Corsair vs Razer: What Are the Most Significant Differences?

The Corsair vs Razer debate is finally put to rest because our complete guide answers all your questions and doubts. If you are a customer willing to buy a new gaming keyboard but you are not sure of the build quality, we will help you make your final decision.

Corsair Vs Razer

This article contains comparison tables, detailed reviews, and final recommendations about which mechanical keyboard is better. By the time you are done reading our complete guide, you will know whether the Corsair series is better than the Razer series.

Corsair vs Razer: Comparison Table

Before we dive deep into a detailed review, we will show you two comparison tables that capture some basic specs for both series. One thing is for sure, both the Corsair and Razer series are amazing, especially their gaming mouses and gaming headsets. Although the Razer mouse and Razer keyboard are known to be the best on the market currently, the Corsair series does not fall behind either. So, without further ado, please look closely at the following table containing the best specifications.

Series Name Corsair Razer
Best specifications
  • Customers can choose from a variety of custom-designed gaming equipment and controllers.
  • The lighting system is one of the best, and many customers choose their products because of this.
  • This Corsair series offers many products, either cheap or expensive, so there is a lot to choose from.
  • One of the best price-for-value options on the market.
  • Readily available in stores or online.
  • Maintaining top-quality hardware and software products for many years.
  • It is the most owned computer and gaming gear series because there are over 125 million customers worldwide.

You can easily conclude from this list that both series offer some amazing specifications. However, to better understand the differences between both series, we will take one Razer and one Corsair product and put them side by side.

On the flip side, we will not review the Cooler Master series in this article, although their products are usually compared to the Corsair and Razer series. So, let us learn more about the Razer Black Widow V3 Pro and the Corsair K100 RGB without further ado.

Table Comparison: Razer Black Widow V3 Pro vs Corsair K100 RGB

The Razer Black Widow V3 Pro and the Corsair K100 RGB are some of the finest gaming keyboards money can buy. Both series offer impeccable quality, longevity, and modern appearance. In the table we are about to show you, we will look at some of the numbers and specifications, so you can clearly tell which mechanical keyboard suits your needs. Keep reading for more.

  Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Corsair K100 RGB
Connectivity Wireless Wired
Mechanical Yes Yes
Color variants Black Black / Midnight Gold
Operating force 62 gf 42 gf
Height 1.7″ (4.2 cm) 1.6″ (3.9 cm)
Width 17.5″ (44.5 cm) 18.5″ (47.0 cm)
Depth 6.5″ (16.5 cm) 6.5″ (16.5 cm)
Depth with Wrist Rest 9.3″ (23.5 cm) 9.3″ (23.5 cm)
Weight 2.53 lbs (1.149 kg) 2.87 lbs (1.300 kg)
Keycap material ABS PBT
Board design Straight Straight
Minimum incline
Medium incline
Maximum incline
Wrist Rest Detachable Detachable
Backlighting Yes Yes
Individual backlit keys Yes Yes
Color mixing Amazing Amazing
Effects Yes Yes
Programmable Yes Yes
Wireless cable type Wired Mode and Charge No
Connector USB Type-C Not Detachable
Bluetooth Yes No
Bluetooth Multi-Device Pairing 3 No
Battery Type Rechargeable No batteries
Media keys Dedicated Dedicated
Trackpad No No
Wheel Yes Yes
USB Passthrough No Yes
Numpad Yes Yes
Lock indicator Caps, Scroll and Num lock Caps, Scroll and Num lock
Key switches Razer Green Cherry MX Speed
Feel Clicky Linear
Actuation force 54 gf 41 gf
Pre-travel 1.8 mm 1.1 mm
Total travel 4.0 mm 3.4 mm
Typing noise Loud Quiet
Wired latency 1.2 ms 0.5 ms
Software name Razer synapse 3 iCUE
Profiles 6+ 6+
Onboard memory Yes Yes
Cloud sync Yes No
Macro programming Software and onboard Software and onboard
Software Windows compatible Yes Yes
Software macOS compatible No Yes
Software Linux compatible Yes Yes
Software Android compatible Yes No
Software iPadOS compatible Yes no

As you can see, this in-depth comparison table shows all the specifications. Now, all you have to do is to search the spec you want to know more about and see the difference between these two keyboards. Bear in mind that this table only compares two products, and the same may not apply to any other Corsair or Razer product, although both products are compatible with the Asus Rog Strix. Finally, it is time to discuss each series in more detail individually, so keep reading the following sections for more information.

What Are the Differences Between Corsair and Razer Series?

The main difference between the Corsair and Razer series is that Razer is readily available at any place, anytime, whereas some Corsair products may be difficult to find. In addition, Corsair keyboards tend to be quieter than Razer series keyboards, although both series perform great.

What Is the Corsair Series Best For?

The Corsair series is known for the production of gaming technology with the highest standards, either for content creators or gamers. The premium gear they create looks stunning and performs amazingly every single time. As previously discussed, this brand has one of the most sought-after lighting systems on the market, and many gamers opt for their products because of it. However, there was a significant change in the products they offer.

What Is the Corsair Series Best For

Several years ago, the Corsair series only offered specific gaming components but is currently focused on producing more products with fewer options to satisfy customer requirements. However, this change does not mean their high-quality gear was affected because customers have little to no complaints about their products. So, if you are looking for high-quality gear for a reasonable cost, the Corsair products are the one for you.

It is also important to note Corsair’s acquisition of Elgato some time ago. This purchase was significant in several ways. First, Corsair can now focus on producing top-notch streaming equipment, something which was not their specialty before. In addition, they build custom-design controllers able to satisfy the needs of the mass-market technology. Now that you understand a lot more about their best specs let us learn more about the best keyboards they offer.

– The Best Keyboards Currently on the Market  

The Corsair series keyboards have a similar design, with minimal gamer aesthetics and sharp corners, which means they would not look out of place even in a typical office. However, their primary focus is gaming keyboards because nearly all units use genuine Cherry MX switches, well-known to gamers worldwide for their stunning performance.

We have tested hundreds of keyboards, and we have decided to share our top picks. The keyboards we are about to show you look stunning and perform well, so you would not have any issues choosing either one. Please look at the following bullet list for more information:

  • Corsair K100 RGB
  • Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  • Corsair K65 RGB Mini

The best gaming keyboard this list features is the Corsair K100 RGB, which is the exact keyboard we have reviewed in the previous comparison table. This keyboard features a variety of programmable buttons that gamers can assign for certain actions. In addition, the six dedicated macro buttons on the right and the multi-function wheel can significantly improve your gaming experience. Although you can get this keyboard with the conventional Cherry MX switches, you can also opt for the proprietary Corsair OPX switches, which are advertised to be more responsive than the former.

Next, we will review the Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard coming at a smaller size without the num keys. This is one of the few Bluetooth keyboards that can be paired with two devices at once, and it is compatible with nearly all operating systems. In addition, there are several media keys at the top for controlling the audio, as well as a Windows Key Lock, which disables the Windows key to prevent accidental hits. Unfortunately, this keyboard does not have onboard memory, and the wrist rest feels clunky, but this does not take away from a great deal.

Finally, the Corsair K65 RGB Mini is the last keyboard we have tested, and we highly recommend you to get it. It is the smallest of all, and it is the perfect choice if you are tight on space and need extra mouse movements. In addition, it has a metal base plate with PBT keycaps, and it has very low latency, which is perfect for gaming. Finally, although you cannot adjust the wrist rest, this keyboard feels comfortable to touch.

What Is the Razer Series Best For?

The Razer series is best known for being the best lifestyle brand for games and streamers for an extended time. The three-headed snake logo is well-known worldwide, especially amongst gamers, streamers, and content creators. The high-quality software and hardware parts formed an impressive fanbase and substantial online support. However, what about the products they offer?

Razer offers many products, such as keyboards, mouses, gaming laptops, mobile devices, streaming equipment, cameras, capture cards, and traditional laptops. Although their streaming products are high-quality, and many people have them, it is worth noting that Corsair offers better products due to their acquisition of Elgato. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to get impressive gear, especially if you are a casual gamer or streamer. So, let us learn more about the best keyboards Razer offers in the following section of this article.

– Consider Buying the Following Keyboards

Although Razer mainly focuses on producing high-quality keyboards for gaming, their aim is slowly shifting to more office-oriented keyboards. In addition, Razer makes their own switches, which are considered the best on the market, and allow customers to choose which they prefer more. We have tested numerous keyboards Razer offers, and we will share our top picks either for gaming or everyday use.

Consider Buying the Following Keyboards

Keep reading the following bullet list containing our final recommendations:

  • Razer Black Widow V3 Pro
  • Razer Pro Type Ultra
  • Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

The best keyboard from the Razer series is the Razer Black Widow V3 Pro, which is the same keyboard we have compared in the previous table. However, it is a full-size model with one of the lowest latencies via a wireless connection, which is extremely important for gamers and streamers. In addition, you can connect up to three Bluetooth devices at once for various purposes. So, if you are looking for the ultimate keyboard with stunning RGB lighting, this is the keyboard you should buy

Next, the Razer Pro Type Ultra is the most office-focused model of all, but it is also suitable for gamers and streamers. It is a full-sized keyboard with an all-white design, and it is suitable for working in lower-light environments due to its full white lighting system. You can connect this keyboard via a USB receiver or Bluetooth, meaning you will not have any connection issues. In addition, it comes with a plush wrist rest, which is something the previous keyboards did not have.

Finally, we will review the Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition Chroma V2, which is the smallest Razer keyboard featured on this list. This is the best budget keyboard you can buy currently, and it is guaranteed to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. In addition, the smaller size allows for more mouse space, and the tactile switches feel incredibly responsive. So, if your budget is tight, opt for the Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition Chroma V2.

Final Conclusion

As shown in our complete guide containing all the details, both the Razer and Corsair series have many similarities and differences. However, the main difference between the Corsair and Razer series is that Razer is readily available at any place, anytime, whereas some Corsair products may be difficult to find.

So, if you are looking for high-quality gaming and streaming gear, opt for the Razer series because they have kept their customers happy for a long time. On the flip side, the Corsair series has incredible keyboards, perfect for gaming, streaming, or editing. Finally, that is why we recommend you to try both series to tell which suits you more. One thing is for sure; you will not make any mistakes.

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