a way to stay as quiet as possible while it is in use. Thus, this makes it perfect to be used in an office environment or other places with quietness.

What Is the Gateron Switch Best For?

Gateron is best because of the way it feels. Gateron began its life simply by producing Cherry MX clones. They have now taken a more innovative role in the market recently. Gateron’s Zealio switches collaborated with Zeal PC and started producing mechanical keyboards.

– Additional Features

Some additional features that distinguish this product are listed below:

  • Smoothest keystrokes.
  • Up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • The standard operating force is 60cN.
  • The actuation point is 2.3 mm.

– Overall Feel When Using the Switch

When comparing the overall feel of both switches, it can be determined which switch feels better and more pleasant to use and which is best for an enjoyable gaming experience along with the typing experiences. Gateron linear-switch variations feel extra smooth to use. The switch design has a small stem which allows for a smoother keystroke.

Overall Feel When Using the Switch

The gaming field is a little even when comparing switch variations other than linear switches in the gaming sector. Outemu tactile or linear switch variations such as the Red and Brown keyboards are comparable to all the Gateron switch variations.

– Price Factor

In contrast to the price factor between both switches, Gateron is more expensive than Outemu switches. However, they are better than Outemu switches, so prices may not matter for some people. Gateron switches are expensive due to their manufacturing costs. It has more features and hardware compared to Outemu switches.

Gateron switches are also known as clone switches. This means that they copy the design of the original Cherry MX switch. Since the patent for the Cherry MX switches expired, dozens of clone switches have been manufactured by companies such as Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu.

For example, Gateron takes the design of the Cherry MX keyboard and manufactures them more cheaply by removing the expensive costs of producing parts that are mainly in Europe and the testing method of the Cherry MX keyboard. Instead, they are made in big factories in China. Overall, Gateron is better in pricing.

– Noise Level

Gateron switches produce less noise than Outemu switches due to being smoother and less scratchy than Outemu switches. The smooth keystroke means less friction is present, which leads to a lower sound of these switches.

When comparing the general sound level of Gateron switches with Outemu, Gateron-switches are quieter when in use. However, Outemu is considered to be louder in a few switch color variations. Gateron keyboard mechanical switches win this section because they are quieter than Outemu, but since some people prefer a louder switch, it comes down to the buyer’s preferences.

Moreover, Outemu and Gateron switches have silent variations that significantly reduce noise when typing or gaming. The silent switches have small bits of rubber that dampen the switches’ impact on each keystroke. Outemu and Gateron have options for Red, Black and Brown keyboards.

– Variety of Switches

Both Gateron and Outemu switches have a ton of different switch options available. The manufacturers of each switch offer the standard lineup, silent switches, low-profile and more. Gateron has more variations due to making a clone of Cherry switches and manufacturing their own as well – they have more silent switch variations.

Variety of Switches

Gateron has some truly unique switches, and they are not all Cherry MX clones. The Gateron Ink switches have a unique design that focuses on producing a smoother keystroke using a different type of plastic. They are well-known in the mechanical keyboard community. For purely the number of switches available, Gateron wins the comparison.


1. What Are Examples of Gateron Blue vs Outemu Blue Switches?

The noise of blue switches in both models can delight typists or annoy those around the noise. The click of Outemu Blue switches is rough and very loud, whereas Gateron blues sounds sharper but less loud than Outemu switches. Gateron blues have less wobbly keys compared to Outemu switches.


After reading this article, you should be able to identify the differences among both Outemu and Gateron switches. Both are good options; therefore, it all depends on the preferences. Some may prefer a smoother feeling switch, while others may prefer a standard affordable keyboard good for typing or playing. Thus, Gateron switches have a longer lifespan and Outemu switches are budget-friendly switches.

We recommend Gateron keyboards as they are fast, accurate, speedy, and have a long lifespan compared to Outemu switches. The only drawback is that they are more expensive than Outemu. However, the features available in these switches overcome their shortcomings. Now you can decide which keyboard is best to purchase.

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