Topre vs Cherry: Which Mechanical Keyboard Is a Better Choice

Topre vs Cherry? Both mechanical keyboards offer effective features and have multiple advantages, not to forget that the key switch is one of the most important elements.

Topre Vs Cherry

Furthermore, many types of key switches decide the smooth functionality and clicks of the keyboard as they also come in different sizes.

Continue reading the article to find out more essential details.

Comparison Table

Features  Topre Keyboard Cherry Keyboard
Handling Performance It works smoothly  It also works smoothly 
Actuation-Force  5 g force 45 g force
Keyboard Weight  30g, 45g, and 55g. 45g 
Actuation Point For R3 keyboards: 1.5mm, 2.2mm, and 3.0mm

For R2 keyboards: 1.5mm, 2.2mm, and 3.0mm

1.2 mm
Keystrokes/battery-life 50 Million 100 Million
Noise Factors Quieter, does not have any clicky sounds A little noisy along with a clicky sound

What Are the Differences Between Topre vs Cherry

The main difference between Topre and Cherry keyboards is total Keystrokes. Topre keyboards have a 50 million keystrokes limit, whereas Cherry keyboards have a limit of 100 million keystrokes. Moreover, another significant difference is that the Topre actuation force is five g and the Cherry keyboard has 45g.

What Is Topre Keyboard Used For?

For a quiet and silent environment, Topre keyboards are best. Moreover, they are lightweight. These keyboards do not have any clicky sounds that most keyboards have. Furthermore, they weigh 30g, 45g or 55g. This weight is ideal for keyboard users. 

– Additional Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The keyboard offers some great additional features that can affect your decision:

  • They can support RGB lighting.
  • The slider consists of a spring and a rubber dome.
  • They have four mm of travel distance.

Now let’s check the advantages of Topre:

  • They are quiet.
  • Easy and smooth performance for typists.
  • They are known for a very high actuation force without requiring too much force to press it down.
  • They offer a unique design that users find pleasing.
  • They are highly responsive.

Along with pros, the product has some cons as well that are listed below:

  • They are expensive and cost $200 to $250.
  • They are not available in standard keyboards because of their high cost.
  • It gets dirty because they are difficult to clean.
  • Gamers cannot use it.

– Construction Material

The Topre keyboards consist of durable material. It consists of a rubberized grip on the top side of the board, which gives a firm grip when typing. Moreover, the keys are lined with an anti-slip coating to prevent accidental keystrokes. The key has an aluminum base that prevents bottoming out, which is fixed to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) using screws on each side.

– Variations

Topre keyboards do not consist of many variations. A few well-known variations among the users of Topre keyboards would include standard, purple and Short throw Topre key switches. All the variations of this keyboard are highly responsive and have high accuracy rates.

– Weight Factor

This factor is their big advantage over Cherry keyboards. Topre keyboards are fast, accurate, and also lightweight. They come in various sizes and weights; the most common are; 30g, 45g, and 55g.

Weight Factor Of Topre Keyboard

One of the good things about this keyboard is that the materials used in it are all lightweight and yet make the keyboard extremely effective and efficient.

– Actuation Point and Force

As mentioned in the comparison table, their accusation point is higher than Cherry keyboards, that is 1.5 mm, 2.2 mm, and 3.0 mm for R3 type of keyboards. Whereas 1.5 mm, 2.2 mm, and 3.0 mm actuation points for R2 keyboard types. Furthermore, their actuation force is 5 g, making them better Cherry mechanical switches.

– Switches Design

Topre switch is designed in a way that they have a spring attached to the printed circuit board of the keyboard. That spring contains a cup made of rubber. The rubber grants the bulk of resistance in the switch. Moreover, the spring is lightweight and functions to bring the capacitance action.

When the key is pressed, the slider is pushed down on the dome, which causes it to compress and rebound. This action creates tactile feedback that informs when the key is pressed fully. This design gives Topre switches some unique properties, including its light touch and short travel distance, making them feel smooth and work fast.

– Examples of Topre-Keyboards

Some of the best examples of Topre keyboards are:

  • Version: Leopold FC660C

The Leopold FC660C is well-known for its variety of colors. It has a 65% layout, making it an excellent option for those who prefer having a slightly petite keyboard. Moreover, it has an adaptable cable design with a mini USB port.

  • Version: Topre Realforce

Realforce RGB lighting is the attractive feature of this keyboard. The Topre-Realforce style has a diverse backlight option. Moreover, this keyboard is available in various sizes. Additionally, the keyboard has innate cable management built into it. It has four DIP switches in the back to adjust the typing angle; it also has four rubber feet with two kickstands.

  • Version: Happy Hacking Keyboard

The Happy Hacking Keyboard style is famous due to its design in the community. It comes in small sizes and is best because of its lightweight and firmness, which makes it easier to carry in the bag. Moreover, due to its size, it does not take a lot of desk space.

  • Version: Leopold FC980C

The Leopold FC980C has a 96% layout, making it a little larger than most Topre keyboards. However, they are smaller than full-sized keyboards. It has many components and features similar to the FC660C; the mini USB cable, PBT keycaps, and colors. The Leopold FC980C’s sound can tone down through lubed stabilizers.

What Is Cherry Keyboard Used For?

The Cherry keyboard is used for gaming purposes, office usage, and home usage as well. These keyboards have a high actuation force; of 45g, which enables them to work accurately. Moreover, this decreases the probability of typos and errors and increases the overall performance level.

– Additional Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Check some great features of this product:

  • Use an RGB spectrum with a color range of 16 million.
  • The keyboards use a refract technology to disperse the light.
  • They also have four mm of travel distance.

The advantages of Cherry are listed below:

  • Easy to handle.
  • Have an extremely high lifespan.
  • Best for the gaming industry.
  • High rate of accuracy.
  • They are splash water resistant.

And, before making the final decision, also check the cons:

  • They are heavyweight; 45g.
  • They are noisy when used for typing.
  • They are very expensive and cost $7903.

– Design

These mechanical keyboards were redesigned to be more contemporary, slimmer, and space-saving than the other ones. It is designed to be comfortable for typing due to its small travel distance. The way it is designed is perfect for gamers who use keyboards.

– RGB Lighting

Cherry keyboards use RGB lighting in over 16 million colors. It provides countless lighting options: animated, multicolor effects, single-color lighting or customizable single-key illumination, and many more.

Various lighting effects and colors can be selected directly from the keyboard. Moreover, additional software is not really required in order to manage the color options. However, CHERRY Utility is a powerful software used for more customization.

– Variations

Cherry MX switches come in many different variants. A few well-known variants among the Cherry MX switches include Cherry MX-Red, Cherry MX-Brown, Cherry MX Black, and Cherry MX Blue. In the Cherry MX repertoire, a vast number of further options are available.

Further Cherry MX Keyboard Variants and Explanation. The Cherry MX switches have a low actuation force and are quiet in performance but are noisy when compared with Topre keyboards. Some of them come with a light touch and are considered a good option for gaming and typing.

The Cherry MX Black switches have a higher actuation force. A bit of resistance will be experienced while using these switches. Furthermore, the Silver switches are designed to provide quick and fast performance with an extraordinary level of accuracy. They can be an appropriate option for gamers.

– Lifespan

The total keystrokes can determine the lifespan of Cherry keyboards and how many functions they can perform before it starts to cause issues.

Lifespan Of Cherry Keyboard

Thus, Cherry keyboards have a 100 million keystrokes limit. Due to this reason, they are highly famous among the best keyboards.

– The Actuation Force

The actuation force of a keyboard is an important aspect that needs to be considered when buying keyboards. This force has a significant bearing on the experience gained by gaming and typing. Cherry MX Black has the fastest actuation force and Cherry MX-Red is quiet and more suitable to be used in offices.

– Switch Feel

Cherry keyboard switches are known for their unique tactile feel to computer keyboards. This unique feel is a result of the short travel distance between the switches on the keyboard. Thus, this enables fast typing speed and gives comfort while using the keyboard. This is why it is so popular and considered among the best-selling keyboards.

– Examples of Cherry Keyboard Switches

Cherry MX-switches are available in several variants — each offering unique features. Moreover, each of the variants has colors and all of them have different meanings. Thus, the force to trigger the key operation depends on the color of the switches.

  • CHERRY MX-RED Mechanical Switch

Similarly, in the gaming industry, Cherry MX Red is popular. It is well known among gamers because these switches have linear switch characteristics, and when pressed, they function quite fast. Moreover, their minimal actuation force is only 45 g. This keyboard is best for those who play fast games such as shooting or racing games.


These keyboards are particularly quiet when being used. Cherry MX Brown has a tactile and detectable actuation point without the “click” sound when in use. It requires 55 g of actuation force and the distance between the switches is two mm. Due to its noticeable actuation and quiet operation, this keyboard is preferred by office users or libraries. These keyboards are best for typists.


Cherry MX Black is a complete linear switch, just like MX Red. These switches require an actuation force of about 60 g and have a distance of about two mm. These features decrease typo mistakes and increase the overall performance of the keyboard. Therefore, these keyboards are used when maximum accuracy is required.

Furthermore, the tight coil spring ensures a quick return of the switch to its original position. In contrast to gamers, this keyboard is suitable for players that play slow strategic games. However, it is best for typists as these switches reduce the unwanted key inputs. Moreover, they are the manufacturer’s oldest switches.


1. How Do Topre Switches Feel?

The standard Topre switches on the keyboard feel like typing on a thick, hard and refined rubber dome switch. The tactile feedback it provides is different from other types of switches. Therefore, many users find it pleasant and easy to use or type on.

Furthermore, the texture of the keys encourages the typer to type faster. This is because the lack of friction makes the typing speed faster than other keyboards or switches.

2. Is It Possible To Install Topre Switches Without Any Professional Help?

Yes, it is possible to install Topre Switches without any professional help. It is easy to install and can be done using a DIY installation kit. Things that are required are a screwdriver and a keyboard kit of Trope switch to do the installation.

On the back of the keyboards are screws labeled with Topre switch names. Thus, there should not be any problem in reading them and placing the switches in their places.

3. What Is So Special About Topre Switches?

The most remarkable feature of Topre switches is that it uses pressure-based activation. This means there are high chances of accuracy with almost no typo mistakes. Therefore, the Topre switch keyboards are called linear switches because they use pressure-based activation.

What Is So Special About Topre Switches

Unlike switches that use physical bumps in the rubber membrane to activate their key, it does not move. The Topre switches are extremely quiet and are used mainly by heavy keyboard users.

4. Are Topre Switches Smooth and Pleasing To Use?

Yes, Topre switches are smooth to use and have excellent performance. These switches are quieter than Cherry switches. Therefore, typists usually rely on Topre keyboards. These keyboards and switches have a ten times longer and better battery life than the other Cherry MX keyboards.

5. Which Keyboard Is Better to Type: Topre or Cherry MX Versions?

Both keyboards have amazing features with excellent performance speed and operations. However, Topre is best for typing due to its short distance in the keys, high actuation force, quiet operations, and less expensive.

6. What Are the Pros and Cons of Topre Realforce 104UB Keyboards?

The pros are listed below:

  • This keyboard is made for typing, so it is suitable for typists.
  • It is quiet and does not make “Click” sounds.
  • The plastic sheet underneath the keyboard is a little hard and prevents keys from bending. This avoids typing mistakes.

And the cons are:

  • Vibrant fingerprints on top of the keyboard.
  • It is hard to see the keys compared to other keyboards.
  • It is not a perfect choice for gamers.
  • There are no lighting effects options on this keyboard.


After reading this article, you know each mechanical keyboard type’s basic features and switches. This article differentiates the best features of both mechanical keyboards. Cherry keyboards are better in terms of battery life because their keystrokes limit is 100 million and above.

Although both of these keyboards are excellent in performance and operations, Topre is best for typing but is expensive. However, Cherry mechanical keyboards are less expensive and are excellent for fast gaming. We recommend Cherry keyboards as they almost work similar to Topre and are also less expensive. 

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