Razer vs Corsair: Comparing Them and Learning the Major Differences

The Razer vs Corsair debate usually takes place when you want to purchase gaming keyboards, mechanical keyboards, or a gaming mouse for wireless gaming or other forms of gaming. The build quality for both series is amazing, and making up your mind which option is better may sometimes be a problem.

Razer Vs Corsair

You don’t have to worry, because this article contains all the answers to your dilemmas. By the time you are done reading every section of our comprehensive guide, your doubts will be forever gone, so stay tuned for more.

Razer vs Corsair Basic Comparison Table

Before we dive deeper into each series’s details, features, and specifications, we will show you some of their basic differences. They are one of the most popular brands of computer gear, especially a mechanical gaming keyboard or a gaming monitor. In addition, both series constantly release new equipment, which is affordable and readily available to those who do not want to spend thousands of dollars. Let us learn something more about the basic specs in the following table:

Product / Series Main specifications
  • Possesses a lighting system that is one of the most sought-after features.
  • The variety of products you can choose from is impressive.
  • Produces custom-designed gaming controllers to satisfy every customer’s needs.
  • Top-quality hardware and software for many years.
  • Readily available with great price-for-value options to choose from.
  • It has over 125 million users worldwide, making it one of the most owned computer and gaming gear series.

Though their products may not always be on the cutting edge of technology, they have provided users with perfect solutions for many years. Both series keep up with customers’ needs and produce gear that is always sought-after, especially for mass production.

In addition, you will usually find users who say that both series are interchangeable and are worth the money due to their availability. However, this article will put both series head-to-head and explain whether one of the series is better. In the following section of this guide, we will learn more about the biggest difference between the two.

What Is the Difference Between Razor and Corsair?

The main difference between Razer and Corsair is that Razer synapse has lower latency, whereas Corsair has slightly higher. This makes Razer the preferred option to some, but this should not be the case. Both series share equally-well built units capable of satisfying the fussiest of customers.

What Is Razer Best For?

Razer is best for gamers who need top-quality gaming equipment for a fraction of the price. The number of sold units speaks for itself, and customers ranging from beginners to pros opt for this series. In addition, Razer’s fanbase and online support groups are huge, thanks to its quality software and hardware components for more than 16 years.

In addition, Razer is always recognized by its trademark logo that features a three-headed snake. Most people who work with computers or are gamers can easily recognize this distinctive look. Furthermore, their products range from mouses, keyboards and even complete laptops. As a result, they set a new meaning to gaming gear that is affordable and high-quality at the same time.

One of their most recognizable brands is the Blade Gaming Laptops. As many as 125 million customers worldwide are convinced of their quality. In addition, Razer has had integrations with many other companies since 2005. In short, they created a long-lasting impact on gaming gear such as optimization, systems, hardware, and software services, putting them head-to-head with other giants in the market.

– What Does Razer Offer?

At this point, Razer offers a variety of products. There were not as many products at the beginning. However, as they established themselves as a serious company, the products kept on coming.

What Does Razer Offer

Take a closer look at the following list that showcases most of their products:

  • Audio equipment
  • Keyboards
  • Gaming laptops
  • Mouses
  • Mobile devices
  • Traditional laptops
  • Streaming equipment
  • Cameras
  • Mouse mats
  • Capture cards, etc.

The list can keep going on and on. In other words, you can build a complete computer using almost all Razer parts. However, you can purchase a Razer computer with a seal of approval without the need to put everything together. In addition, their equipment is readily available worldwide, but more on that in the following section of this article.

– Where Can You Buy Their Products?

Back in the day, getting Razer gaming gear was not that easy. Not many shops had their products, and you had to either order them online or find a shop that sells their goods. However, things have changed a lot ever since, and now their products can be found literary anywhere. You have most certainly visited a computer gear shop and seen a section having many Razer products.

Where Can You Buy Their Products

You can purchase their products on their web page, order them on Amazon, visit your local big box store, or even go to your smaller independent store selling computer equipment. You are guaranteed to find Razer equipment at any time. If you are not able to find the product you are looking for at the moment, the shop will likely order it specifically for you.

Now you understand a lot more about the general information about Razer and why it is considered the best gaming gear for beginners and experts. In the following section of this article, you will learn a lot more about Corsair, so you can easily tell their difference.

What Is Corsair Best For?

Corsair is best for those who are looking to purchase from one of the best computer brands because it produces amazing quality gaming gear for gamers and content creators. The primary goal of the company is to produce premium computer gear for streaming purposes, including lighting systems that are some of the most sought-after in the whole industry. So the streaming gear of your favorite streamer is probably produced by Corsair, especially the lighting system.

However, the company has shifted its goal and the products they offer. For example, they have shifted their focus from specific components to offering a more all-encompassing range with fewer options. This is a normal flow for any successful brand because it must satisfy the customers’ needs and requirements.

Another important aspect is that Corsair owns Elgato, which is a company that provides high-quality equipment for streamers and content creators. Their best efforts can be seen in the variety of custom-designed controllers for gamers, which is one of their most recognizable features. With all the work they put in, Corsair is one of the few companies that mass-produce computer and gaming gear of top quality for reasonable prices. Let us learn something more about the various products they offer.

– What Does Corsair Offer?

Like Razer, Corsair offers a great variety of products, ranging from affordable gaming and streaming gear all the way to more expensive computer gear aimed at experts. However, it was not like this in 1994, when Corsair was founded in Fermont, California. Back then, their array of products was scarce, and not many places carried their products.

The following list shows some of the products offered by Corsair:

  • Computer gear
  • Gaming gear
  • Streaming tools and equipment
  • Headsets
  • Keyboards
  • Mouses
  • Chairs
  • Lighting systems and equipment
  • Microphones
  • Streaming decks
  • Fans
  • Coolers
  • Memory
  • Complete gaming PCs

Each of the items on this list is guaranteed to be of top-notch quality and used for many years. So you can purchase each product individually and build your own computer or buy a complete setup and experience the quality immediately. It is up to you to choose. Let us now learn where you can get their products.

– Where Can You Buy Their Products?

You can get Corsair products nowadays in any shop that sells computer gear and equipment. Understandably, this was not the case two decades ago when Corsair was in the process of developing into a serious company. Back then, their availability was scarce, and you had to search specifically for their products either online or in a particular shop. Things have changed a lot, however.

Their products are currently some of the most desired ones on the market, meaning you can find them absolutely anywhere. You can navigate their web page and find the product you are looking for. In addition, you can purchase Corsair products on Amazon, at big box stores, smaller individual stores, and stores that sell computer equipment and gear. However, there are a few limitations with their products.

Namely, some of their products can only be found on their web page and not anywhere else. In addition, certain big box stores only have their mouse and keyboards, so you have to either order the product from their web page or request the big box store to order it for you.

This section wraps the general information about the two series. Now, we will learn more about the differences between the two series and their products.


Here are some expert-answered questions for your added knowledge.

1. Which Is Better for Keyboards, Corsair or Razer?

If you are looking for a sturdy and practical keyboard, then a Razer keyboard will be perfect for you; if you want a quieter and more elegant design, then go for a Corsair keyboard. No computer setup will be complete without a proper keyboard having plenty of functions. This is why Razer and Corsair keyboards are considered some of the best in the computer industry. However, there are certain differences that you should know before purchasing one.

Corsair Keyboard

Corsair keyboard usually has a variety of extra functions on either side of the keyboard, which many consider unnecessary. Nevertheless, they look beautiful, have mechanical keys, back-lit colors, and a more elegant design compared to their competitors. In addition, they are significantly quieter and easier on your fingers and joints because they have membrane-type keys. Finally, they have the Cherry MX mechanical technology, giving them longevity and reliability.

Razer Keyboard

On the other hand, a Razer keyboard is heavy-duty and has a more prolific design than other keyboards. A lot of work and effort was devoted to their design, and even if you smash the keys quite hard, you are not likely to break a single key. They are more practical than other custom keyboards because they are simple and sturdy. You will not face any issues with normal word processing, and just like the previous series, Razer offers amazing keyboard backlighting, and they are designed to reduce typing errors.

Razer Keyboard

In addition, these keyboards are extremely comfortable because they have proper wrist support. Their mechanical switches are custom-built. Overall, you are guaranteed to enjoy them. It is up to you to choose which keyboard suits you more.

2. What Is the Difference Between Razer vs Corsair Mouse?

Corsair mice work exceptionally well and look great, and for FPS gamers, they are the better choice. Furthermore, the amount of hand stress is reduced because they are quick and lightweight. The Corsair wireless mouse is compact, and it is essential for laptop users.

There are different options to choose from, such as a wired and wireless mouse, different colors, customizable buttons and others. The only downside is the fact that their mice are not sturdy, but you will still have great experience working with their mouse.

On the other hand, the Razer mouse has a greater advantage for most games as nothing can beat the side buttons. In addition, there is a 12-button option that no other mouse can offer. This is what makes Razer the top on the list for RPG and MMO games, but they are heavier, meaning they are not the best portable option.

The only downside to Razer gear is that they can get quite expensive, so expect to pay some extra cash. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and choice. You will not make a mistake getting either one.

Recap of the Most Important Points

As shown in this complete Razer vs Corsair review, these two gaming series have plenty of benefits and only a couple of drawbacks. The main difference between Razer and Corsair is that Razer has lower latency, whereas Corsair has a slightly higher one. However, you are not likely to notice the difference in regular use.

So if you are looking for an option of high-end computer equipment and you have some extra cash, you should opt for the Razer series. On the other hand, the Corsair series is guaranteed to provide a pleasant experience with any product they offer. Therefore, our final recommendation is to give each series a try and choose which one suits you more. You will fall in love as soon as you experience their durability, quality and longevity. 

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