Gateron vs Cherry: Buy the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Your System

When comparing Gateron vs Cherry MX switches, the main difference is the feel. Gateron switches are smoother, which makes them feel richer in contrast to the Cherry keyboards.

Gateron vs Cherry

Cherry MX switches have a longer lifespan than Gateron switches but lean towards the expensive side. Thus, when on a budget, Gateron switches should be preferred.

Nevertheless, cherry can be a better choice for a higher-end keyboard.

Comparison Table

Features Cherry MX Switches Gateron Switches
Feel of these switches Scratchier Smoother
lifespan Longer lifespan – 100 million keystrokes  Shorter lifespan – 50 million keystrokes
Cost It is expensive It is budget-friendly
Sound/Noise Slight louder Quieter 
Variations  Less variety/options More varieties/options
Search difficulty level Easy to find them in any computer market. Hard to find them in any computer market.

What Are the Differences Between Gateron vs Cherry?

The main difference between Cherry and Gateron switches is their feel. Cherry MX switches feel scratchier, whereas the Gateron switch feels smoother and pleasant to touch. Another difference is their lifespan. Cherry-MX has a long life, but Gateron has a short lifespan.

What Is the Gateron Switch Best For?

Gateron Switch is renowned for its looks and feeling of touch, premium design, and naturally adjustable shape. Gateron began its life simply by producing Cherry MX clones; they have recently taken a more innovative role in the market. Gateron’s Zealio switches collaborated with Zeal PC and started producing mechanical keyboards.

– Additional Features

The distinguishing features of this product are listed below:

  • Smoothest keystrokes.
  • Up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • The standard operating force is 60cN.
  • The actuation point is 2.3 mm.

– Overall Feel When Using the Gateron Switches

When comparing the overall feel of both switches, it can be determined which feels better and more pleasant to use and which is best for an enjoyable gaming experience along with the typing experiences. Gateron linear mechanical keyboard switch variations feel extra smooth to use. The switch design has a small stem which allows for a smoother keystroke. Cherry switches are more precise than other switches, which makes the stem fit more tightly.

The gaming field is a little even when comparing switch variations other than linear switches in the gaming sector. Cherry-MX tactile switch variations such as the Blue and Brown switches are comparable to all the Gateron switch variations. Thus, Gateron is best in feel due to their linear switches being smoother than Cherry MX.

– Price Factor

In contrast to the price factor between both switches, Gateron is best because it is significantly cheaper than Cherry MX switches. Cherry MX-switches are manufactured in Germany and undergo rigorous temperature and stress testing to ensure they have a long lifespan. This procedure makes Cherry MX switches expensive.

Gateron switches are also known as clone switches. This means that they copy the design of the original Cherry MX switch. Since the patent for the Cherry MX switches expired, dozens of clone switches have been manufactured by companies such as Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu. That is why Gateron is cheap.

Gateron takes the Cherry MX switches’ design and manufactures them cheaper by removing the expensive costs of producing parts in Europe and the testing method of Cherry MX switches. Instead, they are made in a factory in China. Overall, Gateron is better in pricing.

– Noise Level

Gateron switches produce less noise than Cherry MX switches due to being smoother and less scratchy than Cherry switches. The smooth keystroke means that there is less friction present which leads to a lower sound of these switches.

When comparing the general sound level of Gateron switches with Cherry, Gateron switches are quieter across the board. However, Cherry MX is considered to be louder in a few switch color variations. Gateron keyboard mechanical switches win this section because they are quieter than Cherry keyboards, but since some prefer a louder switch, it comes down to the buyer’s preferences.

Moreover, Cherry and Gateron switches have their own silent variations that significantly reduce the noise level when using a keyboard to type or play games. These switches have small bits of rubber that dampen the switches’ impact on each keystroke. Gateron has options available for Red, Black, and Brown switches, while Cherry MX has options just for Red and Black.

– Variety of Switches

Both Gateron and Cherry switches have a ton of different switch options available. The manufacturers of each switch offer the normal lineup, silent switches, low-profile and more. Gateron has more variations due to making a clone of cherry switches and manufacturing their own as well – they have more silent switch variations.

Variety of Switches Of Gateron Switch

Gateron has some truly unique switches and they are not all Cherry-MX clones. The Gateron Ink switches have a unique design that focuses on producing a smoother keystroke by using a different type of plastic. They are well-known in the mechanical keyboard community. As far as it is about the total number of switches available, Gateron wins the comparison.

What Is Cherry Switch Best for?

The Cherry keyboard is best for gaming, office, and home usage. These keyboards have a high actuation force; of 45g, which enables them to work accurately. Moreover, this decreases typo errors and increases the overall performance level.

– Additional Features and Advantages

Check extra features of the product listed below:

  • Use an RGB spectrum with a color range of 16 million.
  • The keyboards use a refract technology to disperse the light.
  • They also have four mm of travel distance.

These switches come with a lot of advantages that will excite you:

  • Easy to handle.
  • Have an extremely high lifespan.
  • Best for the gaming industry.
  • High rate of accuracy.
  • They are water resistant.

But before making a final decision, let’s check the pros as well to be sure of your choice:

  • They are heavyweight; 45g.
  • They are noisy when used for typing.
  • They are costly and cost $7903.

– Durability of Switches

In terms of durability, Cherry-MX switches are undefeatable. They go through expensive, lengthy, complicated procedures before being sold in the marketplace. Cherry Mx switches have excellent quality standards. Cherry-MX switches have a lifespan that is double the amount of Gateron.

Cherry-MX switches can last 100 million keystrokes before causing problems. However, once the limit is reached, the switch can still work perfectly, but it will not follow the ideal force curve. However, the switch will feel slightly different.

Gateron switches have 50 million keystrokes, which is also a high number. However, they cannot compete against each other because Cherry wins the durability comparison. Moreover, mechanical switches are highly durable and a Gateron switch will also last for a long time. They do not really meet the same quality standards as Cherry-MX.

– Easier To Find

Cherry-MX switches are the most popular switches available everywhere and can be found from mid-range to high-range keyboards. When a beginner switches to a mechanical keyboard, they will be recommended to buy Cherry-MX switches or a keyboard. Keyboard manufacturers that make their keyboards using Cherry-MX switches will usually market that design aspect because they know it is attractive to the buyer due to long-lasting switches.

Easier To Find Cherry Switch

On the contrary, Gateron switches are hard to find. There are very rare mechanical keyboards with Gateron switches on them. To purchase them, they will be widely available in online stores, such as Amazon, to find the right keyboard. Since these switches are cheaper than MX switches, they can be found on the lower-priced keyboards, which makes these switches an excellent option for those trying to save money. Anyhow, keyboards with Cherry-MX switches are easier to find as most popular brands use these switches.

– Easy To Modify

Modifying the switches can be an excellent way to improve the sound and feel of the switches, such as lubing or filming. When comparing the keyboard structure of both switches, it can be seen that the switches are secured together with four small plastic clips that need to be unclipped in order to take the switches apart.

The switch can be removed with a switch puller or a small screwdriver to modify the keyboard. However, the modifying method or the time taken to modify both switches is so similar that no comparison can be conducted between Gateron and Cherry switches. Even the design of both switches is exceptionally similar.


1. Which Gateron switch Is the Quietest?

The quietest Gateron switch is Gateron Silent Red. Gateron Silent Red and Black are linear switches that are incredibly smooth and super quiet while working on them. Gateron switches are budget-friendly, so they make an excellent option for those who do not wish to spend a lot of money on switches.

2. Are Gateron Switches Better Than Other Mechanical Switches?

Yes, Gateron switches are better than other mechanical switches in terms of speed, accuracy, and quietness. However, Cherry-keyboards are the only ones better than all other mechanical switches due to their long lifespan.

3. What Are Examples of Gateron Blue vs Cherry MX Blue Switches

The noise of blue switches in both models can delight typists or annoy those around the noise. The click of Cherry-MX blue switches is slightly lighter and softer, whereas Gateron blues sounds a little sharper and louder.

What Are Examples of Gateron Blue vs Cherry MX Blue Switches

Gateron blues have slightly more key wobble than their Cherry counterparts.

4. What Are Examples of Cherry MX Brown vs Gateron Brown Switches

Brown tactile switches are one of the most popular switches compatible with mechanical keyboards. These switches provide a satisfying bump on actuation without the loud noise.

Gateron brown switches are more well-known for their smoothness than the Cherry keyboards. Gateron has a slightly more recognizable bump sensation on actuation.


After reading this article, you should be able to identify the differences in both Cherry-MX and Gateron switches. Both of them are great options. Therefore, it all depends on the preferences. Some may prefer a smoother feeling switch, while others prefer a switch with a long lifespan. Hence, Cherry MX switches have a long lifespan and Gateron switches are smooth and budget-friendly.

We recommend Cherry keyboards as they are fast, accurate, and have a longer lifespan. The biggest drawback is that it is scratchy, a little rough during use, and more expensive than Gateron. However, the features available in these switches overcome their shortcomings. Now you can make a final decision and choose which keyboard is best to purchase. 

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